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We Are the Architects - Keynote EuroIA 2013

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Information architects need to take a larger role in establishing the architecture of the information age.

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We Are the Architects - Keynote EuroIA 2013

  1. 1. @lwelchman We are the Architects
  2. 2. When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. Edward Lorenz (1917 – 2008) the butterfly effect
  3. 3. little things can make a big difference
  4. 4. we are making a big difference.
  5. 5. you are the prime architects in the information age fearless creator
  6. 6. are the world’s best chance to ensure that the way we leverage the Internet and Web makes us better You
  7. 7. fun we have the responsibility to do our best work
  8. 8. mature we have the responsibility to do our best work
  9. 9. look industrial & information
  10. 10. industrial supply chain management
  11. 11. technology
  12. 12. speed
  13. 13. re-organizing people and communications
  14. 14. re-organizing people and communications
  15. 15. information supply chain management information
  16. 16. technology industrial +
  17. 17. speed
  18. 18. re-organizing people and communications
  19. 19. re-organizing people and communications
  20. 20. to get better opportunities
  21. 21. work a move back to piece work specialization and craft less waste
  22. 22. relationships family organizational longevity multi-dimensional
  23. 23. equity Illuminating disparities telling stories empathy compassion
  24. 24. peace cultural individual political can we broker peace with good information flow?
  25. 25. the planet needs you to rethink your role in this evolution please
  26. 26. deep front of the screen back of the screen in the platform in the “thing”
  27. 27. inclusive culture economic gender
  28. 28. in front promoting information solutions to hard problems
  29. 29. we do this . . .
  30. 30. Western Union internal memo, 1876 "This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” fear change
  31. 31. regulate “…the Department of Commerce became worried that too many stations -- especially amateur and experimental -- were making broadcasts intended for the general public, and, effective December 1, 1921, adopted regulations which restricted public broadcasting to stations which met the standards of a newly created broadcast service classification.” US Early Radio History – Thomas H. White
  32. 32. Film - 1915 The New York Times, from an interview with D. W. Griffith “The time will come, and in less than 10 years, when the children in the public schools will be taught practically everything by moving pictures…Imagine a public library of the near future, for instance. There will be long rows of boxes of pillars, properly classified and indexed, of course. At each box a push button and before each box a seat.” dream
  33. 33. but none of this ensures quality
  34. 34. you are the architects
  35. 35. thankYOU