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Acticoat for healing full or partial thick wounds

Acticoat Dressing is ideal to treat first and second-degree burns, that will perform bacterial action in 30 minutes of application. This Absorbent Dressing is comfortable and easy to apply and take off.

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Acticoat for healing full or partial thick wounds

  1. 1. Wound Care Dressings Wound-care.co.uk
  2. 2. Dressing • Used for healing minor abrasion, cut or major surgical wound • Dressings directly come in contact with the wound and prevent it from getting infected • Different types of dressings are used for different types of wounds
  3. 3. Acticoat - For Healing Full or Partial Thick Wounds • Made using proprietary Silver Technology • Provides bacterial action within 30 minutes of application • Used for healing surgical or donor sites and ulcers • It can be cut in any size, making it suitable to apply on short or awkward parts
  4. 4. Acticoat 7 Dressing - Reduces Risk of Infection In Wounds • Effectively manages moisture level and controls the silver release • Reduces the risk of infection in wounds • Comprises two layers of Rayon or Polyester core between layers of nano-crystalline river
  5. 5. Acticoat Dressing – A Three- layer Dressing • Comprises an absorbent inner core between silver-coated low adherent Polythene net layers • The continuous silver release makes this dressing remain effective for up to 3 days • Kills a broad spectrum of bacteria
  6. 6. Acticoat Flex 3 Dressings - An Antimicrobial Barrier • Antibacterial dressing which comprises a flexible low adherent polyester layer • A Nano-crystalline Silver coating instantly kills bacteria within 30 minutes • Highly conformable dressing ideal for applying to awkward areas
  7. 7. Acticoat Flex 7 – Suitable For Applying at Awkward Areas • Comprises a flexible low adherent polyester layer with a Nano- crystalline Silver coating • An antibacterial dressing which kills bacteria within 30 minutes • Acts as an effective antimicrobial barrier • Can sustain up to 7 days
  8. 8. Acticoat Moisture Control Dressings – 3-layer Dressing • Absorbent 3-layer dressing which maintains a moist wound environment • Comprises Nano- crystalline Silver-Coated Polyurethane layer, Polyurethane foam layer and waterproof Polyurethane film layer • Acts as an effective barrier to bacterial penetration
  9. 9. Email: info@aidability.com Telephone : 0845 900 1309 Address: Wound-care.co.uk Aidability Limited PO Box 482, Stanmore, Middlesex, HA7 9HA