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Integrating MS Office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server

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This deck will help you learn the benefits of using WSO2 Identity Server to manage obstacles that arise and demonstrate the easy integration with MS office 365.

Watch the on-demand webinar here - https://wso2.com/library/webinars/2019/03/integrating-ms-office-365-with-wso2-identity-server/

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Integrating MS Office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server

  1. 1. Integrating MS office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server Tharindu Bandara, Software Engineer - WSO2 Pamoda Wimalasiri, Software Engineer - WSO2
  2. 2. Presenter Tharindu Bandara Software Engineer, WSO2 Pamoda Wimalasiri Software Engineer, WSO2 Part of the WSO2 Identity Server team Focuses on the IAM domain and was one of the initial members who worked on the Office 365 Integration with WSO2 Identity Server. Holds a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. Part of the WSO2 Identity Server team. Passionate about the aspects of Identity and Access Management and has been working on integrating Office 365 with WSO2 Identity Server right from the beginning. Holds a bachelor of science degree from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka specializing in computer science and engineering.
  3. 3. WSO2 Identity Server
  4. 4. WSO2 Identity Server At-A-Glance Colombo, London, Mountain View, New York, São Paulo, Sydney 500+ Employees (300 Engineers) Open Source 525+ Customers, 100+ New Customers in 2018 • Fully Open Source IAM solution • Inherent extensibility • 75M+ identities managed worldwide • 150+ production customers globally • 500+ educational institutes • 24X7 support • Latest Released version IS-5.7.0 Product leader in LC: Access Management and Federation Innovation leader in Leadership Compass: CIAM
  5. 5. Microsoft Office 365
  6. 6. What is Microsoft Office 365? ● Cloud based solution for Microsoft’s widely popular Office product suite
  7. 7. Integrate or Left Behind? ● “By 2021, more than 70% of businesses will be substantially provisioned with cloud office capabilities” -Gartner.com[1] ● Office 365 cloud solution is heavily integrated with the latest Office desktop applications ● Microsoft Office is moving towards a cloud based future [1] https://www.gartner.com/smarterwithgartner/widespread-adoption-of-cloud-office-is-now-well-underway/
  8. 8. Integration Hurdle
  9. 9. On-Premises and Cloud Applications ● User need to access applications in both ● Requires user identity to be present in both
  10. 10. Microsoft Approach for Hybrid Identity ● Locked for Active Directory ● Identities are duplicated ● High maintenance cost ● Pushing a userstore migration to the Azure AD
  11. 11. WSO2 Identity Server To the Rescue!
  12. 12. How WSO2 Identity Server Overcomes the Integration Hurdle ● Can be authenticated with the existing userstore ○ Support Heterogeneous user stores ● Seamless provisioning of user identities to the cloud ○ Role-based user synchronization ● Group based Office 365 license management
  13. 13. Heterogeneous User Store Support
  14. 14. No More Vendor Lock-In with WSO2 IS ● Support for JDBC, LDAP and Active Directory user stores OOTB ● Capability for custom user stores ● Connect with Office 365 with the existing user base at ease
  15. 15. Role Based User Synchronization
  16. 16. What is Role Based User Synchronization? ● Azure AD connector in WSO2 Identity Server listens to the role specific to the Office 365 users ● User creation, update and deletion are synced with the Office 365 cloud immediately
  17. 17. ● Selective deployment ● Ease of management Why Role Based?
  18. 18. Add Role to Every User? ● System Administrator needs to be present ● Requires manual effort ● Time consuming
  19. 19. Intelligent, On Demand User Provisioning!
  20. 20. On Demand User Provisioning With Adaptive Authentication ● WSO2 IS OOTB supports Adaptive Authentication ● Controls authentication flow with a simple script ● Let WSO2 IS to assign Office 365 role at the login for existing users ● Seamless, on-demand user syncing with Azure AD
  21. 21. Group Based Office 365 License Management
  22. 22. Office 365 Group Based License Management With WSO2 IS ● Pick any user attribute to map a user for Azure AD grouping ● Create Azure AD membership rule ● WSO2 IS works with Azure AD to put the user in to a group ● Happens automatically, no human intervention
  23. 23. Recap
  24. 24. Office 365 Is Just a Simple Integration with WSO2 Identity Server ● No infrastructure changes ● Simple integration steps ● Benefits from existing features ● Minimal time consuming ● Minimal human interaction
  25. 25. Benefits From using WSO2 Identity Server ● SSO and SLO with other on-prem and SaaS Apps ● Strong/Multi Factor authentication ● Adaptive Authentication ● Simplified installation
  26. 26. Q&A
  27. 27. THANK YOU wso2.com THANK YOU wso2.com