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Merb Camp Keynote

  1. Merb Lessons Learned & Where Do We Go From Here
  2. Engine Yard
  3. Ruby is slow
  4. “It’s also worth mentioning that there shouldn’t be doubt in anybody’s mind at this point that Ruby itself is slow. It’s great that people are hard at work on faster implementations of the language, but right now, it’s tough.” Alex Payne, Twitter
  5. Does this discourage me from Ruby or Rails? Hell no. To me the elegance of the language completely dominates its flaws... I’ll wait for the performance and scale issues to be fixed in subsequent releases Daniel Miessler
  6. You will also find that Ruby is one of the slowest languages in existence. Sam (
  7. quot;Ruby is slowquot;: a JIT is under development, the VM has a lot of room for performance improvements, and hardware keeps getting faster. Java was slow for the hadware that existed when it was originally created. Luis (
  8. I for one am scared of Ruby because ... it's known to be slow, so if you become The Next MySpace, you'll be buying 5 times as many boxes as the .NET guy down the hall. Joel Spolsky
  9. Rails is for the vast majority of web applications Fast Enough... I just happen to care much more about free developer cycles and am willing to trade the former for the latter. David Heinemeier Hansson
  10. Would you rather come to market late on the back of an inferior development environment ( or make it to market first with a superior development system and work to alleviate the scalability issues? Jim Jones,
  11. Ruby is so embarassing.
  12. To Summarize
  13. Rails is slow.
  14. Ruby is slow.
  15. “The slowest programming language in the world”
  16. Our response?
  17. It’s ok.
  18. I program faster.
  19. WTF!
  20. Someone must have done some benchmarks, right?
  21. Simple, real app
  22. raw PHP: 331 rps
  23. cakephp: 3.6
  24. with code acceleration
  25. 88 rps. With Rails.
  26. Existing results?
  27. Let’s try and replicate with Merb
  28. Hello world.
  29. Merb
  30. Merb Static HTML
  31. Merb Static HTML PHP
  32. Merb Static HTML PHP Cake
  33. While we’re on the topic of benchmarks
  34. Merb router Merb controller Sinatra Rails
  35. Merb router Merb controller Sinatra Rails CakePHP
  36. We don’t need to be embarassed
  37. The future...
  38. Merb 2.0
  39. Modular
  40. Integrated
  41. “It’s hard”
  42. Yep.
  43. Django.
  44. Edit Your DB (Auto-admin)
  45. Admin Hooks for Slices
  46. Admin Hooks for Slices (central /admin)
  47. Merb ORM interface
  48. Possible to build stacks with AR/Prototype
  49. Mailer becomes Messenger
  50. Process
  51. 1.0 is a stake in the ground
  52. 1.x are back-compatible, stable experiments
  53. We will run the 1.0 public spec suite against 1.x releases
  54. We will support 1.0 via 1.0.x
  55. Once 1.2 is released, only 1.0 and 1.2 are supported with bug fixes.
  56. We will backport security patches to 1.x until 2.0.
  57. Public API means extensive community involvement
  58. Keep an eye on slices
  59. To summarize:
  60. To summarize: Merb 2.0 is about Rapid Prototyping
  61. To summarize: Merb 2.0 is still metal
  62. Opt-out should be granular
  63. Legos
  64. Legos vs. Duplos
  65. Want to get involved?
  66. Central slice repository
  67. Work on the wiki
  68. Help test RC1
  69. Report missing functionality in @api public
  70. Experiment
  71. Report success
  73. List Your Site
  74. Thank you! • Carl Lerche • Andy Delcambre • Patrick Crowley • Matt Aimonetti • Avrohom Katz • Ryan Felton • Ezra Zygmuntowicz • Ben Burkert • Leah Silber • Wayne Seguin • Daniel Neighman • FiveRuns • Michael Ivey • Tim Carey-Smith • NewRelic • Fabien Franzen • Drew Colthorp • topfunky • Michael Klishkin • Rob Kaufman • Paul Sadauskas • Wesley Beary
  75. And Everyone Else I Missed ;)
  76. Questions?