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Smart Forms on Smart Walkie Talkies

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A presentation of how government agencies can quickly build and distribute forms to their vendors and workers so as to build a closer working relationship.

Smart Walkie's CEO, Zhou We was invited by IMDA to OneService-Industry eXchange (OSIX). OSIX is jointly organised by MSO (Municipal Services Organization) and IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Agency). The attendees were from various government agencies and the talks covered technology and procurement processes.


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Smart Forms on Smart Walkie Talkies

  1. 1. Smart Forms and Workflow “Many of these agencies have to work with mobile labour in terms of facility mgmt., repairs, building etc.. and your solution could enhance the communication among the different parties. Problem Statement
  2. 2. Higher visibility, Closer working relationship Organization Knowledge Results collection Exception Tracking Multimedia Information
  3. 3. Available Apps • Iterate quickly: Drag and Drop to build forms (No Coding required) • Electronic Submission: Distribute forms and mobile workers can fill in • Analysis: Common metrics in report format • Integration with other systems: API, structured data
  4. 4. Simple Yes/No Corrective Action Photos
  5. 5. Demo: Cut Grass
  6. 6. Follow Up Action Demo: Cut GrassDiscuss Exceptions
  7. 7. Add SOP Remote verification via Photos and Timestamp
  8. 8. Schedule and Assign Inspections Analytics Corrective Action Completed work Exceptions flagged Outstanding list Can choose who to do inspections Each worker has their task list sorted by time What more?
  9. 9. 1.Reliability and Maintenance Costs of Smartphones 2.Installing & Updating Enterprise Applications 3.Controlling Smartphone Usage & Costs 3 Top Concerns for implementing Smartphones
  10. 10. http://SmartWalkie.com wenhan@smartwalkietalkie.com +65 9046 7340