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Yathis babu V1111

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Yathis babu V1111

  1. 1. RESUME Yathis Babu V.M AYTB company LTD Post Box 849 Mob No :+966502894372 Al-Jubail 31951 yathish15415@gmail.com Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Mechanical Forman/Mechanical Technician( Piping) (Submitting 22 years of experience in process control Industries) Job Profile Competent and result-oriented professional having around 22 years of experience across Maintenance and Constructions in the field of Petrochemical industries in India and Middle East. WORK EXPERIENCE IN ABROAD (17 Years) Working as Mechanical Forman/Mechanical Technician( Piping)  in Jubail United Petrochemical company (UNITED), Jubail, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB company LTD in Ethylene and U&O Maintenance Project from April-2004 to Till date.  Worked as a Pipe fitter in Sabic Affiliates SADAF,PERTOKEMYA, YANPET,KEMYA,AL-BAYRONI,AL-RAZI,IBN RUSHD,IBN SINA, HADEED in theirs major Turnaround Projects through AYTB company LTD, Saudi Arabia from February-2002 to March-2004.  Worked as Pipe fitter in KEMYA, Jubail, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB company LTD for their Kemya Olefins commissioning Project from March-2001 to March 2002.  Worked as Pipe fitter in KEMYA, Jubail, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB company LTD for their Kemya LLDP Construction Project from March-2000 to March 2001.  Worked as Pipe fitter in YANPET, Yambu, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB company LTD for their Extension Project from January-1999 to January 2000.  Worked as Pipe fitter in IBN RUSHD, Jubail, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB Company LTD for their Aromatics and PTA Construction Project from March-1997 to December1998  Worked as Pipe fabricator in SADAF, Jubail, Saudi Arabia one of the Sabic Affiliates through AYTB company LTD for their CA/EDC Construction Project from Marchl-1996 to February-1997
  2. 2. WORK EXPERINCE IN INDIA (5 Years)  Worked as Pipe fitter in Gharada Chemicals LTD, India for their maintenance projects from August-1993 to February-1996  Worked as Pipe fitter in M/S Bharat Petroleum Corporation LTD Bombay, India their construction projects from April-1991 to May-1993.  Worked as Pipe fitter in Petron Engineering Construction Company LTD, India for their construction projects from Sepetember-1989 to March-1991. TRAINING ATTENDED  NCCER ,Gainesville , USA Pipe fitter training done through AYTB Company LTD in Saudi Arabia.  Jubail United Petrochemical Company, KSA Safety awareness training. SKILLS & TASK INCLUDED  Aware and implement a permit to work system and Lockout -Tag out procedures, Confined space permit preparation in a safe manner.  Experience in the layout, installation, and assembly of all pipe supports, systems, and equipment; as well as a well-rounded knowledge of maintenance on all heating and cooling systems related to the pipe fitting process  With regard to that portion of the work assigned, develop complete understanding of contract plans and specifications and plan, lay-out, install and/or repair all types of piping systems in accordance with those plans and specifications.  Read and understand plans and specifications, including orthographic and isometric drawings. Visualize two dimensional drawings in three dimensions  Well knowledge in Isometric, Plant drawings & P&ID drawings.  Able to fabricate independently for miters, y branches, lateral tee, reducer eccentric, reducer concentric etc….  Able to work Preventive maintenance for the all type exchangers.  I have ability to interpret the structure of pipeline developed and plan installation process accordingly to ensure completion of work on time .
  3. 3.  Follow established job-site safety and regulations and maintain a safe and clean work area. Identify safety hazards you or other employees may be subject to and take all necessary corrective action to eliminate or minimize hazards.  Inspect subordinate's work for compliance with the contract plans and specifications, point out deficiencies and explain, and take any corrective action needed.  Use appropriate hand and power tools to fit and install all types of pipe and/or similar tubular products; cut or drill holes in walls to permit passage of pipes; select specified type and size of pipe; mount pipe hangers and brackets on walls and ceilings to hold pipe; install valves, couplings and other fittings; disassemble and remove damaged or worn pipe; and lift, position and secure materials and work pieces during installation.  Utilizes all pipe fitting techniques and methods for different types of piping systems and pipe couplings including butt welded, socket welded, threaded, Victaulic, grooved, glued and fused joints  Produce quality work, meeting requirements of plans, specifications and industry standards.  Experienced in Hydro test for the all Equipment’s like pipe lines, exchangers, vessel, tanks etc. Personal Profile Name : Yathis Babu V.M Father’s Name : Raman K Date of Birth : 03/05/1970 Gender : Male Religion : Hindu. Nationality : Indian. Marital Status : Married. Language known : English, Hindi and Malayalam. Permanent Address : Mullamparabil House, Kizhunna P.O, Kannur-07,Kerala-670007, India. Phone Number : +914972835777 Passport No : K 9717568 Date of expiry : 29/07/2023 Place of issue : Riyadh, KSA DECLARATION I do hereby declare that all the above information’s are correct to best of my knowledge and believe. I hope you will consider my C.V. and give me an opportunity to prove my qualities. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 02nd November 2013 Yathis Babu V.M