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WSO2Con ASIA 2016: WSO2.Telco IDS – Mobile as Identity

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Based on the WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2.Telco provides a fully Mobile Connect (OIDC) compliant solution for telcos embarking on a federated ID strategy. WSO2.Telco IDS is offered as a standalone solution for GSMA Mobile Connect compliance or can be bundled with the WSO2.Telco Hub and Gateway products. Using the Hub model mobile network operator (MNO) groups or consortia of MNOs in a particular country can deploy Mobile Connect rapidly as a service with centralized operations and product development.

Any telco wishing to have their own internal instances or a hybrid can do this at any time without re-engineering the interfaces. This session will discuss the following topics:

What is WSO2.Telco IDS?
Who uses it?
Beyond Identity
Monetization for IDPs
Acceleration of MNO service creations
Multi-MNO APIs

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WSO2Con ASIA 2016: WSO2.Telco IDS – Mobile as Identity

  1. 1. WSO2.Telco ID Gateway Your phone is your iden<ty Charith De Silva WSO2.Telco
  2. 2. About WSO2.Telco Telco Innovation Visionary Platform Community engagement Only co-branded OEM partner of WSO2
  3. 3. DH VISION Empower Telcos globally in their quest to extract value from OTT businesses and remain relevant in the digital age MISSION Apply agility to a legacy landscape by offering seamless Telco / OTT interoperability to enable agile business VISIONARY TEAM Built from MNO Digital Centre of Excellence combined with digital industry veterans VISIONARY PLATFORM Ground breaking WSO2 Code base & Telco Digital Innovation Only WSO2 CO-BRANDED OEM PARTNER •  WSO2 products combined to create robust proven solu<on •  We track WSO2 core roadmap •  We enable MNOs & enterprises to accelerate digital transforma<on DIGITAL SUCCESS •  3 state of the art DIGITAL HUBS in Asia •  4 Local API Gateways •  3 internal micro services and 400 APIs exposed in 9 months DH DH DH HQ DH What We Are Built to Achieve
  4. 4. Iden<ty Crisis? Lengthy registra-on Exposed data Security Breach Spam
  5. 5. The Solu<on : Mobile Connect
  6. 6. WSO2.Telco Mobile Connect Accelerator : Architecture 6 CUSTOMER LOGIN Desktop/mobile service access request Operator discovery Authentication SERVICE PROVIDER WSO2.Telco MCX solution API exchange
  7. 7. Security – One Step at a Time Enter PIN wireless PKI (LoA4) User attributesAnonymous authentication Enter PIN (LoA3) Click “OK” / Seamless (LoA2) Higher levels of assurance Combine with other APIs e.g. add-to-bill User identity, attributes and context
  8. 8. Mobile Connect Security levels USSD, smartphone app– Confirm or deny, Header enrichment, SMS click URL, SMS OTP Used to build a large base of enabled users LoA 2 Medium USSD “Enter PIN”, smartphone app - Enter PIN May allow premium authentication services LoA 3 High SIM mobile signature , wPKI non-repudiation based on wireless Public Key Infrastructure (wPKI), requires crypto-SIM and applet LoA 4 Very High
  9. 9. Iden<ty Gateway WSO2.Telco Claim Handler Local to IdP claim mapping WSO2.Telco OpenIDToken Builder IN Authentication Framework Local to SP claim mapping IdP to local claim mapping Local to SP claim mapping IdP to local claim mapping Out LOA composite authentication handler HE SMS OTP USSD confirm USSD PIN Smart phone app Sim applet (compliant) Authenticators Identity Gateway
  10. 10. Demo •  Registra<on •  Login –  LoA2 – USSD Click OK /SMS –  LoA3 – USSD PIN –  Smartphone •  Operator Reports
  11. 11. Use Case : LoA2 & LoA3 USSD/SMS Doing a funds transfer, bank to bank for a friend in need… Customer Logs in Service Provider API Exchange Operator Discovery OpenID connect by WSO2.Telco WSO2.Telco ID Gateway USSD SMS Clicked ok & logged in Authentication Request MNO
  12. 12. Use Case : LoA2 Header Enrichment Customer Logs in Service Provider API Exchange Operator Discovery Authentication via HE WSO2.Telco ID Gateway HE Logged in Shopping online
  13. 13. Use Case – Sri Lanka World’s first mobile connect Implementa<on
  14. 14. Use Case - India ID Gateway Hub Mobile Operator SMSC USSD Header Enrichment Protocol Conversion Mobile Operator SMSC USSD Header Enrichment OpenID Connect REST API REST API Web Services Mobile Operator SMSC USSD Header Enrichment Na<ve Protocols Protocol Conversion
  15. 15. Beyond Iden<ty •  Mone<za<on for IDPs •  Governance for IDPs & APIs •  Accelera<on of MNO service crea<ons •  Built in APIs for Operators •  Mul<-MNO APIs
  16. 16. Open source •  h^ps://github.com/WSO2Telco
  17. 17. Thank You