At Bristol - Buildings and Behaviour April 2014

3 Apr 2014

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At Bristol - Buildings and Behaviour April 2014

  1. Sustainability
  2. At-Bristol Science Centre Sustainabilityƒ Visitor attraction Educational charity Community engagement Science teacher CPD Venue hire Exhibition design and manufacture 246,000 visitors & 57,000 school children annually 11 acre city centre location – 2 buildings, 2 public squares, 1 car park, 1 Big Screen
  3. Sustainabilityƒ Working to be an exemplar sustainable organisation Environmental Energy Water Waste Travel Procurement Nature Social Access, Inclusion & Diversity Community Engagement Fair Trade Culture change across the whole organisation led by the Sustainability Action Group
  4. Sustainabilityƒ Awards and accreditations Gold Green Tourism Business Scheme Award South West Tourism Excellence Awards 2011-2012: Silver – Sustainable Tourism Bristol Tourism and Hospitality Awards 2012: Winner – Sustainable Tourism VisitEngland Awards for Excellence 2013: Highly Commended – Sustainable Tourism West of England Carbon Challenge Carbon Champion Award Winners 2011, 2012 and 2013 Catering accreditations in partnership with Elior: Gold Soil Association Food for Life Award, Silver Fairtrade Business Award, Compassion in World Farming Good Egg & Chicken Awards, One Star Sustainable Restaurant Association
  5. Sustainabilityƒ How to turn a derelict listed building into a test bed for sustainable technologies (when you have lots of money)
  6. Sustainabilityƒ A millennium project regeneration of the historic harbourside
  7. Sustainabilityƒ Renovation of a Grade II Listed Building
  8. Sustainabilityƒ 1903 French Hennebique style railway goods shed
  9. Sustainabilityƒ 2000 science centre with the latest technologies
  10. Sustainabilityƒ Innovative sustainable building systems
  11. Sustainabilityƒ 14 years on, how to continue reducing energy usage (when you have less money) Monthly Electricity Consumption 0 50,000 100,000 150,000 200,000 250,000 January February M arch April M ay June July August Septem ber O ctober Novem ber Decem ber kWhpermonth 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013
  12. Sustainabilityƒ 21% energy reduction (and three carbon champion awards) over three years
  13. Sustainabilityƒ Energy types Electricity 97% Diesel & Petrol 1% Flights 2% Gas 0% Electricity grid supply is green contract with Eon
  14. Sustainabilityƒ Energy Reduction Group Chris Dunford Chair Annette Hawker Venue Hire Ed Williams IT Ellie Savage / Simon Ridge Estates John Whittaker Security Joie Ledger SLC Kevin Collett Elior Mari Knapp Exhibitions & Workshop Tim Robertson Almeda
  15. Sustainabilityƒ Sustainability Action Group Chris Dunford Chair Annette Hawker Venue Hire Ed Williams IT Ellie Savage / Simon Ridge Estates John Whittaker Security Joie Ledger SLC Kevin Collett Elior Mari Knapp Exhibitions & Workshop Heather Smith Marketing Kat Adams HR & Volunteers Lucy Pope Fundraising / SMT Lucy Whigham VS / Bookings / Retail Mike Peacock Learning incl. LST Sheila Kearns Finance Simon Cooper Board of Trustees Tim Robertson Almeda
  16. Behaviour Vs Technology Sustainabilityƒ
  17. • Security trained to turn off as much of the building as possible as early in the evening as possible • Cleaning team trained to turn off lights as they move about the building out of hours • For out of hours events building systems only operate during the live event, not during the set-up or break-down times • Signage to encourage staff to turn off lights and devices and to use stairs instead of lifts • Staff trained how to use office heating, cooling and ventilation more effectively and conservatively Five examples of culture change Sustainabilityƒ
  18. • Modernisation of IT server equipment and virtualisation • High-tech lighting solutions: motion sensors, automated timed control, LED’s Low-tech lighting solutions: pull-cords, lag switches, re-positioning switches to increase usage by staff • Bin store extractor fan changed to run only during opening hours • Ensuring that all exhibits are controlled by a single ‘exhibit switch’ and allowing different floors to be turned on and off separately • Fine-tuning and introducing new programming into the control software of our building’s advanced environmental systems…… Five examples of ‘small’ technology projects Sustainabilityƒ
  19. 3 large technology projects........ Sustainabilityƒ
  20. Energy Monitoring System 138 sensors throughout the building Constantly recording energy usage of every electrical appliance 24 hours a day All data processing done in-house An invaluable tool for reducing consumption Sustainabilityƒ
  21. Typical daily usage Sustainabilityƒ
  22. The effect of cold weather Sustainabilityƒ
  23. The impact of an out of hours event Sustainabilityƒ
  24. Focusing in on exhibition consumption Sustainabilityƒ
  25. Base load when closed Sustainabilityƒ
  26. Sustainabilityƒ Photovoltaic array
  27. 50 kilowatt peak system 208 panels Large enough to power 11 UK households Providing 3.2% of our annual electricity use Meeting 20% of the building’s needs at peak performance Saving 25 tonnes of CO2 per year Currently performing 7.5% above predictions Funding grant from EDF Links to our educational programme Sustainabilityƒ
  28. Sustainabilityƒ LED car park lighting
  29. Sustainabilityƒ Stairwells: Compact fluorescents replaced with LED’s on lux level and motion control Decks: CDMTs replaced with bespoke LED’s designed to fit into existing fittings More consistent, brighter and cleaner lighting throughout (intensity = 196 lux, colour temperature = 4000K) Energy reduction of approximately 65% across the whole car park Saving 330 tonnes for carbon dioxide per year
  30. Behaviour & Technology Sustainabilityƒ
  31. Energy reduction plans for the future Lighting improvements in event spaces LED lighting roll out BMS optimisation Water reduction drive Replacing air source heat pumps, and whole system analysis Sustainabilityƒ
  32. Business benefits... Sustainabilityƒ
  33. Sustainabilityƒ Attracting more business and funding For example, green venue hire.........
  34. Mission benefits... Sustainabilityƒ
  35. Sustainabilityƒ Sustainability Engagement Incorporating sustainability into our mission to, ‘Make science accessible to all’ Using ƒ’s own sustainability journey as a case study to explore the larger issues Developing innovative ways to engage traditional and new audiences with sustainability science
  36. Sustainabilityƒ Formal Learning Workshops for school groups covering all stages of the curriculum Key Stage 2 'Green Schools Revolution LIVE' funded by The Co-operative Key Stage 2 'The Water Cycle' funded by Allianz Insurance PLC Key Stage 3 'Climate Science Outreach Project' funded by Shell and Siemens Key Stage 3 'Understanding Our World' funded by The Science & Technology Facilities Council Key Stage 3 ‘Create Sport’ funded by The Institution of Civil Engineers Key Stage 4 ‘Engineering Solutions for Sustainability' funded by Institution of Engineering & Technology
  37. Sustainabilityƒ Engineering Solutions for Sustainability The Earth as a closed system, limited resource Thinking about international energy demand
  38. Sustainabilityƒ Engineering Solutions for Sustainability Options for energy on a national scale Engineering solutions for wind power - Experimental design - Social and financial dimensions
  39. Sustainabilityƒ Engineering Solutions for Sustainability At-Bristol as a case study of a sustainable organisation Tours of our building technologies
  40. Higher Education Sustainability Internship Programme MSc Science Communication Sustainability Placement MSc Environmental Engineering Projects Building used as a resource for trainee teachers and environmental chemistry postgraduates Science teacher CPD (local, national and international with British Council) Sustainabilityƒ
  41. Informal Learning Events, activities and outreach for the public Sustainability experiments at Festival of Nature & Electric Sunday Sciencewise adult event debating renewable energy and the feed-in tariff and informing government policy Tours and talks (Schumacher Institute, University of Bristol, Government Chief Scientific Advisor, Forum for the Future) Sustainabilityƒ
  42. Informal Learning Green After Hours event – Bristopia! (part of Bristol’s Big Green Week 2013) Sustainabilityƒ
  43. Behind-the-scenes sustainable building tours Staff and volunteers – as training School groups ƒ members General public Bristol’s Big Green Week Bristol Doors Open Day University students British Interactive Group Trainee teachers Industry professionals Local sustainability groups Science Communication Master Class Journalists & media Venue Hire clients Film crew for primary school sustainability club Visiting delegation of Indian science teachers Film crew from Czech television science show Sustainabilityƒ
  44. Promoting our sustainability Sustainabilityƒ
  45. Bristol Green Capital “A low carbon city with a high quality of life for all” Sustainabilityƒ
  46. European Green Capital 2015 Sustainabilityƒ
  47. Chris Dunford Sustainability Engagement Manager 01179157184 / 07967334184 Questions or comments? Sustainabilityƒ