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The Best UK Based Health-Care Company

Get various kinds of supreme quality wound care products online like dressings, bandages, surgical tapes, compression hosiery and barrier creams at best prices.

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The Best UK Based Health-Care Company

  1. 1. 1 A C T I C O A T ACTICOAT is a range of flexible, absorbent and conformable wound dressings that utilise the antimicrobial properties of silver to provide an efficient and effective barrier to bacterial penetration 2 C E L L O N A Cellona is used as a padding layer under compression and casts to prevent the formation of pressure points and improve comfort. Available in four different width sizes. 3 B A C T I G R A S BACTIGRAS® is a gauze dressing containing 0.5% chlorhexidine acetate.The chlorhexidine acetate antiseptic is slowly released from the dressing, giving long lasting action against a range of bacteria. 4 M E F I X Mefix is an apertured, non-woven polyester fabric coated with a skin friendly polyacrylate adhesive. As the tape is permeable to water vapour, it is unlikely to cause tissue maceration. It is suitable for fixation of catheters , tubes , dressings and swabs. 5 S O F T P O R E Softpore is a surgical adhesive dressing suitable for low to moderately exuding wounds available in a wide range of sizes. Latex Free At Wound-care you will find one for the largest and most comprehensive range of dressings and wound care products in an easy to browse and navigate format. by Wound-care T U B I G R I P Tubigrip™ is an elasticated Tubular Bandage that provides support without affecting movement. It stays in place wihout the need for tapes or pins. It is suitable for the treating soft tissue injuries, sprains and strains, and supporting weak joints L E U K O P O R Leukopor is a permeable , non-woven synthetic adhesive tape particularly suitable for patients with sensitive skin and for long term dressings. It is virtually painless to remove without leaving adhesive residues. C O M P R E S S I O N H O I S E R Y Compression hoisery is used to treat the discomfort of Varicose Veins, reduce the risk of Leg Ulceration , prevent the recurrence of thrombosis and generally improve circulation in the legs. 6 7 8 THE BEST UK BASED HEALTH-CARE COMPANY www.wound-care.co.uk INFO@AIDABILITY.COM