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Turning Spreadsheets into APIs

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Chris Haddad, Vice President - Platform Evangelism at WSO2 presented the following at the API Strategy & Practice Conference in Chicago; outlining the challenges of API-fying legacy data sources and aggregating open data.

The slides also describe how mainstream business users can tap into powerful open data models while illustrating how the flat files and spreadsheets of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics were turned into connected APIs, and how they enabled mainstream economic model collaboration.

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Turning Spreadsheets into APIs

  1. 1. Spreadsheet to API Chris Haddad @cobiacomm http://www.slideshare.net/cobiacomm http://blog.cobia.net/cobiacomm/
  2. 2. API == A More Connected Business Accelerate interactions inside and outside the organization Reduce interaction friction and cost Increase engagement and enhance productivity Sense business activity and automatically adapt http://wso2.com/landing/enabling-the-connected-business
  3. 3. Situational Context: Traffic Data {incidents: [ {impacting: false, eventCode: 0, iconURL: "http://...", lat: 38.743999, shortDesc: "Exit ramp closed on I 95...", type: 1, severity: 0, fullDesc: "In NEWINGTON exit ramp closed on I-95 ...", startTime: "2010-02-21T00:14:07", lng: -77.188004, id: "368598263", endTime: "2010-02-27T05:04:19" }, Image source: http://www.directoryofnewyorkcity.com/blog/2009/05/how-to-find-parking-in-new-york-city/ Real-time traffic map: http://www.mapquestapi.com/traffic/
  4. 4. Velocity, Acceleration Rapid Dev Pace Rapid Data Delivery
  5. 5. Where is your Data? 5 Picture Credit : http://metsys.irislink.com/
  6. 6. Is your Data a Rock Temple? Monoliths remain Data at Rest ONLY Accessibility Challenged
  7. 7. Are you Facing a Data Apocalypse
  8. 8. Data to API – Easy Way Data Connectors Data Mapping [Schema] API Publication Data Query
  9. 9. Data to API – Hard Way Data Update and Versioning [w/RESTful protocol bridges] Data Synchronization Linked Data Data Archiving
  10. 10. APIs Everywhere • Comprehensive and Integrated platform to • Collect high volume data in structured and unstructured format • Perform data analysis through real time and batch processing modes. • Present relevant dashboards to enable timely operational management and business planning. • Execute fact-based action (process improvement, hedge transactions, fault remediation)
  11. 11. Combined Power of Scalable Batch and Real-time Event Detection (Lambda Architecture) Combine power of both delayed batch and real time analysis Identify trends and incidents Find complex event sequences with fast, real time performance Detect anomalous and usual patterns based on action sequence Trigger adaptive, real-time responses Replay event combinations and fine-tune prediction rules
  12. 12. 12 The API to Data Puzzle
  13. 13. Global Customer Success 1 3