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Guidelines for blogging

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A concise guide to blogging.

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Guidelines for blogging

  1. 1. Guidelines for Blogging
  2. 2. Guidelineso Keep it conciseText 250 – 300 wordVideo 2 - 3Minso Keep it casualEven more accepted if you are able to keep it culturalo Remember most people are reading onthe go, and on mobile devicesSo they are capturing what you are saying mostly from yourheadingsSo the headings have to be informative as well as engagingo People are forgiving about Video Quality, notso much about Audio
  3. 3. o IntroYou have 10 Seconds to get them interested inthe topico BodySub HeadingSub Headingo ConclusionWhy are you telling them about thisWhat do you expect them to do!Structure
  4. 4. Blog Styleso Sequential StepsStep by step how to achievea goalGenerally used forinstructional typeo List PostsSelection ofIdeas, Suggestions or Tips inno formal ordero Review PostsInformed Opinion on aCite SourcesEnsure to include any links toother sites cited.
  5. 5. Blog Non-Negotiableso Categorizationo Content must be categorized according to subjecto Organizationo Ensure the content flows properlyo Sub headings are in the Appropriate order if applicableo Navigationo Include links where necessaryo Better to hyperlink text than include a long URLo If content runs side by side vs. top to bottom, be consistent inthe blog
  6. 6. IntroRemember 10 seconds to captureattentionIntroduce your topic and state yoursub headingsThis will help the reader/listenerdetermine if the information they arelooking for is worth the remainder oftheir time
  7. 7. BodyDivide Content into Sub Headings1. Sketch your main ideas2. Group your ideas and Categorizethem to create your sub headingsTip: Find one statement or sentencethat captures your group of thoughts
  8. 8. ConclusionCall to ActionWhat do you want your reader orlistener to do with the informationyou have just given them ?This is your opportunity to closethe dealClose the deal may be sending them toyour facebook page, your website, or askingthem to participate in the conversation
  9. 9. How Your Reader Will Asses YourBlogo How Quickly Am I able toattain the informationthat I am looking foro How Easy I am Able toNavigate through Contento How Knowledgeable are youin the Subject Areao How Well is your ContentPresented