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Online presence assessment analytics selfie updated for spring & summer 2018

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Online Presence Assessment for use in the Rutgers Social Media for the Arts course, via Associate Professor Marshall Sponder

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Online presence assessment analytics selfie updated for spring & summer 2018

  1. 1. Executive Education Executive Education Online Presence Assessment (Assessment 1) (The Analytics Selfie) for use for Personal or Business profiles (for use with a provided spreadsheet to chart the grades from the assessment) Marshall Sponder, WebMetricsGuru INC, Lead author of Digital Analytics for Marketing (Sponder/Khan) Routledge, 2018 Finalized for Spring and Summer 2018 Semesters ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2015 https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Analytics-Marketing-Marshall- Sponder/dp/1138190683/ref=mt_paperback?_encoding=UTF8&me= ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  2. 2. Executive EducationSocial Media Benchmarking for the Analytics Selfie http://www.slideshare.net/webmeticsguru/online-presence-assessment-rutgers-social- media-for-the-arts 2 Chanel Metric 3rd Party Tools Used Limitations (caveat) Blogs Domain Score Blog Analyzer https://pagezii.com/snapshot/blog New tool that deal specifically with blogs and allows free trials of the tool. Videos SocialBlade Creators Grade http://www.socialblade.com (use A+ through D- Grade) Only works for YouTube Channels, if a student doesn’t have a YouTube channel, enter “1”. Twitter SocialBlade SocialBlade Twitter grade http://www.socialblade.com (use A through D Grade) Fragmented and shallow metrics make it imperative to look past followers. Facebook Likealyzer Score Likealyzer www.likealyzer.com/ Works on Facebook Business pages only – there is no measure for personal profiles. LinkedIn Use LinkedIn SSI score LinkedIn Use: https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi Often, new accounts do not have enough data to generate a Social Selling Score (SSI). SEO Seoptimer SEO Grade Seoptimer – Use the SEO grade https://www.seoptimer.com/ Seoptimer has a lot of interesting free tools, but for this assessment, we will focus on the SEO Grade, only. Instagram SocialBlade Instagram Score Use SocialBlade Instagram grade - http://socialblade.com/instagram/ We don’t know exactly how SocialBlade’s ranking algorithm works. Local Search Listings MOZ Local MOZ Local https://moz.com/local - creates a local score of any business that has a physical address Local visibility does not include check in – geolocation data which is left out for now. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  3. 3. Executive Education 1. Blog Influence Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 SEO score < 20 2 SEO Score between 21 and at least 40 with at least 1 recent post within the last 30 days – if no recent post demote to a 1 3 SEO Score between 41 And 60 with greater with up to 1 recent posts (within the last 30 days) – if no recent post demote to a 2. 4 SEO Scores between 61 To 80 with at least 1 recent post – if no recent post demote to a 3 5 SEO Score of 81 or above with 1 post done within the last 30 days – if not, demote to a 4. Use https://pagezii.com/snapshot/blog Use the Seo Score. Note: uses only get 1 free try per day, but using a business address unlocks 7 free trials. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  4. 4. Executive Education What is a blog and how does it differ from a website? http://www.wikihow.com/Tell-the-Difference-Between-Blogs-and-Websites Sometimes its hard to tell what is blog vs. what is a blogging platform (ie: WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, etc.). If the purpose of a page is to share one’s personal or business thoughts, consider it a blog for the purpose of this assessment. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Example: https://pagezii.com/snapshot/blog?u=gizmodo.com
  5. 5. Executive Education 2. Video Influence (SocialBlade) ➢ Use on the YouTube Channel url. Note: if you do not yet have a channel, enter 0) ➢ Note: Newly registered channels on SocialBlade may take a week or two before they are indexed by SB. Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 D- Grade OR NO YouTube Channel 2 D or D+ Grade 3 C, C+ or C- Grade 4 B, B+ or B- Grade 5 A, A+ or A- Grade ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Note: Many students are puzzled when they are not able to generate a grade on their YouTube channel. For smaller and new channels indexing occurs once the initial search is done on SocialBlade, then takes a week or so, before the channel is added to their index.
  6. 6. Executive Education ➢ Note: SocialBlade has data on Instagram and Twitch which might be useful to explore when students are active on that channel. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Example: https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/mlsiggaes
  7. 7. Executive Education 3. Twitter Influence ➢ SocialBlade/Twitter ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 D- Grade range or No Twitter Account 2 D or D+ Grade range 3 C, C+ or C- Grade range 4 B, B+ or B- Grade range 5 A, A+, A++ or A- Grade range Example: https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/webmetricsguru
  8. 8. Executive Education ➢ SocialBlade easily provides a ranking of A-D for any Twitter account. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Example: https://socialblade.com/twitter/user/webmetricsguru
  9. 9. Executive Education4. Facebook Influence (only works on Facebook pages – not personal profiles). At this time we have no tool to analyze Facebook profiles – if students do not have a “Facebook page” and only a profile, then enter “1”. ➢ Use www.likealyzer.com/ Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 Likelyzer score 0- 50, or if there is no Facebook page – Facebook profiles are not evaluated using this tool, or in this assessment. Facebook personal profiles are not evaluated at this time. 2 Likelyzer score 51-65 3 Likelyzer score 66-80 4 Likelyzer score 81-90 5 Likelyzer score 91-100 ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  10. 10. Executive Education ➢ Likelyzer provides other information that could be useful for assessments, but for now, we are only looking at the main score (in this case “53”) and any recommendations that could help the page improve in its ranking. ➢ Example: https://likealyzer.com/report/socialmediaforthearts ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  11. 11. Executive Education5. LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI) – Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 Social Selling Index between 1-20 OR NO LINKEDIN PROFILE New accounts will often not generate an score. 2 Social Selling Index between 21-40 3 Social Selling Index between 41-60 4 Social Selling Index between 61-80 5 Social Selling Index between 81-100 ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 • Use: https://www.linkedin.com/sales/ssi Your SSI measures how effective you are at establishing your professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights, and building strong relationships on LinkedIn. When a student creates a LinkedIn account for the class (and did not have LinkedIn previously) there usually is not be enough data in the profile to generate an SSI score. In this case, enter “1” for the grade.
  12. 12. Executive Education Example: ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  13. 13. Executive Education 6. SEO Assessment https://www.seoptimer.com/ use the SEO grade Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 D- Grade range, or below, or no website 2 D or D+ Grade range 3 C, C+ or C- Grade range 4 B, B+ or B- Grade range 5 A, A+, or A- Grade range ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  14. 14. Executive Education➢ Example: https://www.seoptimer.com/onlinelearning.rutgers.edu ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  15. 15. Executive Education 7. Instagram Assessment – use SocialBlade (SocialBlade.com/Instagram) ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Grade to assign Point Score Notes 1 D- Grade range or no Instagram account 2 D or D+ Grade range 3 C, C+ or C- Grade range 4 B, B+ or B- Grade range 5 A, A+, A++ or A- Grade range
  16. 16. Executive Education ➢ Example: https://socialblade.com/instagram/user/webmetricsguru ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  17. 17. Executive Education 9. Geo-Location (Local Directory Listings) Assessment Grade Point Score Notes 1 Local Presence is 1-20% or no local, postal address. 2 Local Presence is 21-40% 3 Local Presence is 41-60% 4 Local Presence is 61-80% 5 Local Presence is 81-100% ➢ Use http://moz.com/local and look the current score ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018
  18. 18. Executive Education ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 Example: Organic Basic Food - 204 Washington St, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
  19. 19. Executive Education Summary Use this guide to fill out your Online Assessment for Assessment 1 in section 1, your student workbook and the Final Project. Note: At this time we do not have a good way to evaluate all the online channels that we study in this course as we depend entirely on free third-party public APIs of platform tool vendors. As these third-party vendors are periodically changing their terms of service (TOS), and occasionally, going out of business, or being acquired by another company, we occasionally have to substitute some of the tools being used in this assessment – even in mid-semester. However, the alternative would be to provide data collection and analysis with a new platform that is beyond our means to build or support. ©WebMetricsGuru INC 2018 https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Analytics-Marketing-Marshall-Sponder/dp/1138190683/ref=mt_paperback?_encoding=UTF8&me=