Physical Education Lesson Plan

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Physical Education Lesson Plan,[object Object],By:,[object Object],Andrew Westwood,[object Object]
 Social Network Relay,[object Object],This lesson plan is for a physical education class from grades 4-12. ,[object Object],This game will allow the students top realize the danger and safety concerns related with social network sites,[object Object]
Introduction,[object Object],The first thing to do is address the safety concerns with social network sites such as cyber bullying and sexual predators.,[object Object],Once an overview is done with the students you are able to continue on with the lesson ,[object Object]
Game Specifics,[object Object],This game will concentrate on sexual predators and the danger associated with social network sites,[object Object]
Game Sequence,[object Object],Once you are done the overview of sexual predators you will give your students an assignment,[object Object],You will get your students to make a new profile on a social network site, or make a fake profile on adobe photoshop or on word if parents are against making a real profile  ,[object Object]
Game Sequence,[object Object],The profile they make will not be a random one. They will pick characteristics out of a hand in which the teacher has made. ,[object Object],These characteristics will entail things such as: - make a picture of you 10 years older,[object Object],	- make a picture of you with different hair and eyes,[object Object],- make a picture of yourself as the opposite sex,[object Object]
Game Sequence,[object Object],There can be multiple characteristics as the same characteristic will be different for different students,[object Object],This part of the assignment will be very enjoyable for students as they will enjoy going on the computer to do an assignment,[object Object],They will also enjoy making a photo of themselves that is different from what they look like,[object Object]
Game Sequence ,[object Object],For a preview of how to do this you can show the students adobe photoshop which is free.,[object Object],You can show them how to change hair colors, hair styles, and other features.,[object Object],The students will probably have other resources on how to do this which is fine, as long as it fits the characteristics given.,[object Object]
Game Sequence,[object Object],The next day once the students are back you will take all the photos of the new person with the characteristics and name stapled to the back,[object Object],You can now get the students into a warm up game of some sort for about 3-5 minutes. ,[object Object],This will allow you to take the names off the photos and mix them up. ,[object Object],Make sure there are two separate piles with the correct names to the photos in the same pile,[object Object]
How to Play,[object Object],The actual game will go as follows ,[object Object],You will have two groups split up evenly between the class. ,[object Object],All the photos and names of one group will be on the other groups side,[object Object],This will be to make sure a student does not get their own picture. ,[object Object]
How to Play,[object Object],On one side of the gym you will have the names of the students in a bag mixed up,[object Object],On the other side you will have the photos nicely places along the floor with the picture side up,[object Object]
How to Play,[object Object],One student will pick a name out of the groups bag ,[object Object],They will then run, jump, skip, shuffle to the other side of the gym, depending on what the teacher wants them to do,[object Object],Once the student is on the other side he/she will try to correspond the name with the picture,[object Object]
How to Play,[object Object],Once the student has picked a picture they will run back to their group,[object Object],This will continue until all the students have gotten a chance to go and get a photo,[object Object]
Objectives and Goals ,[object Object],The objective of the game is to match as many photos with names as possible ,[object Object],The team with the most matches wins,[object Object],This game can be played multiple times as the chance of the same student getting the same name is unlikely,[object Object]
Objectives and Goals,[object Object],The goals of the game are hidden at first to the students ,[object Object],After the game is done you will ask how many they got wrong,[object Object],You will then address how easy it is to make a fake profile,[object Object],You show them that even though you may think you are talking to a 14 year old boy, you may not be.  ,[object Object]
Objective and Goals,[object Object],Once the games are over have the students show each other there own pictures, as they will enjoy looking at each others pictures ,[object Object],Once this is done reconfirm the dangers and personal safety concerns,[object Object],This game was done as a fun activity, but was also done to show the dangers of social network sites and sexual predators ,[object Object]
Objectives and Goals,[object Object],Make sure the students know that if they are threatened or weary of anything online to tell a parent or some one they trust immediately,[object Object],Also that if anyone has sent anything to you requesting something inappropriate to save it and show it to someone they trust,[object Object]
Curriculum Connections  ,[object Object],Summary Chart for Safety,[object Object],The student will demonstrate safe and responsible behaviours to manage risks and prevent injuries in physical activity participation and for daily living.,[object Object]
Curriculum Connections,[object Object],Strand B,[object Object],Safety of Self and Others,[object Object],1. Community Safety Awareness,[object Object],2. Environmental Safety Awareness,[object Object],3. Prevention and Care of Injuries,[object Object],4. Community Support and Services,[object Object],5. Violence Prevention,[object Object],6. Personal Safety,[object Object]
References,[object Object],Facebook picture from ,[object Object], :,[object Object],Myspace picture from,[object Object],,[object Object],Manitoba Physical Education Curriculum Documents from,[object Object],,[object Object]
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