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50 Customer Service Professionals to Follow on Twitter in 2015

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Customer Service is vital to the success of your entire organization. Quality Customer Service is directly tied to customer retention, customer acquisition, churn reduction, brand promotion and profitability.

To help you ensure you provide your highest level of Customer Service, we at WittyParrot have created a list of 50 Customer Service Professionals to Follow on Twitter.

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50 Customer Service Professionals to Follow on Twitter in 2015

  1. 50 Customer Service Professionals to follow on Twitter in 2015 www.wittyparrot.com
  2. @wittyparrotapp Following Annette Franz @annettefranz VP, CX @TPDashboard, Blog @CXjourney, #CXPA SoCal Local Networking Event Lead & CX Expert, Ghost Writer
  3. @wittyparrotapp Following Arie Goldshlager @ariegoldshlager Customer Strategy, Customer Insight, & Innovation Consultant
  4. @wittyparrotapp Following Barry Dalton @bsdalton Leadership, #crm, #scrm #socbiz & Enterprise Collaboration, Host of @SMAddicts podcast w @sethgoldstein
  5. @wittyparrotapp Following Becky Carroll @bcarroll7 Author Hidden Power of Your Customers book, Associate Partner IBM, Taught social media @ UCSD, NBC-SD SM Contributor
  6. @wittyparrotapp Following Bill Quiseng @billquiseng Speaker, Blogger & Award winning writer in the areas of customer service, billquiseng.com
  7. @wittyparrotapp Following Bob Thompson @Bob_Thompson CustomerThink Founder & Global Evangelist for Customer-centric business
  8. @wittyparrotapp Following Brad Bennett @BradBennett Customer Experience Architect, Advocate through Social Media
  9. @wittyparrotapp Following Brad Worthley @BradWorthley Internationally acclaimed Customer Service, Leadership & Motivational Expert
  10. @wittyparrotapp Following Brian Vellmure @BrianVellmure Advisor, Consultant, Speaker, Writer :: Connecting dots, Distributing Intelligence & driving change at Intersection of growth, Customers & Tech
  11. @wittyparrotapp Following Bruce Temkin @btemkin Customer Experience Transformist & Chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA.org )
  12. @wittyparrotapp Following Carley Bakker @carleybakker Professional Speaker, Consultant, Entrepreneur & Customer Service Expert
  13. @wittyparrotapp Following Chip Bell @ChipRBell Keynote Speaker & Author of such bestselling books as The 9 1/2 Principles of Innovative Service
  14. @wittyparrotapp Following Colin Shaw @ColinShaw_CX Founder @BeyondP, Customer Experience Consultancy, LinkedIn Top 150 Business Influencer, Best-Selling Author
  15. @wittyparrotapp Following Debbie Laskey @DebbieLaskeyMBA Marketing & Brand Strategist - Marketing, Branding, Management, Leadership, Customer Experiences, & social media
  16. @wittyparrotapp Following Don Peppers @DonPeppers Author of 11 books on Customer Strategy, Speaker, Partner at Peppers & Rogers Group (of TeleTech)
  17. @wittyparrotapp Following Doug Sandler @djdoug Speaker, Author, Blogger, Service Expert, HuffPost writer
  18. @wittyparrotapp Following Erin Raese @erinraese President, Loyalty 360 and Editor-in-Chief, Loyalty Management magazine
  19. @wittyparrotapp Following Flavio Martins @flavmartins VP Ops at @DigiCert, Disciple of lean #CustServ, #CX & Happy Customers
  20. @wittyparrotapp Following Frank Eliason @FrankEliason Author of @YourService, Global Director of Customer Experience for @Citi & board, Member for @BBB_US & @Socap
  21. @wittyparrotapp Following Guy Stephens @guy1067 HuffPost Top 100 #CustServ Pro, #IBMer #Zanerva #FutureCareToday #Rise #Kiwi #DigitalLiteracy
  22. @wittyparrotapp Following Harley Manning @hmanning Founder of Forrester’s Customer Experience Research Practice, Co-author of Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at the Center of Your Business
  23. @wittyparrotapp Following Jared Spool @jmspool Founder of User Interface Engineering, Conference Chair & Keynote Speaker, Author of the book, Web Usability: A Designer’s Guide
  24. @wittyparrotapp Following Jeanne Bliss @JeanneBliss Customer Experience Expert, Books:Chief Customer Officer
  25. @wittyparrotapp Following Kate Leggett @kateleggett VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research for CRM & Customer Service - Market Trends, Research, Technologies , Best practices
  26. @wittyparrotapp Following Kate Nasser @KateNasser The People Skills Coach™, Speaker, Trainer, Customer Service, Teamwork, Leading Change, MA Org. Psych
  27. @wittyparrotapp Following Kerry Bodine @kerrybodine Co-author of Outside In, Keynote Speaker & Customer Experience Consultant with a passion for human-centered design
  28. @wittyparrotapp Following Marilyn Suttle @marilynsuttle Best-selling Customer Service Author, Conference Speaker, Personal Growth & Communication Expert
  29. @wittyparrotapp Following Mark Johnson @MJohnsonLoyalty President & CEO - Loyalty 360 - loyalty360.org
  30. @wittyparrotapp Following Marsha Collier @MarshaCollier Author 48 books, Forbes Top 10 Influencer, Futurist, GigaOMAnalyst, Founder #CustServ chat #techradio host
  31. @wittyparrotapp Following Martin Hill-Wilson @martinhw Customer Engagement & Digital Business Strategist - Author, Keynote Speaker
  32. @wittyparrotapp Following Micah Solomon @micahsolomon Customer Service Keynote Speaker, Customer Experience Consultant, Author, Contributor to forbes.com
  33. @wittyparrotapp Following Michael Heppell @MichaelHeppell Best Selling Author, Customer Service Expert, Speaker & now Twittererer Mission - To Positively Influence One Million Lives
  34. @wittyparrotapp Following Michael Lytle @Michael_Lytle Stadium Program Director, @ExtremeNetworks, #custserv advocate
  35. @wittyparrotapp Following Mike Wittenstein @mikewittenstein Experience/Service/Business Designer, Global speaker
  36. @wittyparrotapp Following Nancy Georges @NancyGeorges Author, #Retail Marketing Strategist, Consulting, Social Media, Web, Ecom, Customer Service Expert
  37. @wittyparrotapp Following Nancy Porte @nporte VP of Customer Experience at Verint, Passionate about making the world a better place for Customers
  38. @wittyparrotapp Following Paul Greenberg @pgreenbe CRM & SCRM Author, Consultant, Speaker
  39. @wittyparrotapp Following Peter Lavers @PeterLavers Customer Management & Experience expert
  40. @wittyparrotapp Following R Ray Wang @rwang0 Constellation Research CEO, Author - Disrupting DigitalBiz, Provocateur, Keynoter, Innovation Junkie, Biz Model Strategist
  41. @wittyparrotapp Following Robert Bacal @rbacal Author, Trainer, Customer Service, Management, Performance Appraisal, Leadership, Difficult customers
  42. @wittyparrotapp Following Robert Keay @ethosbob Customer Service Expert, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Blogger & Author of Value Moments
  43. @wittyparrotapp Following Robert Richman @robertrichman Culture Architect & Keynote Speaker, Author of The Culture Blueprint
  44. @wittyparrotapp Following Roy Atkinson @royatkinson Sr. Writer/Analyst by Trade, Blogger, I tweet about customer focus (#custserv #cx)
  45. @wittyparrotapp Following Russel Lolacher @RussLoL Communications pro with a Social Soul, Named Top #custserv pro on Twitter, Speaker, Writer
  46. @wittyparrotapp Following Shep Hyken @Hyken Customer Service Expert, Business Speaker & New York Times bestselling Author
  47. @wittyparrotapp Following Stan Phelps @9INCHmarketing Author, Speaker, Trainer & Consultant, Designing CX & EX solutions that win the hearts of Customers & Employees
  48. @wittyparrotapp Following Steve Curtin @enthused Author of Delight Your Customers, Fan of exceptional Customer Service
  49. @wittyparrotapp Following Tony Johnson @ServiceRecipe One of the best Customer Service Experts, Speaker & Trainer, Author, Spirited Culinarian, TV Guest, & Transformation Expert
  50. @wittyparrotapp Following Tristan Bishop @KnowledgeBishop Sr. Director of Social Media Marketing at Informatica, Founder knowledgebishop.com
  51. @wittyparrotapp Following Yvonne A Jones @YvonneAJones Online Marketing Strategist, Small Business Consultant, Client Retention Mentor, Speaker
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