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think choice plays a huge role in how we make.docx

  1. 1-I think choice plays a huge role in how we make decisions. It is the choice th 1-I think choice plays a huge role in how we make decisions. It is the choice that makes it difficult because you are given different solutions but sometimes it is hard to choose. Often times people want to make their own decisions so they know who to blame. A lot of time people have the ideology that if a choice affects you, you should be the one to make it. In different areas people have a different way of handling things for example Americans report more negative feelings toward death than the French. This is taught because through culture you learn and pick up emotions and how to handle things from those you surround yourself with. With choice we are able to look at different translations of the narratives. I appreciate that she touches on how if you open yourself to the work of possibilities you will have far more to gain than to loose. I would like to look at choice as a win win in every culture. Even if you pick something that does not turn out to be the most sensible you have the ability to learn from your mistakes. Although cultures are different they are all given the ability to choose. 2-I found Dr. Sheena’s study and ideas within her TEDTalk to be really helpful in demonstrating the independent and interdependent self. After listening to Dr. Sheena share her findings, it became much more apparent to me just how much our choices are a reflection of culture. Her first example really stuck with me because even something as simple as tea was a huge cultural boundary while she was traveling to Japan. By deconstructing American assumptions about choices, it was clear that Western culture values power in choices. However; in other interdependent cultures, Dr. Sheena demonstrates that there was a consensus among these cultures that there is no need for so many choices. Furthermore to truly exemplify the American ideal and the independent self, it is assumed to make choices to benefit yourself regardless of the effects it has on others. Dr. Sheena addresses this in her TEDTalk by stating that “Not everyone thrives under the pressure of choosing alone” (7:52). How we go about deciding a course of action heavily depends upon psychological processes that are directly influenced by culture. Parents have certain ideals based on culture of what role choices play in life. They define how you should make decisions to benefit either yourself or the community of important relationships in your life.