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Wearesocial tns bulmers

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  • This is an interesting read and covers a few things in Facebook research that I've come across time and time again.

    The only issue I've experienced with this kind of approach in trying to understand the impact Facebook has on brand equity, is isolating causality. In other words, are people who would normally buy Bulmers more likely become fans of the brand, or is our Facebook engagement genuinely impacting on that behaviour... and making them buy more Bulmers? It's a very tricky issue to resolve!

    However, I'm beginning to think longitudinal studies (with the control methodology that you've outlined) are going to be able to reveal more nuance in behaviour change. Either way thanks for sharing, it's good to see social agencies get on board the effectiveness train!
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Wearesocial tns bulmers

  1. 1. Putting a value on a Facebook fan The IAB Great British Social Media Festivalwe are social
  2. 2. A lot of us here will buy into thiswe are social
  3. 3. But for some social is still a hotly debated topic I think we should spend more on social this year Well Dave, I’m looking at our Facebook page and frankly I’m LOL. Like, totally struggling to see – what’s the the point bottom line man? we are social
  4. 4. Research has been done in the past Buy More likely to buy from Facebook at least one brand since Twitter becoming a fan/follower Recommend More likely to recommend at Facebook least one brand since Twitter becoming a fan/follower Why Social Media Matters to Your Business, Chadwick Martin Bailey March 2010 a Facebook fan is worth $3.60 a year in media value alone Vitrue April 2010and an average of $136.38 when other factors like spend and recommendation are factored in Syncapse June 2010 we are social
  5. 5. But we really wanted to answer this question What is the actual monetary value of a Facebook fan for Bulmers as a brand? we are social
  6. 6. Methodologywe are social
  7. 7. Approach Bulmers Facebook fans Control cell Recruited via tab installed on the Sub-sample of cider drinkers via Bulmers Facebook Page TNS panel to allow comparison (241 in total) (198 in total)• Each group took part in a 10 minute online interview• Results in this presentation represent the first stage of the study which may include subsequent tracking to understand if value and commitment are building over time and measure the extent of the reward from continued investment we are social
  8. 8. A few considerationsWe recruited Bulmers fans through the Bulmers fan page, therefore:• Fans recruited in this manner may be biased towards the Bulmers brand, as they are conscious of taking part in a survey for the brand• Fans that respond are more likely to be active fans, and may result in a sample of more brand/page loyalists than the average Facebook fan• Almost all fans were interviewed on a single day, and the promptness of response from the fans may have resulted in a sample overrepresented with heavy Facebook users we are social
  9. 9. Driving valuewe are social
  10. 10. Bulmers fans consume significantly more v regular Bulmers drinkers who are not fans• Plus significantly more likely to have consumed Bulmers No. 17; the focus of our 2011 marketing campaign. we are social
  11. 11. Overall brand preference is also higher +17% Bulmers fans -8% Control cell +7% -5%we are social
  12. 12. 12 They also have a significantly more favourable view of the brand Bulmers amongst fans (P4W Bulmers) Bulmers amongst fans Bulmers amongst control (P4W Bulmers) Bulmers amongstTaste better Would Higher opinion Brands you Spark good Prepared to pay control recommend to would like to be times with more for others seen drinking mateswe are social
  13. 13. The value of a Bulmers fanwe are social
  14. 14. Calculating the value of a fan Look at fans and non-fans separately, identifying the regular Bulmers drinkers in each group vs.How many serving of each Bulmers flavour do they claim to have drunk over the past week (both on- and off-trade)? Use the average retail value of each serving to identify the spend for each group = £ Take the difference between the two values to work out the incremental value of a Bulmers fan = £ Weekly Annual incremental value incremental value 80 Bottles of a Bulmers fan of a Bulmers fan extra a year £3.82 £198.64 we are social
  15. 15. Since then…we are social
  16. 16. More people are talking about us +66.9% Average daily ‘PeopleTalking About This’ score on Facebook we are social
  17. 17. And reach more than doubled +128.8%Average daily organic reach on Facebookwe are social
  18. 18. So will this number move up with it? £3.82 ?we are social
  19. 19. Thank youwe are social