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  1. About me By Bharath Yajjala
  2. My Name My name is Bharath .S Yajjala I am 17 years old. My birthday was in March 17 2004 there are 5 people in my house that I live with my mom, my dad, my sister who is in grade 9 who is in Queen Elizabeth secondary , and my Uncle.
  3. MY Hobbies ❖ I like playing soccer as shown in the other slide I even played on a team ❖ I also love playing basketball mostly with my friends it one of my favorite sports ❏ I even play games like chess and enjoy solving rubik's cubes ★ Another thing I love doing working out a lot if refreshes my mind
  4. experience in Chemistry 11 It was great I learned many new thing I never knew about Like examples ● Converted Molar mass into grams and kilograms, and about avogadro's number which is 6.02 x 10^23 which is the unit for mole ❖ Stoichiometry I believe that I will learn more theory in grade 12 compared in last year ➢ I even learned about pressure (STP) gas , and also learned the difference between exothermic and endothermic.
  5. More about chemistry 11 1. Last year I got 93 percent it was really fun I practiced a lot I made Ms. Wilcox as a teacher I had it full time in quarter 3 full time. 2. The most difficult unit for me was stoichiometry, but I love it the most, and the easiest unit for me was probably naming and writing ionic and covalent bonds. 3. I love it when teacher give us for work sheets for practice and when teacher explain the material a lot. Even youtube videos help, so much too. 4. Picking up from the old topic like re reviewing them. Another stargy I could do is be more constant, and study everyday.
  6. I am looking forward to. See how I will be doing this year hopefully I do as well as last year. I also want to learn more theories about chemistry because last year we focused more on the mathematical side of chemistry.
  7. Words that describe me ● Independent ❖ Helpful ❖ Lazy ❖ Quiet ❖ Thoughtful
  8. My career choice I'm more into computer engineering, and it satisfied all my requirements I want in life like example ❖ Flexible working days, and more freedom, so I can go to projects ➔ I also want to be self employed in the future I believe this path will help me. ● I even could get a decent amount of money, so I can provide for myself, and my family ★ I am also helping to expand more stuff in the future, so we could be more efficient and finish projects faster
  9. I wish my teacher knew that I wish my teacher knew that I am the kind of person who like to go slow and steady , so I might not get the concept right away, but after sometime by practicing.
  10. For help I believe maybe take more time on explaining the material to us , so we can catch up and understand it better , and giving a good amount of time to finish any work, projects etc..