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Synopsis 4 kenneth


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Synopsis 4 kenneth

  1. 1. BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (HONOURS) IN ARCHITECTURE THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE ANDURBANISM (ARC61303/ARC2224) SYNOPSIS: REACTION PAPER (MARCH 2015) [5 MARKS] NAME: CHIA WEE MIN ID: 0315186 LECTURER: NICHOLAS NG TUTORIAL TIME: 4pm to 6pm SYNOPSIS NO: 4 READER TITLE: FROM " TOWARDS A CRITICAL REGIONALISM " AUTHOR: KENNETH FRAMPTON Based on the reader, From " Towards a Critical Regionalism" Kenneth Frampton discussed about culture versus the nature which involves the topography, context, climate, light, tectonic form and the visual versus the tactile which address the importance of tactile in terms of architecture. Firstly, Frampton discuss that critical regionalism involves more directly with nature than a more abstract architecture. Architecture now favors to a more economical, for instance bulldozing of an irregular topography into a flat site but this will lead to a condition ofabsolute placelessness where the absence ofthe place will disappear whereas the terracing of the same site to receive the stepped form of a building is an engagement to the site. Another elements will be the climate and light. A generic window is obviously the most delicate point at which the two natural forces impinge upon the outer membrane of the building, having a innate capacity to inscribe architecture with the character of the region. Artificial light nowadays can aid the space to be will litthroughout the day will cause the space to lose its aura but in replacement with the artificial light through carefully contrived monitors, so that where the direct sunlight is avoided, the ambient light will changes under the impact of time, season humidity and so on. Despite the topography and light, Frampton also address that the primary principle ofthe architectural autonomy resides in the tectonic rather than scenographic as tectonic is just more than the expression of skeletal framework but also raises this construction to an art form said by the architectural historian, Stanford Anderson. For instance, Kevin Mark Low's architecture, where he likes to expose the material and the way in which they are fabricated are very raw and vary rough but the way in which they are design together is refined. In his architecture, he said that it is all about the relationship between one and the o ther and how they all come together in a more merry fashion. The way a welder put steel together can be pretty awful, but if there is a narrative for it, which act as a guide to arrange the material of a greater refinement in contrast with it, then the lack of refinement is not hidden but showcased in a way that it feels like an art. Last butnot least, Frampton also compare the visual and tactile where he address that tactile is an important dimension in the perception ofbuiltform. Frampton uses Saynatsalo Town Hall as an example wherethe second floor chamber are as much tactile as the visual which prevent the distancing from a more direct experience of the environment as which Heidegger has called, "loss of nearness ".
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