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  1. Publishing in the New Frontier: Facebook & Mobile Jim Ying• SVP, Publishing
  2. 6L Value Proposition  Has an established network with millions of users across 25+ games, from 50+ partners  Expanding our partnership model in offering the same services to mobile developers  Provides critical services to help independent social game developers grow and profit: Distribution Marketing Localization Hosting Game Advisory
  3. Top Games We Have Published 6L has helped scale many games across a range of genres Peak 1M+ MAU Titles :  Ravenskye City  Animal Paradise  Airport City  Resort World  Zombie Island  Simply Hospital  Baby & Me  Big Business  Mystery Manor  Birdland  Ravenwood Fair  Legacy of Rome  Mall World  Spartacus: The Game  Kingdoms of Camelot  My Fishbowl
  4. New Frontiers in Publishing How Publishing changes in the world of Social & Mobile  Increased data visibility leads to more transparent communications between Publisher and Developer  The deep connectivity between game design and distribution/marketing allows Publishing to bring more to the table in terms of platform best-practices  Game development cycles are fast enough that signing a game with a Publisher does not mean signing away 2-3 years of work  Players are on multiple Social and Mobile networks and platforms. Publishers who can operate in both worlds can reach out to players through multiple touchpoints
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