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Kickstarting Civic Design

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If you think there’s a shortage of UX talent in the corporate world, you should see what it’s like in government. The world needs us -- UX people with design skills. But you can’t just walk in the door at City Hall and announce that you’re the answer to their prayers and problems. In civic design, the path to enlightenment goes through public hearings and basement hallways, meeting with and understanding public administrators and their constituents.

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Kickstarting Civic Design

  1. Kickstarting civic design:An overnight success10 years in the makingDana Chisnelldana@usabilityworks.netcivicdesigning.org@danachis@ChadButterfly
  2. JaniceAtkinsonSonoma County, California
  3. Field Guides
  4. 01.Sex workers just wantto be legal.
  5. Stakeholder Starchild
  6. Stakeholders want tobe involved.They have good ideas.
  7. 02.Just tell me what todo.
  8. 300 pages
  9. Top 10
  10. Big reports and specsaren’t useful in theirfull size.People just want toknow what to do.
  11. 03.Why did so many peoplemake the same mistake onmy form?
  12. Untrained people canaccomplish amazing,good things with alittle bit of guidance.
  13. 04.Wait. Someone alreadyfigured out how to do this?
  14. It’s all about access.Research is no goodunless implementerssee the insights.
  15. 05.The road to hell is pavedwith good intentions.
  16. Every design decisionmakes a difference.
  17. New tools.
  18. Field Guides seriesResearch Research SOP and Usability Researchcommissioned by commissioned by and Civic Life commissioned byEAC NIST Project NIST
  19. Published by300+ peoplewho thinkdesign in electionsis important
  20. Coming soonEffective election Delivering useful Effective design Designing multi-department voter education for vote-by-mail language ballotsweb sites Research funded Research funded In search of In search of by Kickstarter & by Kickstarter & funding funding MacArthur MacArthur Foundation Foundation
  21. Field Guides To EnsuringVoter Intentcivicdesigning.org /fieldguides
  22. Want to do good inthe world?Lessons learned
  23. Stakeholders want to be involved andhave good ideas.People just want to know what to do.Untrained people can accomplishamazing, good things with a little bitof guidance.It’s all about access. Research is nogood unless implementers see theinsights.Every design decision makes adifference.
  24. Want to do good inthe world?Join us
  25. Be an electionworker
  26. Volunteer toproofread
  27. Use theaccessiblevoting system
  28. Help uscollect data
  29. It’s not hard tochange the world.It just takes time.
  30. Go do it anyway.
  31. Dana Chisnelldana@usabilityworks.netcivicdesign@usabilityworks.netcivicdesigning.org@danachis@ChadButterfly