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eBooks from the Library: for eReaders

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With a Westerville Library card, you have access to 2 ebook services: Ohio Digital Library and Westerville Cloud Library. Get started with these step-by-step instructions for the NOOK and other ereaders.

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eBooks from the Library: for eReaders

  1. 1. from the Library eBooks for eReaders With a Westerville Public Library card, you have access to the Ohio Digital Library and the Westerville Cloud Library. Get Started with the Ohio Digital Library: “ Go to adobe. comlproducts/ digitaleditions and install Adobe Digital Editions (different from Adobe Reader. ) Select Install and follow the prompts. After installing, launch Adobe Digital Editions. 0 Click the Help menu and choose Authorize Computer. Digital Editions will prompt you for your Adobe ID. lfyou do not have one, select Get an Adobe ID online, follow the prompts and select a new ID and password. 9 Plug your eReader into your computer. Go to Settings and authorize your device. 0 Go to ohioebooks. org in a web browser to search titles. 6 You can search books by title, author or genre using the search box at the top. To see all search. .. 0‘ titles the Library offers Advanced Search for eReaders, select Advanced Search, go to the All Formats menu and choose All eBooks. Works with NOOK, Sony Reader and other devices If an item says Borrow, it is available to download. If an item is unavailable, you may select Place a Hold. You will then receive an email when the title is available. After you have borrowed your book, you will see your Bookshelf. Click Download and select the EPUB eBook format. Download «E lecl m vmmm. v i T Kindle Book M EPUB eeook £iznlIn‘ii. k.lNmliud The litigator: J0lIl| Gilslhmi The book will open in Adobe Digital Editions. After the book opens, click Library then drag the title onto your device under the Devices sidebar. Unplug your eReader and start reading. To delete an item, plug your device into your computer. Open Digital Editions and select your device in the sidebar. Then, select the item you want to delete, select the white arrow, and select Delete Item.
  2. 2. Get Started with Westerville Cloud Library: scroll through tltles or click See All to see the titles in that genre. | ‘M§(L“‘ 7 Lover's Knot R I | |il). i Ric Emilie On your device, go to the app store and search for 3M Cloud Library or scan the QR code to the right. Your app store may ask for your ID and password. If an item says Borrow, it is available to download, otherwise it will say Hold and note the availability of the item. Q) You will be prompted to choose your country, state and library. Enter your library card number and click Accept to the Terms of Use. Once you Check out the item it will appear in My Books via the main Menu. End User License Agreement Terms 0! USE Privacy Policy Titles will automatically return in 21 days. To return a title early, go to My Books, click Cl‘ kth ' ' I tth ® lc e magnifying g ass a e Return Books and choose Return. top of the screen to Search for specific titles or authors. GD Browse for books by clicking the 3 lines in the top-left corner and choosing Browse. Choose a genre or subject you'd like to view. Need more help? Airican American Amish 8. Mennonite Alternative History Anthologies Biographical Sign up for the eBook and eAudiobook Tutorial for Smartphones and Tablets class to Asian American Christian get hands—on help from an Adult Services staff member. Register online, over the phone or at the Ask Here desk. / Westerville 126 South State Street 514-332-7277 ext, 4 Like us on H LLi Public Library Westerville, OH 43081 westervi| |e| ibrary. org Follow us on '= 3/15