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ONF/NFB - An Easier Way to Embed Video in Your Blog

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Problem: Video embed Codes are annoying. Solution: We developed this Wordpress plugin to embed videos with one simple line (the link to the video page). The plugin works with oEmbed-compatible sites like NFB.ca and Vimeo.com. We willl talk a little bit about what oEmbed is, how this plugin works, and how it can help you share films online.

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  • On a random note...updating this plugin. New slide soon!?
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  • @erob I forgot how much of a paranoid idiot you were, then I pulled this slide up and voila! "they" didn't want anyone to see the url in the first post, because it wasn't live yet. And that url doesn't drill down to the specific content that was embedded.
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  • so 2 guys represents the whole NFB ???

    bonus points if you understand why 'they' don’t want you to see the url in my previous post... :)
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  • The link on the slide #5 is incorrect, it should be http://nfb.ca/history/ but they don’t want you to see that apparently. Great work for hiding all thoses messy urls with oEmbed, but there’s (obviously) others ways for creating elegant urls without it. (hint: it’s a Django common mistake for newbies..)
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ONF/NFB - An Easier Way to Embed Video in Your Blog

  1. An Easier Way to Embed Video in Your Blog or how oEmbed can help you keep your sanity by Stephane Jolicoeur and Audrey Savard
  2. Who are we?
  3. The NFB
  4. NFB.ca : film streaming
  5. • http://nfb.ca/playlist/exhibition-nfb- photos-70-years-images/viewing/ nfb-70-years/
  6. The Problem
  7. the insanity of embedding
  8. you have a design to keep
  9. • deformed webpage or blog post because of an embedded film, picture or link is not acceptable
  10. Let’s face it, embed code is strange!
  11. CASE in POINT : EMBED CODE <embed src="http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/flash/ ONFflvplayer-gama.swf" width="516" height="337" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" autostart="false" autoplay="false" flashvars="mID=IDOBJ3521&bufferTime=10&wid th=516&height=337&image=http://media1.nfb.ca/ medias/nfb_tube/thumbs_large/2009/70ans- tvbig.jpg&autostart=false&autoplay=false&show WarningMessages=false&streamNotFoundDelay= 15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&playlist_id= REL3521&embeddedMode=true"></embed>
  12. Example The result :
  13. • ugly embed code in your blog posts when you edit posts. • changes are error prone for HTML novices. • the HTML code can be parsed by the wp tag filters and be crippled or not even shown!
  14. One needs to do a lot of leg work - get the title, author, etc when one wants to quote properly.
  15. There is a solution
  16. Let the machines do the hard work
  17. • it was created by pownce -- it's magic, almost... • it is an exchange format for media, links and more...
  18. less hacking gives you more time to create content
  19. •help your seo with easy linking to the original site •prevent typos when quoting the source
  20. IT IS ...
  21. oEmbed
  22. oEmbed link http://www.nfb.ca/film/strange_invaders/
  23. And Because we maintain many blogs ... we cooked up a plugin.
  24. Your embeding on oEmbed • copy the url of the content page : http://www.nfb.ca/film/runaway_teaser_3/ • paste it in your blog post • et voilà!
  25. No more embed madness
  26. Make this easy :
  27. What is oEmbed • it’s an exchange format ( meaning machines do the hard work ) • with providers and consumers • made for media, links or rich content. • Magical when implemented fully : discovery aspect
  28. An automated exchange between : • Providers : • a streaming site (ie : nfb.ca ) • photo site (ie flickr.com) • ... and • Consumers : • a blog site • a mashup • ...
  29. What do the machines speak ? JSON or XML
  30. What is exchanged ? • Author information • provider information • thumbnail link • content type • dimension information • html code to do the embedding
  31. What is this “discovery” • information is in the headers • no prior knowledge required
  32. Discovery links : <head> (...) <link rel="alternate" type="application/json+oembed" href="http:// www.nfb.ca/remote/services/oembed/?url=http%3A//www.nfb.ca/ film/runaway_teaser_3/&amp;format=json" title="Runaway (Teaser 3) " /> <link rel="alternate" type="text/xml+oembed" href="http://www.nfb.ca/ remote/services/oembed/?url=http%3A//www.nfb.ca/film/ runaway_teaser_3/&amp;format=xml" title="Runaway (Teaser 3) " /> (...) </head>
  33. what the machine sees : (JSON ) { "provider_url": "http://www.nfb.ca/", "title": "Runaway (Teaser 3) ", "url": "http://www.nfb.ca/film/runaway_teaser_3/", "html": "<object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" classid="clsid:D27CDB6E- AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" id="ONFflvplayer-gama" height="337" width="518"><param name=movie value="http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/flash/ONFflvplayer-gama.swf"><param name=quality value=high><param name=allowfullscreen value="true"><param name=allowscriptaccess value="always"><param name=autostart value="false"><param name=flashvars value= "mID=IDOBJ5811&image=http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/thumbs_large/2009/ Runaway_TeaserAV5_BIG.jpg&width=516&height=337&autostart=false&showWarningMessages=false&str eamNotFoundDelay=15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&embeddedMode=true"><embed src="http:// media1.nfb.ca/medias/flash/ONFflvplayer-gama.swf" height="337" width="518" allowscriptaccess= "always" allowfullscreen="true" autostart="false" flashvars="mID=IDOBJ5811&image=http:// media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/thumbs_large/2009/ Runaway_TeaserAV5_BIG.jpg&width=516&height=337&autostart=false&showWarningMessages=false&str eamNotFoundDelay=15&lang=en&getPlaylistOnEnd=true&embeddedMode=true" name="ONFflvplayer- gama"></embed></object>", "author_name": "Cordell Barker", "height": 337, "width": 518, "version": "1.0", "thumbnail_width": 204, "provider_name": "National Film Board of Canada / Office Nationale du Film du Canada", "thumbnail_url": "http://media1.nfb.ca/medias/nfb_tube/thumbs_small/2009/ Runaway_TeaserAV5_small.jpg", "type": "video", "thumbnail_height": 115 }
  34. Who uses it?
  35. Some Providers
  36. Some consumers • the NFB (http://www.nfb.ca/) • Buckybase (http:// buckybase.appspot.com/) • 280 Slides (http://280slides.com/) • Dumble (http://oohembed.com/ dumble/) • YOU !
  37. What can it do for blogging • makes your life easier • clean posts - no ugly html lurking into your pristine text
  38. What you need to know about our plugin • it's beta ... but in production • partial support for the fullspecs
  39. live demo
  40. Where to get it • http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/ nfb-video-plugin/ • https://launchpad.net/oembed-wp
  41. The end • we're open for suggestions for the next release
  42. Ressources • oEmbed google group : http:// groups.google.com/group/oembed • oEmbed site : http:// www.oembed.com/ • Tutorial : http:// www.webmonkey.com/tutorial/ Get_Started_With_OEmbed