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evian: The Wimbeldon Wiggle case study

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evian: The Wimbeldon Wiggle case study

  1. 1. evian: The Wimbledon Wiggle social we are
  2. 2. Wimbledon is a very civilised affair, full of traditions, ceremony and polite applause social we are
  3. 3. evian wanted to implement a socially-led campaign to own conversation in a crowded sponsor market
  4. 4. While injecting some ‘Live young’ spirit into the tournament social we are
  5. 5. Since tennis began, players have made a cheeky booty-shake when awaiting a serve social we are
  6. 6. It’s an easily recognisable move, that anyone can do, and that evian could own social we are
  7. 7. We decided to give this shake a name
  8. 8. And turn it into a socially spread dance move! social we are
  9. 9. Every dance move must have its own music video
  10. 10. So we created a 60-second film, featuring an exclusive soundtrack by Tiger Monkey
  11. 11. A Facebook app allowed fans to upload their own wiggles, and vote for their favourite
  12. 12. In return for signed Maria Sharapova goodies, and the chance to win VIP Wimbledon tickets social we are
  13. 13. Even celebrities couldn’t resist joining in social we are
  14. 14. Weird and wonderful wiggles flooded in
  15. 15. The best were shown on giant outdoor screens across London
  16. 16. Within days, more than 80,000 people had wiggled, voted or interacted with evian social we are
  17. 17. The campaign reached 90 million people across social media, online and traditional news channels
  18. 18. We like to think a new tradition has been born