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Arrows Group Finance

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Arrows Group Finance

  1. 1. Arrows Group’s Finance Division specialises in therecruitment of Permanent and Contract staff to thefinancial services sectors across Europe. Key areasof expertise are Banking and Brokers, InvestmentManagement, Financial Software and the Generaland Lloyd’s Insurance markets.Our Finance teams recruit extensively across the financial servicesindustry, are focused by discipline and vertical market, and are incentivisednot just on the bottom line, but on client satisfaction.Our Finance teams’ expertise is the result Core areas of focus are: Seniorof a combination of experience, in-depth Appointments, ranging from Project andindustry knowledge, and extensive in-house Programme Managers, Business Analystsand consultative training. As such, we have and Consultants to Senior Directors;the knowledge and the networks to recruit Finance IT, particularly Coding andeffectively at any level of finance. Programming across trading systems, quantitative analysis and infrastructure;In fact, it is precisely our networking Risk professionals from Associate level tosuccess that leads to over 60% of our Department Heads; Compliance, Audit andplacements being made via our extensive Financial Control; Product Control, includingEuropean network and referral base. This Equity Derivatives, Credit Derivatives andensures that our clients gain access not Fixed Income; as well as Operations andjust to the live jobseeker market, but also Middle Office roles, such as Settlements,to the passive market; giving them the Trade Support, Fund Management andwidest possible choice of the most talented Client Servicing.individuals in the industry.Ours is a comprehensive, collaborative andpersonal approach, designed to give ourcandidates confidence and to deliver for ourclients the consistent results they expect.
  2. 2. TESTIMONIALS 1 Marsh Services Ltd has been working with Arrows Group since July 2006. Arrows Group has been one of our main recruitment providers within both the Applications & Development, Infrastructure and Project Management areas. We have always enjoyed a very professional relationship with Arrows Group and they have constantly supplied us with high calibre candidates, many of which resulted in successful placements. HR Manager Marsh Services Ltd
  3. 3. ABOUT USIn recruitment no two clients are the same,but each demands the highest level of service.To meet the diverse requirements of competitiveindustry sectors, Arrows Group has redefined theapproach to traditional inflexible recruitment modelsthat are out dated for today’s market and insteadoperates a dynamic model, known as the AG HIVE™.Bringing together the usually separate recruitment service streamsof Contingency, Campaign Management, Search and Selection andContract / Interim, Arrows Group has created a unique system thatgives clients total control and total transparency over theirrecruitment activities through a single source.Clients are able to play an active part Clients include industry leaders and cuttingin designing the recruitment strategy, edge innovators, all of whom have verychoosing the services most relevant to their different recruitment requirements, and allneeds and then tracking the process as the of whom have seen their requirements metrecruitment lifecycle is executed. by our uniquely flexible approach.Established in 2003, Arrows Group has The company is fast paced, energeticgrown quickly and built an impressive and hooked on success; we love what wereputation based on the delivery of robust, do and take enormous pride in deliveringquality-driven recruitment services. We exceptional services to our clients.are now recognised as an establishedkey supplier within our core markets - Arrows Group is a proud member of theTechnology, Project Management Association of Professional Staffingand Healthcare. Companies (APSCo) and the Recruitment and Employment Conferderation (REC)Today, Arrows Group works with over and has a sustained focus on business250 organisations across the UK and improvement, as demonstrated by theEurope, providing Permanent, Contract and recent achievement of ISO 9001Temporary recruitment services. Quality Accreditation. 1
  4. 4. DIVISIONSTECHNOLOGY PROJECT MANAGEMENT HEALTHCAREArrows Group’s Technology Division consists Arrows Group’s Project Management Arrows Group’s Healthcare Divisionof a number of specialist teams that recruit Division specialises in recruiting Project specialises in the recruitment of fullyacross the entire IT&C environment. This Management and Business Analysis staff compliant Nurses (RGN’s, RMN’s andDivision works with companies across all on both a Permanent and Contract basis. specialists), Healthcare Workers andmajor industry sectors, delivering superior The key to the success of this team is its Pharmacists for Temporary, Contract andContract and Permanent recruitment understanding of the complexities of the Permanent placements throughout the UK.services. The majority of the business sector, and of the unique requirements of Our teams provide high quality healthcarewithin our Technology Division is repeat our clients, which range from Digital Media recruitment services on a 24/7 basis, 365business, with a significant proportion of and Communications providers through to days of the year. We specialise in providingclients choosing to work with us exclusively the Insurance and Investment high calibre staff at short notice.on a regular basis. Banking sectors. 2
  5. 5. AG HIVE™The AG HIVE™ represents the many layers ofservices, techniques and approaches provided byArrows Group. From ad hoc Contingency servicesto highly targeted Searches; from Permanent rolesto short-term Contracts, Arrows Group unifiestraditional and cutting edge recruitment techniquesinto a single flexible service offering.Entirely transparent, our unique AG HIVE™ approach allows our clients toengage just one layer of service, or tap into the benefits of various layersto achieve a truly bespoke and uniquely effective service.Diverse techniques and wide-ranging And no matter which service or combinationcandidate networks can be delivered by the of services our clients choose to receive,AG HIVE™, designed precisely for the needs they are always assured of our commitmentof the client. to quality process and procedure.We define these needs, and establish the Every step of our recruitment lifecycleright conditions for a successful ongoing strictly adheres to our ISO 9001 Qualityrelationship, by always meeting our clients Management System, designed in line withface to face on-site, prior to commencing our commitment to the APSCo and REC’sany new client engagement. Codes of Conduct. 3
  6. 6. RESOURCE □ Arrows Group Database □ Arrows Group Network □ Off-Shore Recruitment Capability □ Contractor: ‘Virtual Bench’ & ‘Red Zone’ CANDIDATE SCREENING □ Formal screening □ Background check – proof of identity □ Bespoke screening □ Technical and psychometric testing. □ Reference checking CAMPAIGN CONTINGENCY Arrows Group has state Recruiting staff on an ad of the art, dedicated hoc or ‘on request’ basis. recruitment processes We aim for high quality, MARKET INSIGHT and systems customised low quantity; allowing the □ Up-to-date market information to the delivery of client to fill the required □ Industry newsletter managed, end to end posts with a minimum recruitment campaigns. consumption of time. ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT □ Dedicated account managers per client HYBRID □ Resource allocation □ Ongoing appraisal of performance Hybrid Recruitment allows clients to □ Detailed progress reports benefit from a combination of Campaign, Contingency, Search, Contract and Technology Driven candidate generation techniques, all within a single service, allowing our clients to benefit from a truly bespoke service. CONTRACT SEARCH Arrows Group ‘Virtual Headhunting, is just one Bench’ is a constantly area of our flexible AG updated database of Hive approach. We are not highly skilled contractors; purely a search firm, and which when combined benefit from havingSLA with our ‘Red Zone’ established recruitment□ Permanent Client Engagement delivery service enables teams that are great□ Contractor SLA us to provide excellent sources of market□ Temp Framework Agreements candidates within 24hrs. intelligence. ADVERTISING□ Industry Approved □ Targeted advertising both on/offline □ Pan European Capability POST PLACEMENT □ Focus on long-term relationships
  7. 7. VALUES & PHILOSOPHY UNITED | OPEN | BESPOKE Our brand philosophy and values are at the very core of everything we do. We understand that our company has three major stakeholders: our clients, our candidates and our employees; and we can only deliver on what we promise by ensuring that each of these have trust in the company, its services and its vision. By applying our core values to everything we do, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors and lay the foundations on which we can build long-term, successful relationships today, and in the future. UNITED We understand that by working together we can achieve more than on our own. By working together and sharing knowledge we gain a better understanding of the challenges we face. By working together we inspire and motivate all around us to help us to undertake tasks successfully, which in turn results in greater productivity, recognition and success for all. OPEN We are completely open both internally and externally. We understand that only by hiding nothing and being completely transparent can we then build trust, confidence and commitment with all around us. BESPOKE We do not live in a formulaic society and as our clients, candidates and consultants needs and expectations change, so must our offering to meet these. Only by asking pertinent questions and listening thoroughly can we deliver truly targeted responses, which successfully address the challenges and opportunities we face.6
  8. 8. WHY ARROWS GROUP ? Potential clients often ask us why they should choose Arrows Group to oversee their vital recruitment processes. Working in highly competitive markets, they know that sourcing the best possible staff with maximum efficiency is essential to their business success. And we know that they want a brief, concise answer. So we’ve got it down to five points: Over 60% of Arrows Group placements are made though referral. This not only shows the strength of our networks, but also the confidence that we instill in our clients and candidates. The AG HIVE™ is a fluid recruitment model that brings together usually separate recruitment processes. For you, this means we offer a service that can be tailored to your exact requirements. Our international resources enable us to operate 24/7. So you can speak to someone whenever you need to; and we can achieve the results you need, even with extremely tight deadlines. Our strict sector focus means that we have an intimate knowledge of the markets we work in. We’re not a jack of all trades; we’re master of our core areas. We take quality seriously, both when working for our clients and when running our own business. That’s why we’re ISO 9001 accredited and members of both APSCo and REC.7
  9. 9. CONTACT USASHLEY HOUSE18-20 GEORGE STRICHMONDSURREY | TW9 1HYT:+44 (0) 870 142 0080F:+44 (0) 870 142 0079ARROWSGROUP.COMREGISTERED IN ENGLAND | no 4715439VAT: 810315089 RICHMOND TOWN CENTREArrows Group are proud sponsors of theNSPCC and Childline. Through numerousfundraising events, activities andvolunteering we are proud to be involvedwith such a crucial cause that makes a realdifference to children all over the UK.A proud member of :