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Work Life Balance Presentation Deck Linked In

  3. Working more productively and getting more accomplished, leading to greater career success
  4. Better physical and mental health
  5. Making choices about your priorities, rather than sacrifices among them
  6. Disability Costs - Workers who are stressed may be more susceptible to mental health problems.  The cost to employers when staff experience serious mental illness is significant. Disability costs can be up to 12% of a business’s overall payroll cost, and mental health claims are the fastest growing category of all disability costs.
  7. Competitiveness in Hiring and Retention of Workers - When employers think about recruiting and retaining workers, they often think first of the competitiveness of the salary and benefits package.  These are critical factors, obviously, but more and more, employees are looking for non-financial benefits when choosing a workplace.
  8. Positive Culture leads to Profitability -A work environment that supports work-life balance attracts and retains employees and promotes higher morale throughout the organization. When employees feel supported at work, they:
  9. perform better in their jobs
  10. have less stress
  11. When did I start doing this?
  12. Did I intend to keep doing this?
  13. Learn to say ENOUGH before your body goes “TILT”
  14. Take advantage of government, employer and other initiatives such as EAP, child care facilities, fitness memberships etc
  15. Stop sending yourself SOS messages
  16. Acknowledge your competence, increase your confidence.