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Student Voices, Part 3

Student Voices is a series that explores classroom innovation from the student's perspective. Each part is written by a college student and cover topics ranging from technology to real-world skills.

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Student Voices, Part 3

  1. 1. Ways to Incorporate Applicable Skills in Your Classroom Student Voices: Part 3 4
  2. 2. Welcome to Student Voices Student Voices is a three-part series that explores students’ views on the current state of the classroom and areas for potential change. We hope you find their ideas refreshing, thought-provoking, and encouraging.
  3. 3. [Educators] should not be focused on a certain number of students passing... Casey A. Corner, a student at Louisiana State University, explores ways in which the 21st century classroom can become more applicable, practical, and technologically-driven. “ ”
  4. 4. Emphasize Learning (Not Just Passing) The situation: There’s too much of an emphasis on passing the course rather than actually learning.
  5. 5. Emphasize Learning (Not Just Passing) What can you do: 1. The classroom needs to evolve into an environment that focuses more on learning core concepts and principles rather than simply memorizing terms to pass a test. Instructors should provide hands-on, practical activities to help support these concepts.
  6. 6. The situation: Employers are looking for employees who have the “soft skills” that are often not taught in the classroom. Help Them Develop Soft Skills
  7. 7. What you can do: 2. Students would benefit from more real-world application in the classroom. Students should practice interview skills and public speaking and learn how to build and write a resume and manage money. Help Them Develop Soft Skills
  8. 8. Take Technology to the Next Level The situation: Today’s students are digital natives, and technology is a natural part of their everyday lives and a constant means of communication.
  9. 9. Take Technology to the Next Level What you can do: 3. Try to infuse even more technology into the learning process. Incorporating technology and mobile devices into the classroom will help to capture the students’ attention and spark interest.
  10. 10. The situation: Since technology is so pervasive in the lives of students, it’s natural for them to want to use online applications for learning purposes. Do More Work Online
  11. 11. What you can do: 4. Consider using online websites and programs to assign homework and projects. It is important to get students familiar with submitting work online, as this is a common method used in colleges and universities. Do More Work Online