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HMLT5 advantages in an Advergaming campaign

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More and more advertisers of all types, like companies, institutions, or brands, are using video games to get their message out to the people. Advergaming is a resource used repeatedly for those target markets that identify with video games. Sometimes, they’re even used to seduce all types of audiences.

We’re going to look at some of the advantages offered by games developed in HTML5, a technology that allows video games to be created and played on any modern device, such as laptops, PCs, mobiles, tablets, or even SmartTVs.

More info at http://wimi5.com

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HMLT5 advantages in an Advergaming campaign

  1. 1. Advantages of using HTML5 in an Advergaming campaign
  2. 2. Don´t leave anyone out • HTML5 is present on any device that has a web browser • It is a cross-platform technology for multi-task and multi-screen users
  3. 3. Immediate • Don´t wait to install any apps • Just go to a website and play
  4. 4. Easy to publish • Publish in a Web page • Don´t wait for app stores approval • Update the game immediately
  5. 5. Easy to share • Just share an URL • By any media
  6. 6. Easy to measure • No need of measuring several channels • Use popular services as Google Analytics
  7. 7. Use of Standards • Encourage the use of Standars, as HTML5 • Help small companies to create great services • Don´t pay big companies for proprietary products • More democratic
  8. 8. http://wimi5.com