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Day care near lake buffer

East Lake Academy is an Independent Roman Catholic School of Academic Excellence with canonical approval and support in the Archdiocese of Chicago, IL. Serving grades Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) to 8th grade, East Lake Academy has an authentically Catholic accelerated academic curriculum with extended care programs.

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Day care near lake buffer

  1. 1. Making the Daycare Transition Easier For Your Child  Starting daycare near Lake Bluff can be really difficult for your little one and stressful for you as well. So, what can you do to make it easier for both you and your child to get used to the whole daycare thing? Here are some tips that you may want to consider when your little one first starts going to daycare near Lake Bluff and will help you make sure that the transition isn’t stressful or traumatizing for you and/or your child.
  2. 2. Be patient, both with your child and with yourself  Patience is key if you’re getting started with daycare transitions. You may have difficulty leaving your child, and your child may become nervous or anxious about you leaving. Those sorts of feelings are okay, and you just need to acknowledge them and be patient with the amount of time that it may take for you and/or your child to make the emotional adjustment to the new schedule.
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