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How Did BuzzFeed Harvest One Million Email Subscribers?

How exactly did Buzzfeed managed to accumulate 1 million subscribers in 2014 alone? We have unpacked 20 steps the media news company took to reach this staggering number which looks set to be far higher in 2015.

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How Did BuzzFeed Harvest One Million Email Subscribers?

  1. MOBILE --------------------- Initially email newsletters were unreadable on mobile devices. Starting from scratch, they rebuilt everything and the strategy paid off: Now more than 80% of BuzzFeed readers are accessing content from their phones.
  2. TRAFFIC --------------------- Email traffic emerged as one of the top five referrers for the BuzzFeed website. While they accumulated over 1 million email subscribers in 2014 alone, they expect 2015 to be far higher.
  3. LOVE YOUR USERS --------------------- People are protective over their in-boxes. Put as much effort into your newsletter strategy as you do designing your home page or creating new business cards.
  4. EXCELLENCE --------------------- Focus on GREAT, not good content. It may be the most important business decision you ever make.