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VoicePing User Guide 2019

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VoicePing is an application that allow users to use PTT for more effective communication. The benefits of using VoicePing compared to other PTT applications is that it provides nation-wide PTT, location tracking and photo taking capabilities.
VoicePing has released an user guide to walk you through the process of using the app to communicate with one another. The user guide will cover the basics of VoicePing usage and the features of it on a step by step process.
Overview of user guide
Entering Group Channel
Push To Talk
Send Text
Adding 1-1 Channels
Send Picture
Send page
Step by step process:
1. Open up VoicePing app on your phone and you will be directed to your Recent page where all your recent chats are.

2. For favourites list, just swipe left. You can also toggle the volume by tapping on the volume button, long press for ear speaker mode. Tap on your group channel to open up the group channel.

3. From your channel screen, tap the red button and hold to talk by speaking into bottom of phone Alternatively, you can also press Volume Down or PTT Button from your device.

4. You can also use the ‘Type to chat’ feature if it’s not convenient to talk. Simply just type in the textbox and your message will be read out from the receiving device(s).

5. From the favourites list, tap on the ‘+’ button to see your contact list and to add new channels.

6. For devices who are not in the same company as you are in, enter the profile display name of the device that you want to search and add under the ‘Non-company Users’ textbox. Search and press Star to favourite it for easy reference.

7. New favourites will appear as new circles. Tap to enter the channel for 1-1 communication.

8. VoicePing allows you to send pictures to one another inside the app. Press the camera icon to send an existing picture from your gallery or to take a new picture.

9. Need to get the response of the receiving device urgently? Triple Tap ‘*’ to send Page to the receiving device and the receiver will get a notification tone from the device every 30 seconds for a hour until he/she clears the notification. You can also check the activity status by seeing the number of ticks from the messages.

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VoicePing User Guide 2019

  1. 1. VoicePing User Guide !1 Entering Group Channel Push To Talk Send Text Adding 1-1 Channels Send Picture Send page …3 …4 …5 …7 …9 …10 Please head to http://www.voicepingapp.com/ for more information Recent Screen inVoicePing !2 Tap on VoicePing app on your phone
  2. 2. Tap to Enter Group Channel Quick Switch Volume Long Press to enter ear speaker mode Swipe left to reveal Favorites !3 Tap and Hold toTalk Alternative: Volume Down or PTT Button Speak into bottom of phone !4
  3. 3. Type to chat The receiving device will read out the message !5 Tap to see all your contacts Contact list !6
  4. 4. Enter profile display name of device to search Press Star to have users become Favorites !7 After you press Star, New Favorites appear as New Circles Tap to Enter Channel !8
  5. 5. Send Pictures !9 TripleTap to send Page The receiver will get a notification tone every 30 seconds for a hour until he clears the notification. For 1-1, you can see if the other party is online (1 tick) and if he can hear your message (2 ticks) !10 THE END