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35. ball possession 2 3v1 into 3v1 keep possession

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35. ball possession 2 3v1 into 3v1 keep possession

  1. 1. TOPIC / THEME Ball Possession 2 – Keep Possession in two 3v1 grids This Practice is a preparation for the next stage, which is Transfer of Possession DESCRIPTION OF PRACTICE (TECHNIQUE / SKILL) Three Groups of 3 – Two Groups keeps possession of the ball with Opposition Players and Ball to move in the Area – making new angles and changing distances Middle Group plays into end groups and follow pass to defend. Rotate groups ORGANISATION Three Grids, side by side Each Grid – 15m x 12m Three players in each grid 3 sets of different colored bibs 3-6 footballs Cones to mark areas KEY OBSERVATION TECHNIQUE: 1. Accuracy 2. Pace 3. Timing 4. Disguise SUPPORT 1. Angle & Distance 2. Movement NOTES 1. Pass accurately in the area to each other 2. Now Pass but make the area as big as you can 3. Now find your best angles and distances 4. If all going well, can we up the tempo, and keep possession Maintain KEY FACTORS Practical Coaching Session Planner