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Snowplow at Sigfig

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Presentation about how Sigfig use Snowplow

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Snowplow at Sigfig

  1. 1. Snowplow at SigFig 2017/02/21
  2. 2. INVESTORS Founded in 2007 Our mission: 
 make it easier, more accessible, and more affordable 
 for everyone to invest well
  3. 3. Our Marketing / Apps
  4. 4. SigFig + Snowplow “Just like Google Analytics, but you get the data underneath.” Replica of production + Snowplow = 
 critical for reporting and data science at SigFig
  5. 5. How many visitors to the page are returning users? How important is pricing to potential users? Do current users seek support from the homepage? What fraction of users complete onboarding from this questionnaire? How many users wait for the video to finish and then click “Get Started” How many new users interact with the page at all? Example: Home Page Performance How many users interact with Financial Advisors?
  6. 6. Example: Understanding Traffic Sources
  7. 7. CTA1 CTA2 CTA3 CTA4 CTA5 Example: Landing Page Performance Traffic Source #1 Traffic Source #2 Traffic Source #3 CTAs on external landing page
  8. 8. Example: AB Testing Visitorsto MarketingPage Step1 Step2 Step3 Step4 Step5 Step6 AB Test Cell A AB Test Cell B AB Test Control Funnel Time Cumulative CTR
  9. 9. Questions?