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Brand questionnaire

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Brand questionnaire

  1. 1. Questionnaires on BrandingBrand Perception Questionnaire Sample:Name: ____________________Address: ____________________Phone Number: ____________________Email id: ____________________Q1. Describe what does ‘brand’ mean to you?____________________________________________________________Q2. Do you buy only branded products?a) Yes alwaysb) Neverc) Only when quality is importantd) RarelyQ3. Are you a loyal customer for the products you buy?a) Yes always. I stick to the same products.b) Never. I keep experimenting with new products.c) Only for quality products. Where it is a commodity, I choose the least-priced product.Q4. Are you a price sensitive consumer?a) Yesb) NoQ5. Will you stick to the same product if their price is increased (and you are a loyal customer to theproduct)?a) Up to a certain limit in price increaseb) Yes, irrespective of the price increasec) No. I may look for different productsQ6. Which of the following, according to you, help build a good brand image?a) Qualityb) Communication strategiesc) Competitive pricingd) Good value added servicese) Free trails and discountsf) OthersIf ‘Others’, please specify ________________________________________________Q7. Are popular celebrities good brand ambassadors and is investing in them a good strategy?a) Sometimes, May beb) No, Noc) Yes, Yesd) Rarely, Not sureQ8. Do you use products because they are most available?a) Yesb) Noc) Mostly
  2. 2. Questionnaires on BrandingBrand Preference Questionnaire Sample:Name: ____________________Address: ____________________Phone Number: ____________________Email id: ____________________Q1. Does country of origin affect your product purchase decision?a) Yesb) NoQ2. Does association of product with a particular group of company lead to preference for such products?a) Sometimesb) Alwaysc) NeverQ3. What is your attitude towards calls from sales persons?a) I do not entertain calls from sales personsb) I get irritated and scold themc) I listen to them but calmly say ‘No’d) I look forward to such callsQ4. Which of the following do you prefer?a) Products from bigger companies with wider distributionb) Products from companies with good warranty and after sales servicec) Products from local companies with better price and slightly lesser qualityd) Products belonging to companies with good brand imagee) OthersIf ‘Others’, please specify _________________________________________________Q5. Do you believe in products that are endorsed by your favourite celebrities?a) Yesb) NoQ6. Do you think company sponsorships help them build a stronger brand?a) Yesb) NoQ7. What do you think about rankings of products?a) They are biased and influencedb) They are fair and give a true picturec) They are not fully reliabled) Cant’ sayBrand Image Questionnaire Sample:Name: ____________________Address: ____________________Phone Number: ____________________Email id: ____________________Q1. How much do you care about using brands?a) Slightlyb) Stronglyc) Not muchd) Never
  3. 3. Questionnaires on BrandingQ2. List down a few brands of the product____________________________________________________Q3. What is the image of our product in your mind?Q4. Do you know our company vision?Q5. Can you identify our logo?Q6. How do you differentiate our products from our competitors?Q7. Do you trust in our products?a) Yesb) Noc) Can’t sayQ8. Do you think our products get good word of mouth publicity?a) Yesb) Noc) Don’t knowQ9. Do our products align with the values and beliefs of people?a) Yesb) Noc) Can’t sayQ10. If no, then describe which products go against your valuesQ11. Do our products provide a sense of self-esteem to you?a) Yesb) Noc) May bed) Can’t sayQ12. Apart from the direct benefit of the product, what else do you look for in the product?a) Image of the productb) Identification with other users of the brandc) Other ________________________________________________Brand Loyalty Questionnaire Sample:Name: ____________________Address: ____________________Phone Number: ____________________Email id: ____________________Q1. What is the proportion of branded to unbranded products in your house?a) 20 : 80b) 50 : 50c) 60 : 40d) Other _______________________Q2. Do you experiment with different brands?a) Yes
  4. 4. Questionnaires on Brandingb) Noc) SometimesQ3. You trust our branda) Strongly disagreeb) Disagreec) Neither agree not disagreed) Agreee) Strongly AgreeQ4. The price of our branda) Is as per your expectationsb) Is more than your expectationsc) Is less than your expectationsd) Can’t sayQ5. What is the quantity of the product you use in a month?Q6. What are the sources of our product brand information?a) Family membersb) Peersc) TV adsd) Point of salese) Websitef) Other _______________________________________________________Q7. To what extent has the product been successful to meet your needs?a) To the fullest extentb) More than 80%c) 50% – 80%d) Less than 50%e) Can’t sayQ8. Rank the packaging and product information of the product with 1 being the least and 5 being thehighesta) 1b) 2c) 3d) 4e) 5Q9. Rank the after sales service of the product, 1= least and 5 = highesta) 1b) 2c) 3d) 4e) 5Q10. Can you list some areas of improvement of the product?