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VoicePing PTT for F25 for Limo Drivers

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User Guide for VoicePing PTT
- Recent Senders
- Default Group
- Search by ID
- F25 4G Walkie Talkie

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VoicePing PTT for F25 for Limo Drivers

  1. 1. User Guide VoicePing F25
  2. 2. SIDE BUTTONS PTT Change Channel MIC Speak into bottom of Phone
  3. 3. F25 FRONT BUTTONS Screen on/off Volume Adjust
  4. 4. RECENT SENDERS Shows recent messages useful when you want to know who just talkie you. Swipe left from Favorites
  5. 5. FAVORITES Add more Favorites Target Channel useVolume buttons to PTT See Useful Settings section
  6. 6. DEFAULT This channel will be the sending channel if you don’t have any activity Shown as first circle. Also hasTarget Icon
  7. 7. SEARCH Use Keypad to Search Tap # will clear so you can search again If only one result, then you can PTT directly
  8. 8. Add as Favorite Tap Co-Workers who entered the same company name will appear here The channels that you belong to appears here. Contact Company admin to join other groups or create new groups CONTACTS
  9. 9. Mute SILENT MODE Enable if you need the WalkieTalkie to be quiet. Useful when you are on a meeting
  10. 10. If in no coverage area OTHER Open App, On Bluetooth, Pair. PTT is on Phone. Bluetooth WiFi Brightness Reduce brightness at night
  11. 11. THE END