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Fc growth framework

Pravin, Head of Growth at Freecharge, shared this presentation at the Playbook Roundtable in Ahmedabad on 11th June '16.

Back-link to the blog: https://yashshah.in/getting-traction-for-product-startups-ispirit-playbook-round-table-notes-67f988171632#.4xi23hfey

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Fc growth framework

  1. 1. pravin  jadhav    |      growth  at  @freecharge    |    twi4er  @beingprac6cal   FreeCharge:  Driving  Growth  
  2. 2. Transi4on:  Web  to  Mobile  in  9  months   90%Desktop   +   10% Mobile   90%Mobile   +  10% Desktop  
  3. 3. Google  Trends:  FreeCharge Growth:  Doing  all  that  ma>ers!  
  4. 4. Overall  Transac4ons Transac6ons  /  Day Transac6ons  /  Day App  Transac4ons Growth:  Transac4ons  /  Day  
  5. 5. The  thing  about  Growth   Getting users to install the app is the easiest thing to do. Ensuring they keep using it is extremely difficult! Growth  =  Product    +    Marke4ng
  6. 6. Fail  Fast.  Learn  Faster!   x   We  found  few  things  that  won’t  work  –  Our  Failures:       b. Not knowing what matters                    Who  is  our  best  Customer?  Which  is  our  best  performing  acquisi6on  channel?   a. Driving App Installs like crazy                    And  believing  that  is  Growth c. Not measuring what matters                Reten6on  >  User  Acquisi6on   e. Thinking Marketing, not Growth            What?  What  does  this  even  mean? d. Chasing App Store Ranks            Thinking  that  ranking  high  on  App  Store  ranks  wins  you  the  race f. Playing Safe            What  do  we  have  to  lose  if  we  don’t  grow?  Everything.
  7. 7. Vanity Metrics: Makes you look good. Real Metrics: Brings you back to reality. The  thing  about  Metrics    
  8. 8. Vanity Metrics… Registered  Users   Transac4ng  Users   Downloads  /  Installs   Current  Installs   App  Store  Ranks   Transac4ng  Users  on  App   90  Day  Ac6ve  Users   D7  /  D30  Reten4on   Transac6ons  per  Month   Tranx  /  User  in  a  Month   All  Transac6ons   Non  -­‐  Promo  Transac4ons   ‘We’re  a  Great  App  /  Product!’   Ra4ngs  +  Tickets  /  Transac4on  ra4o   Real Metrics! The  thing  about  Metrics    
  9. 9. Who is our perfect customer? Who:   a. Transacts on FreeCharge Mobile App b. Recharges for Self & X more users c. Makes Y+ Transactions every month d. Saved Credit / Debit Cards on FC d. Refers more than Z friends to FreeCharge Growth:  Knowing  what  is  right!   What:   a. Conversions – Install, Register, Transact b. LTV of this user acquisition channel c. Retention metric of this channel - 7 Days? 30 Days? d. Users -> Mr. X e. Effective CPI & CPT of this channel What is best User Acquisition channel?
  10. 10. Growth  Framework  at  FreeCharge   Awareness   Acquisi4on   Ac4va4on   Reten4on   Revenue   Referral   Awareness   Acquisi4on   Ac4va4on   Reten4on   Revenue   Referral   MARKETING GROWTH Growth  v/s  Marke4ng:   What is Growth team supposed to drive?
  11. 11. Growth:  Marke4ng  on  Steroids   Awareness   Acquisi4on   Search  Engine   Op6miza6on   App  Store   Op6miza6on   Google  &  Facebook   Advt  Networks   Affiliates   Coupons   Preloads   Flash  Sales   Reward  Users   Offline  Distribu6on   FMCG  &  Media   Bank  &  Finance   Online  Partners   ATL  /  BTL   Social  /  PR  
  12. 12. Growth:  FC  Growth  Engine   Awareness   Acquisi4on   Ac4va4on   Reten4on   Revenue   Referral   Growth at FreeCharge TVC  :  ATL  &  BTL  Ac6vi6es   Banks  Partnerships   FMCG  Partnerships   Media,  Movies   Buzz  /  Social  Media   PR   Referral  Program   Google:  Adwords,  GDN   Facebook:  Ads,  Offers   SEO   ASO   Networks  &  Affiliates   Online  Partnerships   Coupon  Partners   First  Transac6on  Free   Instant  Discounts   Cashbacks   Free  Coupons   Rewards  Turbo  Recharge   FreeCharge  Credits   Emails   No6fica6ons   Saved  Cards   New  Users   Exis6ng  Users  (++)   Upsell  /  Cross  sell   Exis6ng  Users   Acquiring  new  users  
  13. 13. Growth = Building  Sustainable  Growth   Lapsed  Users   New  Users   Exis4ng  Users   Reac4vated  Users   First  WoW  Experience! Build  a  Large  Pool  of  Transac4ng  Users High  Frequency  of  Transx Reac6vateReac6vate
  14. 14. Rule  #1   Growth Hacks ≠ One Hack Fits All 5  Rules  to  follow  about  Growth  
  15. 15. Rule  #2   Growth Hacking = Doing as many experiments as possible! 5  Rules  to  follow  about  Growth  
  16. 16. Rule  #3   Growth Hacking : With time, every growth hack will lose its impact! 5  Rules  to  follow  about  Growth  
  17. 17. Rule  #4   Best way to grow a Startup is to make the product better! 5  Rules  to  follow  about  Growth  
  18. 18. Rule  #5   In a Startup, Growth is everyone’s responsibility. 5  Rules  to  follow  about  Growth  
  19. 19. Thank  You   pj@freecharge.com      |    @beingprac4cal