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Wound dressing

Check out our most comprehensive range of wound care dressings from the world's leading manufacturers which are available online in a wide array of sizes.

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Wound dressing

  1. 1. WOUND DRESSINGS Eclypse Absorbant Dressings Often used under compression therapy, this highly absorbent dressing is used for the moderate to heavy exuding wounds. It reduces the risk of leakage. Introduction Wound Care has the huge range of wound dressings from the world's leading manufacturers and available in wide range of sizes. It includes hydrocolloid dressings, honey dressings, silver dressings, charcoal dressings and lot more. Contact Details Eclypse Boot Dressings An anatomically shaped highly absorbent dressing which is applied to the lower limb area. It is used for the moderate to heavy exuding wounds. Eclypse Border Dressings Highly absorbent dressing with a soft silicone contact layer and a hypo-allergenic adhesive border which reduces the risk of leakage of exuding wounds. EMAIL - INFO@AIDABILITY.COM TELEPHONE - 08459001309 ADDRESS - AIDABILITY LIMITED, PO BOX 482, STANMORE, MIDDLESEX, HA7 9HA www.wound-care.co.uk