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2012 Tech Trends

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What’s next and Things to come in 2012. Technology & Digital LifeStyle Trends. Don’t miss!!!

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2012 Tech Trends

  1. 1. Tech Trends for 2012 Prasit Worachatrawanit New Media & E-Commerce Director
  2. 2. 2011 is the iYear & Social Network iYear = iPad 2 (40M) + iPhone 4S + Jobs’s death + Biography book• Hot Android devices (50+%) beats iOS devices (25%).• Windows Phone 7.5 Mango adds 500+ new features but only 7% market share.• Nokia + Windows Phone = No….Win…Phone ?• Windows 8 for Ultrabook & (Quad-Core)Tablet.• Kindle & Kindle Fire -> Up from e-Ink to LCD Display• Smart TV beats 3DTV Facebook (800M), Twitter (100M) & Google+ (60M) Thailand Social Media stats in 2011: Facebook growth rate 100% @13M (from 6.7M in 2010) Twitter Population 1.2M. YouTube has 1.2 views/day. Foursquare 0.15M users.
  3. 3. We are “Screenager”
  4. 4. 90-9-1 Rule of Social Media & Online Content Read: Web/eBook/Digital Mag. Load: Apps & Games. View: Video & Live Streaming TV. Vote: online poll. Share: Social Media. Like: friend post & fan page.
  5. 5. Ultrabook: Your New Notebook The Notebook for “Post-PC” EraUltrabook Pros: Tablets Pros:• Mobility & Easy to use. • Mobility & Easy to use.• Physical Keyboard is better. • Many apps & Lower price.• Higher HW Spec. (cpu, ram & storage) • Better for play & some works.• Better for works & some play. • The 1st computing device for newbies.Ultrabook Cons: Tablets Cons:• Targeted by Virus, Trojan & Malware. • Virtual Keyboard• Higher Price. • Lower spec.
  6. 6. Reasons for using Tablet instead of PC/NB 77% of tablet users report using their tablet for actions for which They would have previously used a laptop or desktop computer Source: The Nielsen Company, 2011
  7. 7. 2012 The Tablets Year Next iPads (?) is coming. - Introduces on FEB. 2012 - Ship 9 – 10 million Units in Q1 - 7.85” iPad mini with $2xx “Kindle Fire & 7 inches tablet Killer?”3 Next Tablets will faster & saver. - New Intel Atom or Nvidia Kal-el - Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. - Windows 8 Tablets. - 7 inches “Tablet” with $200 - More education & biz apps.
  8. 8. Smart Phone = Personal Secretary Google Wallet Super Smart (Genious) Phone • Smart Phone will be smarter with “Voice Recognition” Technology. User can command & ask for help. • Not only talk with you, but it can be your e-wallet for paying goods or lending money with NFC Technology. Near Field Communication Technology * REM: Talk UI on Smart Phone & Touch UI on Tablet
  9. 9. Digital Reading is interactive not passive. • Digital Reading isn’t just open “PDF” file on Tablet or iPad. • User don’t want to “Flip” a page & “Zoom” on part of a page to read. • They want to interact element within a page on Magazine and can read full page with a larger font on e-Book. • Interactive content based on E-Pub 3 & HTML5.
  10. 10. Windows 8 for Tablet or Laptop?There’re many evidences that Windows 8 designed for “Tablet”• Windows 8’s Metro UI: Ease of use for Tablet not PC.• There’s very little new in Windows 8 for PC (Beta will publish on FEB 2012).• IDC Predict: Upgrade failure (from Win7 Users), but growing by ship it with New PC.• Windows Ecosystem: Windows 8 fits for Tablet & bridge the gap with Windows Phone.• Windows 8 follows the Apple Ecosystem by setup Windows App Store for shopping app.
  11. 11. Consumer “Like” Social TV (Internet Connected TV)Smart TV -> Social TV • Change from “Lean back” to Interactive. • Video Chat, Facebook, Twitter & Google+. and 2x Sales of 3DTV • Share your favorite TV & YouTube program. • Social Direct TV Shopping.
  12. 12. The Third Drive is so Smart Share, Sync, Link Load, Save, B , Load, Load, Save ack-up Save, Back-up HDD/SDD, USB Drive, Cloud Drive
  13. 13. Gaming in the CloudThe $99 OnLive Micro Console TV adapter is one way to get this streaming service on our HDTV. Anyway, you can play games in anywhere, anytime & any device.
  14. 14. 2012 Futuretainment StartDigitized content will be anywhere, anytime on any devices. Hollywood try: 2011 Movie show on cable tv & theatre. Then… Digital movie will show on anywhere, anytime on any devices.
  15. 15. Mobile Virus & Social Malware• Mobile Malware Will Emerge as a Real Threat In 2012. - Include smart phone & tablets, especially “Android” OS. - 1,000+ different malware is coming to attack smart phone & tablet• Social networks are cybercrime weapon to steal user data. - Facebook is the big target to attack via “Malicious Links”. - Privacy policies are still the big issue of social network.• PC malware have never stopped to grow in 2012 - 3 in 4 malware attacked PC in 2011 are “Trojan” - Most of all “Trojan” are stealing user info.• Mac malware is growing too. - Mac user are not safe anymore. - Mac Anti-Virus Program is growing in 2012.
  16. 16. Digital Ecosystem Cloud: iCloud, Google Cloud services, Amazon Cloud, etc.App Store: Content (e-Books, Digital Music/Movie etc.) & Application OS Platform: Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, WebOS, Bada, etc. Devices: Smart TV, PC, Notebook, Tablets, Smart Phone All digital business will use this ecosystem to comply with their strategy & user need.
  17. 17. Who is “Steve Jobs” in the movie “Steve Jobs The Movie” Show Time - 2012
  18. 18. Thank You Q&A