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Influencers - Don't Find 'em. Make 'em

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Influencer marketing is a legit tactic. But we all need to diversify. Learn to create influencers from fans, and boost them using Facebook advertising.

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Influencers - Don't Find 'em. Make 'em

  1. InfluencersDon’t chase ‘em. Make ‘em Ian Lurie @portentint CEO, Portent portent.com
  2. I am unqualified
  3. I am not an influencer
  4. I have no idea how this works
  5. Influencer marketing Reaching out to the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative
  6. Influencer marketing Reaching out to the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative And getting them to talk about you
  7. There had to be a sekrit method
  8. There had to be a Sekrit method In which I meditate on the meaning of influencer marketing, and enlightenment occurs.
  9. Influencer marketing Reaching out to Paying the individual whose effect on the purchase decision is in some way significant or authoritative so that they’ll talk about you
  10. this… is cnn.
  11. There had to be a Sekrit method Well, shit
  12. Sekrit method How we picture Influencer Marketing
  13. How clients picture it
  14. How Influencer Marketing works
  15. influencer = find_influencer() if influencer paid: hold breath if influencer foot_in_mouth: apologize audience apologize boss print resume if influencer success: print “woo hoo!!!” This works. Do it. But diversify.
  16. Influencer Recruitment © 2017 Ian Lurie All Rights Reserved
  17. Influencer Recruitment Listen for a compliment Ask permission Create a post Promote it
  18. Ask Listen For a Compliment
  19. Sprout
  20. HootsuiteHootsuite
  21. Or search
  22. (on Facebook, scroll all the way down)
  23. Search for Brand mentions Names of employees Localities Board members Products Services Misspellings
  24. The compliment should stand out from a normal “hey, nice job!”
  25. “You guys are great”
  26. “Last week I called your company needing help with my Capybara, Lucy. She was peeing everywhere. My husband was ready to cook her. You helped us out. Now all is well again. Thank you!!! You rock.”
  27. Someone said something nice!
  28. OMG maybe he’s famous and he’ll get us thousands of visitors and we’ll be famous and can expand our Capybara preserve and then we can win a Nobel Prize for Capybara Therapy and retire somewhere nice with lots of capybara…
  29. Or not
  30. Listen. Do not fish for compliments.
  31. Ask Permission
  32. This is a voluntary spokesperson. People want their friends and favorite brands to succeed. Don’t hesitate to ask.
  33. Get it in writing. Explain who will see the post. Ask if you can keep their social account name attached. Ask if you can tag them.
  34. ”Aw, c’mon, they won’t mind”
  35. “I was being sarcastic” Name withheld, 2006
  36. “You guys are c---------rs” To 5,000 followers, 2011
  37. Generate A Post
  38. Share it on your page. Now it’s a post.
  39. Keep editorializing to a minimum
  40. Say thanks
  41. Do not alter ever never ever ever
  42. Promote The Sucker
  43. Promote to your followers
  44. Similar interests
  45. Stay “nearby” Don’t promote to the whole freakin’ world
  46. Set a crazy budget (four figures wooo)
  47. (stay within the relevant social site)
  48. Congratulations! It’s a baby influencer!!
  49. Instead of paying an influencer to say something nice
  50. We found someone who said something nice and recruited them
  51. I mean, there are cheaper influencers…
  52. What About Twitter?
  53. Tweet
  54. Yaaaay!!!!
  55. Retweet
  56. Booooo!!!!
  57. A simple process, really
  58. Include user content in your ad But get permission
  59. What About LinkedIn?
  60. Nope
  61. What About Instagram?
  62. Yep
  63. “OK, but what’s the ROI?”
  64. Don’t do this.
  65. Summer camp Printed letter from parent
  66. Scanned it Spent $500 to re-share
  67. Parents got excited and told friends
  68. Client gave parents a little $$$ at the canteen
  69. Comment Sentiment Zero. Zilch. Nada.
  70. Camp: 10,000 users reached 3,000 engagements Cost: $.18/engagement
  71. Five confirmed new campers $2,000 each
  72. For $500
  73. Brick and mortar retailer Nice letter posted by a customer
  74. Brick and mortar retailer: Spent $1,500 to re-share on client’s page
  75. Oh, yeah, and people started talking about it in Yelp reviews
  76. Comment Sentiment 1 negative in 280+ comments
  77. Brick and mortar retailer: 83,000 users reached 4,000 engagements Cost: $.38/engagement (search CPC $3.36)
  78. For $1,500
  79. Average customer = $500
  80. Break-even if you convert: .006% of reached or .1% of engaged
  81. This works
  82. Traditional influencer marketing? Yes!!!
  83. But don’t limit yourself
  84. Recruit your own influencers
  85. Listen Ask Post Promote
  86. The Slides and Stuff portent.co/small-influence
  87. CEO, PORTENT portent.com @portentint ian@portent.com I don’t recall, senator The Slides and Stuff portent.co/small-influence