BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
BIME Analytics : Query Export
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BIME Analytics : Query Export

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A universal window to your data

BIME connects to over 50 different types of data sources; adding one every week via our Connect-the-Data-World program. The studio is an incredible UI to explore, understand and share insights from a blend of all those sources.

BIME’s new “Query Export” allows you to go one step further: use BIME as a nearly universal proxy to your data whether it is in a database (SQL Server, Google BigQuery, MongoDB …) or an API (Adwords, Mailchimp, Google Analytics…).

In short, you can access and consume data from very different underlying technologies with a common pivot format, in minutes.

How does it work?
1. Create a query in BIME with all the depth it has to offer in terms of advanced calculations, sentiment analysis and data blending.

2. Publish your query and grab its unique URL in whatever format you’d like (html, image, pdf, json, csv, xml). Load it in your browser, et voila!

3. Adjust the extension of that URL to get a result in any of the other format options, on the fly, in your browser, allowing you to consume this data in your own code or third party app. Use Image for embedding wherever you want, Text to extract in Excel or Google Spreadsheet and HTML for autonomous interactive visualizations.

Why is it useful?

The myriad of APIs and databases out there never have the same return format. This creates a high level of integration burden when you want to consolidate all that data. BIME does all the hard work for you as you can now access and consume all your data in a single common format and render it in pretty much any format you want - in a very fast, secure and easy way.

The possibilities are endless: consume this data in your own visualizations using any javascript framework, use the BIME visualizations as part of your mobile app, refresh your data in Excel while preserving the formatting, use BIME as a proxy to ingest data into your own data warehouse. With the new BIME Query Export you now have a universal window to your data.

About BIME :
BIME delivers a simple-to-use yet powerful data analysis and dashboarding cloud platform accessible everywhere that enables modern organizations to explore, understand and communicate data with style. Its UI combines the visual simplicity and elegance of the best consumer apps with powerful features to connect to all major data sources, on-premise or online - from spreadsheets and traditional relational databases to Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Salesforce and Zendesk and up to Big Data sources such as Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Azure and SAP HANA.

BIME runs entirely in the cloud so enterprises avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars on servers to upload and refine their data. No other BI service is as flexible and powerful, as beautiful and enjoyable and as affordable as BIME. In the mobile first, cloud first world, maximizing ease of use is the name of the game

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