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3 Steps To Creating a Personal Brand

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3 Steps To Creating a Personal Brand

  1. 1. 3 Steps to your Online Personal Brand Have you ever wondered what you need to do to turbocharge your online identity? How do people position themselves as experts and grow that all important loyal following? Have you tried to work out how to turn your knowledge into money while improving your online reputation? If you have, but struggled to put your finger on the answer, here’s some great tips to get you thinking about your online future. Why is a Personal Brand Important? Personally, I think jobs for life have gone and it’s essential people take control of their professional knowledge and their career and get it working effectively for them. Certainly in the UK the work-life balance is one of the worst in the world, with many people struggling with long hours and missing out on the finer things in life – for years on end. If you’re looking for a way out, read on! An Authority Site is Crucial to Personal Brand Success The first thing you’ll need is a website to call home. This is your “authority site,” your income generating site where all the magic happens. This money site will need to tell your story, build trust and ultimately sell your knowledge or specialist products and services. The written word, audio and video are the three most important tools you will use to tell your story and start generating an income online. Though video is the most powerful and effective when it comes to creating a your personal brand (your professional online identity). Printed text online is the backbone of everything you will do. It is the easiest to set up and the quickest way to get information to the Internet. Don’t forget, all of your video and audio content will need text so that the search engine can find them. Search engines can’t pull out the meaning from audio and video, they need a text description to make sense of it. Neverwww.colettemason.com www.personalbrandingforprofessionals.com
  2. 2. 3 Steps to your Online Personal Brand ever just embed audio or video content to your website without including a keyword rich description. Step 1: Use Text, Audio and Video to Develop your Personal Brand Employing these three media types in all that you do will get Google’s attention in a big way. Use the following steps every time you post something and watch your ratings grow! • Use an audio file to give people your personal take and advice on a particular topic • Create a short video telling people what to expect from the audio file • Write a short, keyword-laden description of the audio file • Read out your text, or have your audio file transcribed and add that as a text based format. • Post all three on your authority site Step 2: Sell Yourself Once you have basic information about your business online, focus on what you have to offer potential clients. What is the benefit of them sending business your way. Sometimes it helps to get someone else’s opinion on this – viewing yourself dispassionately can be challenging. It’s easy to underestimate or overestimate your abilities and your offering. It also helps you make sure you’re communicating things clearly to your audience – it doesn’t matter how great the things are you’re offering, if people can’t understand what your selling them (or telling them) then you’re heading for trouble. • Give a short history of your education and work history • Explain how that history makes you uniquely qualified for the job • Testimonials by friends and clients singing your praises can be posted on your money site • Use Social Media to highlight your background and expertise • Produce an outline of text, audio, and video content about yourself Step 3: Create Two High Quality Information Products You need to create two key information products when you first get started. Firstly you need a good quality freebie you can give away to help people get to know you and learn about the high standards you offer. You can use this to start building a email based list of prospects you can then sell you main offering to. This main offering is your second information product. (If you’ve never thought about creating anwww.colettemason.com www.personalbrandingforprofessionals.com
  3. 3. 3 Steps to your Online Personal Brand information product before, check out my free product creation course. Be sure to get speeches, phone chats, interviews – anything at all – into a digital recorder. It all has the potential to be developed into an information product. The only thing holding you back is your imagination! Have a good rummage around on your hard disk and see what information you have of value. It’s not just lots of written information, mind maps, forms, tools and checklists that support processes are also very valuable. • Capture every presentation you make on audio or video or both (If you need more help, here’s a great video course, Pocket Video Power, showing you how to use good quality, low priced pocket camcorders created by well- respected professional UK national television director, Jules Watkins) • Release that recorded information with audio, video, and not forgetting that keyword rich descriptive text • Explain what you are doing on social media sites and lead people to your website, where you give away or sell the information you’ve captured at your presentations • Automate the syndication your materials so you don’t have to remember to send them out • Transmit your message through every available channel every time • Employ writers and transcribers – you don’t have to do this alone If you are selling physical products, create audio, video and text that explains why the jewellery you make, for example, is top-notch and well worth treating yourself to. After you get your site up and running and start promoting your products and services, be sure to keep an eye on your online reputation. Once lost, it can be extremely difficult to get back. I’ll level with you. I have felt quite disillusioned at times sorting out my personal brand. I was very cautious to start with. In the early days I desperately wanted to pick the “quick win” route over the more lengthy method of building a solid, respected online business. I saw other people throw something pretty average together and start making money. I’m glad I didn’t succumb to the spammier end of the spectrum. I never took a chance with my professional reputation. It took 15 years to develop. Now, I am respected as someone who tells the truth, rather than spins a tale to an unsuspecting punter, cons them into buying and then runs off with their money. I’ve seen that happen too many times. Don’t be that person, always offer lots of value to your followers, prospects and customers.www.colettemason.com www.personalbrandingforprofessionals.com
  4. 4. 3 Steps to your Online Personal Brand For more information in building a strong, effective online personal brand, visit www.colettemason.com and check out www.personalbrandingforprofessionals.com I look forward to seeing you there soon! To your success! Colettewww.colettemason.com www.personalbrandingforprofessionals.com