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Distributed Autonomic Approach to IT Service Management

These slides exhibit a service oriented, autonomic (sensor, actuator) approach for modeling ITIL service management framework adopted by OGC, the approach claims more emphasis over computerizing based on autonomic computing certain processes of ITSM lifecycle

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Distributed Autonomic Approach to IT Service Management

  1. 1. Autonomic Management Framework for ITSM Yasir Karam July 2008 MPhil/PhD Researcher ITSM Service Delivery Certified ITIL V 3.0 Foundation PMI MCP
  2. 2. Table of Contents Concepts ( 3-5) Problem (6-12) Proposal (13-17)
  3. 3. Autonomic Computing Made by IBM in 2001: “The obstacle is complexity. Dealing with it is the single most important challenge facing the I/T industry.” A computing environment with the ability to manage itself and dynamically adapt to change in accordance with business policies and objectives.
  4. 4. AC Paradigm
  5. 5. Autonomic Manager
  6. 6. ITIL Framework For IT Service Management Service Delivery Service Design Service Agreement Management Financial management Availability Management Capacity Management Service Continuity Management Service Support Service Desk Incident Management Problem Management Change Management Release Management
  7. 7. ITIL Framework
  8. 8. Incident Mgmt
  9. 9. Problem Mgmt
  10. 10. Release Management
  11. 11. Drivers for Change Modern Expectations Higher availability -- near-100% availability on 24x7 delivery basis (Availability Management) Higher malleability -- organic change, and just-in-time growth and adaptation ( Capacity Management) Allowing flexible system up scaling without sacrificing performance, availability or maintainability Lower maintainability and administration requirements ( Availability Management) 80% IT budgets spent on applications operation, maintenance and post production retro-fitting, etc. (Forrester survey, 2006). Higher survivability for business continuity (Service Continuity Management) Service outages are frequent and costly 65% of IT managers report that their websites were unavailable to customers over a 6-mth period 25% indicate 3 or more outages outage costs are high
  12. 12. On-Demand e-Services Provisioning for SME Merseyside On-Demand ICT Provisioning Centre: Marketplace-oriented provision and management of on-demand software hosting and management services for SME. Merseyside On-Demand ICT Observatory Centre: Roadmap for technology R&D and innovative services Showcase project -- demonstrators, etc. K&T transfer Advanced training and support for engineering, operation and management of On-demand ICT.
  13. 13. ITSM Environment
  14. 14. Sensor Actuator Framework
  15. 15. Software Framework for Sensor & Actuator Layer Framework enables generation, deployment, discovery and management of awareness layer/overlay overlay consists of a number of Clouds each of which has one sensor manager agent to managing the processes inside the cloud. exchanging information with other manager Prof. A. Taleb-Bendiab, agents. Talk: WO, CSAC’05 Workshop, Conference: ICIES’05, Miami, Date: Checking the Service
  16. 16. CONSUMERS S Save Reading in Logger e Sensors Request (MSDL) as XML Sensor n Get Reading from Request Analyzer Framework s Targets (SADL) Ge Ma t o Intelligent Sensors Se Inject Sensors Discovery na ns r ge or Ca Se Inf P te ns Sensor & Actuator Container go ors or ma r ’ riz De tio o e n Sensors & plo ym (S v A Prof. A. Taleb-Bendiab, Talk: WO, CSAC’05 Workshop, Conference: Actuators ent DL i ICIES’05, Miami, Date: )
  17. 17. So far …! Current research Instrumentation middleware services for improved usability and reliability for instance for grid-based applications, and PlanetLab Environment Monitor, control and manage planetary scale users’ applications. Context-awareness and QoS-Aware systems Event-based systems Sensor networks, Etc. Further research is required Management, assurance and fidelity of awareness layer is Prof. A. Taleb-Bendiab,concerns a major Talk: WO, CSAC’05 Sensors and actuators (effectors) support web services Workshop, Conference: ICIES’05, Miami, Date:
  18. 18. Requirements – A Sensor & Actuator Overlay Frameworks and Models Programming, interaction and/or control models. Sensor framework to develop, deploy, discover and manage the sensor overlay Open Standards and Interoperability SADL -- provide a ubiquitous access to sensor meta-model MSDL – provide a monitoring contract description meta-model Prof. A. Taleb-Bendiab, Talk: WO, CSAC’05 Evaluation and Analysis Workshop, Conference: ICIES’05, Miami, Date: