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5 cool things you can do with the WSO2 IoT Server

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WSO2 IoT Server is an open source IoT platform released under the Apache license 2.0. It brings together WSO2’s battle hardened technologies from identity and access management, analytics, integration and API management domains to craft a fully-fledged device management framework capable of addressing any industrial IoT scenario.

Join Ruwan, in exploring some of the many things you could do with the upcoming WSO2 IoT Server. These include:

- Connecting any IoT Device to the IoT Server
- Building faster, leaner and cost-effective solutions with edge computing
- Developing versatile solutions for any IoT use case, fast
- Monitoring device statistics, triggering alerts, defining policies and getting actionable insights
- Scaling up seamlessly from managing 10 devices to a million

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5 cool things you can do with the WSO2 IoT Server

  1. 1. 5 Cool things you can do with WSO2 IoT Server By Ruwan Yatawara September, 2017
  2. 2. An Introduc<on …
  3. 3. WSO2 IoT Server - Overview •  Manage devices, sensors & capture data from them •  Connect devices and their data to larger enterprise ecosystem •  Transform information into actionable insights in real time •  Support for multi-tenancy •  Full product capabilities are available as consumable APIs •  Web-based management console and user portal (with easily customizable theme) •  Extensible product architecture to address complex IoT architectures
  4. 4. WSO2 IoT Platform Typical Use Cases ▪  A system of systems: connect multiple systems together ▪  Better consumer experience with connected data and business processes ▪  Digitize legacy systems: Mediate legacy with modern architecture paradigms. ▪  Hybrid integration by taking on- premise data and processes into the cloud and back
  5. 5. Connecting any IoT Device to the IoT Server
  6. 6. Introducing Alert-Me •  Node MCU based, ESP 82266-12E device with a LED and Buzzer (A typical IoT device running arduino) •  Communicates via MQTT
  7. 7. Connecting Alert-Me to IoT Server •  Declaring a Custom Device Type via the web console or APIs •  Mapping inputs and outputs •  Enrolling Alert-Me – GeneraRng device ID and credenRals
  8. 8. Why is this cool? •  Access to device data and controls made secure •  Easily connect Alert-Me with other devices •  Enrolling another Alert-Me is easy. Repeatable. •  Share control/data of Alert-Me with third parRes without giving physical access to the device (by exposing APIs)
  9. 9. Monitoring device sta<s<cs, triggering alerts, defining policies and geCng ac<onable insights
  10. 10. Sta<cs and Monitoring •  Monitor device data in real Rme •  Detect anomalies with the power of smart analyRcs
  11. 11. Reusable Geo-Fencing •  Defining geo fences •  Defining in/out acRons •  Sharable visualizaRon •  API-based access
  12. 12. Define and enforce Policies •  Define unique policies against device-types •  Enforce individually or across groups •  AcRve/Passive monitoring •  More on this later…
  13. 13. Why is this cool? •  AcRve/Passive monitoring of IoT devices •  CraZ your own rules, with policies •  Exploit the power of CEP, combine mulRple input streams and take acRon in real Rme. •  Perform batch analysis of historic data.
  14. 14. Building faster, leaner and cost- effec<ve solu<ons with edge compu<ng
  15. 15. Android TV Edge gateway running Siddhi
  16. 16. Anatomy of the Edge Device •  Temperature Sensor •  Switches to simulate Window & AC •  Communicates with Edge Gateway via Zigbee
  17. 17. Why is this cool? •  Declare edge gateways •  Map edge devices against gateways •  Push policies to govern and filter data from edge devices •  Compute on the edge and generate alerts + acRons
  18. 18. Developing versatile solutions for any IoT use case, fast
  19. 19. Home Automation Image source : hap://images.financialexpress.com/2016/09/Home-AutomaRon-Reu-L.jpg •  Imagine a home automaRon scenario with Alert-Me + Android Edge gateway •  AcRvate Alert-Me based alerts from the edge
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. Ac<va<ng Alert-Me based on Edge Gateway Input
  22. 22. APIs!!! APIs!!! APIs!!! •  All the IoT Server funcRonaliRes are exposed as APIs •  Extend the funcRons of any soZware/hardware plaeorm
  23. 23. Why is this cool? •  Declare complex event flows and sRtch up soZware + hardware components •  Create autonomous M2M flows
  24. 24. Scaling up seamlessly from managing 10 devices to a million
  25. 25. A peak under the hood •  Composed of baale hardened WSO2 components
  26. 26. IoT Server Component Architecture
  27. 27. Why is this cool? •  Scale only the components you need, when needed •  Minimize running costs •  Define push noRficaRon strategies and device monitoring intervals as required
  28. 28. Summary
  29. 29. THANK YOU wso2.com