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[En] Editorial chart of content for Visionary Marketing guest bloggers

This is the 2017-2018 version of the editorial chart of content for Visionary Marketing guest bloggers who want to contribute to the Visionary Marketing blog


How to become a guest blogger at Visionary Marketing

Marketing and Innovation blog is a medium for us to share our point of view on marketing, to share our ideas and reactions towards news within the field. This blog is also a discussion space where Internet users exchange ideas and comment on different topics. Based on this sharing concept, we would like to invite you to contribute on our blog. You can express your point of view with other readers on different marketing and innovation subjects.

Some guidelines to follow
We do not accept articles promoting or advertising a particular brand or product
Your article should be clear; including facts, figures and references (with their sources)
Your article should not include duplicated content
Your article should be composed of 900 words minimum
Kindly attach a short bio (3-4 lines) and a picture
If you’re interested, contact us here or click the contact button above

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[En] Editorial chart of content for Visionary Marketing guest bloggers

  1. 1. OF CONTENT EDITORIAL CHART Our web content is rich, unique, pertinent, and written for web experts by using an original web oriented method. Contributions must relate to marketing and or innovation subjects. Our blog is a medium for us to share our point of view on �marketing and to share ideas and reactions� within the eld.� Article cannot promote/advertise a particular brand/product Article should be clear and include facts, gures, and references (with their sources) Article should not include duplicated content Kindly attach a short bio (3-4 lines) including your LinkedIn/Twitter and a photo. Title should be attention grabbing and SEO Friendly RequirementsTOPIC The point of view must be original and add value for the reader. Professional (paid) infographics are considered an added value. Sources must be relevant and short. Must be cited using short, customized links. POINT OF VIEW INFOGRAPHICS SLIDESHARE THE DEVELOPMENT LINKS IMAGES Links allow visibility and readability. HTML links are not accepted (website must be linked to a word). Authorized and sourced images are a must. They cannot be advertisements. Develop on the conclusion introduced in the first paragraph.� Never less than 500 words Between 1000-1500 words Greater than 2000 words for featured articles� ARTICLE LENGTH CONCLUSION Click here to contact us GUIDELINES Start the article with a conclusion: What are you trying to teach the reader?