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[GEM] Advanced Master's Digital Business Strategy - 2019-2020 presentation

This is the standard presentation for the Advanced Master's in Digital Business Strategy of Grenoble Ecole de Management. It is an international program located in Paris in the heart of Europe.

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[GEM] Advanced Master's Digital Business Strategy - 2019-2020 presentation

  1. 1. ACADEMIC YEAR 2019-2020 V1 ADVANCED MASTER’S Digital Business Strategy standard presentation in partnership with vismktg.info/stdpreso2020
  2. 2. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 325/03/2019 Just google my name Photo credits : Agence Prisme / Pierre Jayet et Mikser Disain / Ahto Sooaru / Pixabay and others as stated @ygourven @vismktg Yann Gourvennec Program Director visionary ‘@’ grenoble-em.com http://linkedin.com/in/ygourven Visionarymarketing.com @ygourven +33 1 4018 7834
  3. 3. Agenda 1. About GEM 2. The Advanced Masters at a glance 3. 2017 – 2018 program overview 4. GEM learning model (GLM) 5. Real life digital dept. assignment 6. Live business cases 7. Key benefits of joining the program 8. Career opportunities 9. Personal development objectives All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 25/03/2019 4 Program page: en.grenoble-em.com/digital Program blog: digital-me-up.com
  4. 4. ABOUT GEM
  5. 5. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 6 “SILICON VALLEY” THE FRENCH A PIONEER CITY Located in an exceptional natural setting AN ECOSYSTEM An economic and scientific hub, with internationally renowned institutions of higher education A TRADITION OF INNOVATION Social, economic, scientific, technological, environmental... GRENOBLE
  6. 6. TRIPLEACCREDITATION AACSB (The Association of Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) AMBA (The Association of MBAs) AWARDS AND RANKINGS RANKINGS 5th and 6th French ‘Grandes Ecoles’ ranking Le Point – 2017 L’ Étudiant – 2017 Le Figaro – 2017 Le Parisien – 2017 F r a n c e W o r l d w i d e 21st Top school in Europe in the European Business Schools ranking 63th and 71th Executive Education custom and open programs 26th in Europe for the Grenoble MBA The Economist « Which MBA Guide » - 2017 Financial Times 2017 33th for the Master in International Business in the Global Master ranking 21th best « Junior » Pre-experience Master in Finance in the world 22nd in the world for the Grenoble MBA QS global MBA ranking - 2018 26th in the World for the Master in International Business QS Master in Management - 2018
  7. 7. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 825/03/2019 AGE 45 OCCUPATION Store manager LOCATION Paris Area, France DEGREELEVEL BA + Short Programs DIGITALLEVEL Beginner Personae Suraj Paul 8 AGE 40 OCCUPATION Digital TeamManager LOCATION Berlin, Germany DEGREELEVEL Master DIGITALLEVEL Expert AGE 35 OCCUPATION Entrepreneur LOCATION Geneva, Switzerland DEGREELEVEL Master DIGITALLEVEL Intermediate AGE 23 OCCUPATION Student LOCATION Madrid, Spain DEGREELEVEL Engineering Degree DIGITALLEVEL Intermediate AGE 23 OCCUPATION Student LOCATION Grenoble, France DEGREELEVEL Final year PGE DIGITALLEVEL Beginner Executive profiles Elena Günter Sara MOTIVATIONS - Professional & Salary Growth - Recognition of Digital Expertise - Degree in English - Control his Team SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitter -WhatsApp - Linkedin -Instagram - Facebook MOTIVATIONS - Professional & Salary Growth - Gain int’l Digital Expertise - Change or Boost Career - Control his Team SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitter - Linkedin MOTIVATIONS - To Get Dream Job in Digital - Work for a start-up or scale-up - Develop Professional Network - Int’l studies in English SOCIAL MEDIA - Linkedin - Instagram/WhatsApp - Snapchat SOCIAL MEDIA - Telegram - Snapchat MOTIVATIONS - Specialise in digital - Get a Job in Digital Business - Final Year at GEM - Int’l studies in English MOTIVATIONS - Found own business - Gain int’l Digital Expertise - Finalising her Project - Developing her Network - Increase career opportunities SOCIAL MEDIA - Twitter - Facebook - Linkedin Student profiles
  9. 9. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1025/03/2019 Our vision doing away with the artificial real world / virtual world divide 1. Digital not ‘virtual’ when all customers are digitally savvy 2. There is no divide between strategy and execution
  10. 10. PROGRAM AND LECTURERS Note: based on 2018 program - minor changes might occur
  11. 11. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1225/03/2019 Speakers from all countries all with strong digital business acumen Joanne Jacobs James Barisic Christian Payne Joseph Donyo Hubert Kratiroff Matthieu Tran Van Jon Bains Alexandre Jubien Umesh Mukhi Anna Szkudlarek Karima Catherine Goundiam Pierre Bravoz Joost Kadijk Lee Schlenker Ted Gleason Philippa Gamse All seasoned digital professionals with strong background in lecturing
  12. 12. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1325/03/2019 Program design in 3 steps •1. Mastering Digital Marketing • Digital Transformation • Marketing Strategy • Digital Marketing Techniques • E-Commerce • UX • Research • Social Media + Ads • Digital Geostrategy •2. Mastering Digital Techniques • Project Management • Hands on • Mobile • Digital Technologies 3. Learning by Doing •Flipped Teaching •Digital Me Up Digital Business Strategy
  13. 13. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1425/03/2019 2019-2020 program in a nutshell And 13+ master classes Date Session # Topic Description 17-19 Oct 1 Induction seminar (+ Facebook ad / 1 module) The Induction seminar is about introducing the program and some of its main principles as well as the GLM guidelines. Over the course of three days we invite an array of professionals from various areas of the digital spectrum. The highlight of this session is the work we will start doing on the live business cases as well as the matchmaking exercise which will lead to the building of teams for those cases. 07-09 Nov 2 (+ Facebook ad / 2 module) Social media management Social media management covers all areas of social media starting with social media history evolution and future, content marketing and social selling and tools for management and analytics. Insider details are given about internal digital social media management within enterprises and crisis management. Flipped learning exercises are included in this session. 21-23 Nov 3 Web Marketing strategy Web marketing strategy is about the online customer journey from cradle to grave. It will cover areas such as the mobile momentum, CRM data collection, performance KPIs. it's heavily based on the GLM (GEM learning model) FMP vivas DECEMBER 2020 Live Business Cases vivas JUNE 2020
  14. 14. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1525/03/2019 2018-2019 program in a nutshell (2) And 13+ master classes Date Session # Topic Description 05-07 Dec 4 Digital Marketing techniques The digital marketing techniques session is dedicated to SEO, SEA and all various paid advertising and content marketing techniques techniques aimed at bringing more traffic on your websites and other digital assets. 19-21 Dec 5 Project management Project management is a practical learning session aimed at understanding the basics of project management, deadlines, deliverables. The learning session is geared towards a role- play of a tender which is submitted by an agency for a client. Teams will be taking turns in both roles. 9-11 Jan 2020 6 Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing covers all areas of mobile marketing such as mobile history, native apps, apps, web apps, hybrid apps and mobile project management amongst other things. It provides the background and facts and figures about the mobile market. The session is a blend of teaching and Flipped teaching. 23-25 Jan 7 E-commerce and U-commerce E-commerce and u-commerce is a practical session geared towards the building of an online shopping experience. It’s built around business case, students are working in groups to build a new e-commerce venture using standard market tools. FMP vivas DECEMBER 2020 Live Business Cases vivas JUNE 2020
  15. 15. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1625/03/2019 2018-2019 program in a nutshell (3) And 13+ master classes Date Session # Topic Description 6-8 Feb 8 Hands on digital module The hands-on digital module is about getting to grips with the basics of digital technology, its vocabulary, and main digital technical tools and platform types; all necessary background information for managers who want to pursue a career in digital. The aim of this module is not to turn our students into technical experts but to provide the basics for exchanging and and working with technical people. They will learn how to build servers, host videos, practice various technical tasks all during a fully hands-on session. 20 Feb 9 Research Research is a day which is dedicated to the understanding of the requirement for the final master project (aka professional thesis). Students are told about the prerequisites and the deadlines for the FMP. Sessions are practical and based on the input of the student. They are in turn asked to come and discuss their subjects and topics and validate them with the program director and a PhD student who is supporting the program director with the session. 21-22 Feb 10 Digital transformatio n The digital transformation session is a blended learning session based around the understanding of the opportunities and the issues that businesses are facing with regarding to the implementation of digital. What methodologies are available for the audit of the current situation, what objectives would digital be able to help the business fulfill and how to implement digital in a business-orientated way are the main points pertaining to this session. Resistance to change and change management are also a cornerstone of the module which will be taught by two seasons professionals who have implemented technology in the field for many years. 05-07 Mar 11 Geo strategy & geo economy Geo-strategy and geo-economy of the web is dedicated to the understanding of the Internet throughout the world. Differences, similarities and cultural differences about the way that it is used in various regions of the world. To this end we bring different lecturers from various parts of the world who describe the Web from their perspective (China, North America, Africa and Europe) FMP vivas DECEMBER 2020 Live Business Cases vivas JUNE 2020
  16. 16. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1725/03/2019 2018-2019 program in a nutshell (4) And 13+ master classes Date Session # Topic Description 19-21 Mar 12 User experience User experience is a three-day session, mostly based on flipped teaching, aimed at understanding the basics of user experience in digital. The session is heavily ending on design thinking principles and is mostly about the designing of a prototype which has to be validated by real-life users over the course of the three days. 2-4 Apr 13 Digital technologies & innovation Digital technologies and innovation is a session dedicated to the understanding of technology its appraisal and the lifespan of technologies. 23-24 Apr AM 14 Flipped teaching Flipped teaching is a one and a half day session whereby students are actually presenting a topic allocated to them by the program director each of them based on their own background. Students are presenting online on Facebook live and are therefore contributing to the life the Masters and its promotion 24 Apr PM – 25 Apr PM 15 Legal issues in digital Legal issues in digital is a one and a half day session dedicated to delivering the main legal principles surrounding digital strategy and digital projects. This session is delivered by an expert in legal issues with active practice in the field. FMP vivas DECEMBER 2020 Live Business Cases vivas JUNE 2020
  17. 17. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1825/03/2019 2018-2019 program in a nutshell (5) And 13+ master classes Date Session # Topic Description 14-16 May 16 Video marketing strategy and practice Video has become a staple of Web marketing, yet video marketing is still considered a very difficult tactic for many Web marketers who are still struggling both with the media and the associated Web tactics which need to be implemented. In this session, a seasoned video marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in that field will provide his tips and tricks video marketing including the recent move of video to social and live broadcast. FMP vivas DECEMBER 2020 Live Business Cases vivas JUNE 2020
  18. 18. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 1925/03/2019 2018-2019 program at a glance Dates Topic 17-19 Oct 2019 Induction seminar (+ Facebook ad / 1 module) 7-9 Nov (+ Facebook ad / 2 module) Social media management 21-23 Nov Web Marketing strategy 05-07 Dec Digital Marketing techniques 19-21 Dec Project management 09-11 Jan 2020 Mobile Marketing 23-25 Jan E-commerce and U-commerce 6-8 Feb Hands on digital module 20 Feb Research 21-22 Mar Digital transformation 05-07 Mar Geo strategy & geo economy 19-21 Mar User experience 2-4 Apr Digital technologies & innovation 23-24 Apr AM Flipped teaching 24 Apr PM – 25 Apr PM Legal issues in digital 14-16 May Video marketing strategy and practice 25 - 27 June Live business cases presentations + master classes FMP vivas: DECEMBER 2019
  19. 19. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2025/03/2019 2018-2019 program overview - MASTERCLASSES Some of our 2018-2019 master classes SMEsFINTECH How to set up a full digital bank 42 rules for a web presence that wins Bing Ads Marketing automation FROGANS in China Digital Entrepreneurship …
  20. 20. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2125/03/2019 Program breakdown Semester One: Autumn Two: Spring Live Business Cases + Digital Me Up Dates Sept to Dec 2019 January to May 2020 Oct 2019 to June 2020 No of courses 5 courses 120 face to face hours 11 courses 216 face to face hours 24 hours No of assignments 5*2 in-class assignment 11*2 in-class assignments
  21. 21. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2225/03/2019 Program details Face to face hours Autumn 120 hours Spring 216 hours Total face to face hours- courses 336 hours Live business cases 24 hours Total ECTS credits 360 hours European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a standard for comparing the study attainment and performance of students of higher education across the European Union and other collaborating European countries.Students concerned ECTS Credits All students are concerned Autumn 9 Spring 30 Live Business Case 4 Digital Me Up 2 Total academic ECTS credits 45 Students concerned ECTS Credits MS and EM Normandie Professional thesis 30 3A PGE of GEM Professional Experience 15 To sum up : - The MS Students and the EM Normandie students get 75 ECTS credits - The 3A PGE of GEM get 60 ECTS credits
  23. 23. The GEM Learning model (GLM) Has been our guiding line for five academic years 25/03/2019 All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 24
  24. 24. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2525/03/2019 Flipped teaching Or learning by doing Students present a topic (experience, interest, passion.. Related to digital ) There are two options: - You choose the topic you like - We suggest a topics based on your experience
  25. 25. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2625/03/2019 Real-life digital dept. assignment Platform built from scratch with the 2015-2016 class Students of this program are a digital team. As part of this assignment, group will be proposing solutions and presenting them to the whole team. Also in charge of continuous improvement. They are encouraged to take ownership of the platform
  26. 26. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2725/03/2019 Digital Me Up Digital me up deadlines DMU1: End of Oct DMU2: Beginning of Jan 2020 DMU3: End of Feb DMU4: End of April
  28. 28. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 2925/03/2019 Live Business Cases [2018-2019] Live business cases are real life business cases or projects carried out by our students of the Advanced Master in Digital Business Strategy on various subjects. Target businesses typically include innovative, preferably large, companies in all verticals Live business cases are like full fledged consulting engagements in which students are encouraged to take full ownership of the project, from a given preliminary brief to the final deliverables and report/presentation Groups of 3-4 students. projects kicked off at beginning of program, vivas in June Year 2 LBC 1 LBC 2 LBC 3 LBC 4LBC 5 LBC 6 LBC 7 LBC 8 LBC 9 LBC 10
  29. 29. OUR NEW CAMPUS OCT. 2019
  30. 30. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 3125/03/2019 GEM’s new Paris Campus (Autumn 2019) The new campus is located South of Montparnasse, in the 14th district of Paris. It is surrounded by greenery and will soon be entirely refurbished. Our induction session has been postponed till Oct 17 to leave time for the renovation work to be completed.
  31. 31. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 3225/03/2019 GEM’s new Paris Campus (Autumn 2019) A stone’s throw from Montparnasse and Denfert Rochereau
  33. 33. Key benefits for learners - A cutting-edge program au fait with the latest trends in digital and Internet project management - A program entirely focused on digital strategy Highly-qualified teachers and professionals from the digital sector - Innovative and digital teaching methods (in English): live business cases, flipped teaching, master classes, Digital Me Up blog, Google certifications, etc. - A rewarding multicultural learning environment - A mix of exec students and younger students conducive to inspirational exchanges between generations 25/03/2019 All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 34
  35. 35. International career opportunities This program is a door-opener for competitive international career opportunities such as CDOs (Chief Digital Officers), CDMOs (Chief Digital Marketing Officers), Digital and social media directors and managers, E-marketing and E-business managers, Consultants in Digital Strategy, Web agency directors, Project managers, and Web entrepreneurs, among others. 25/03/2019 All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 36
  36. 36. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 3725/03/2019 Digital Marketing Job trends http://bit.ly/2Gp13Yz
  37. 37. All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 3825/03/2019 Top Digital Marketing jobs and average salaries Source: Internet of Things Institute http://www.ioti.com/iot-strategy/2017-salary-guide-15-hottest-digital-marketing-jobs-and-what-they-earn
  38. 38. Different Alumni profiles and career moves “X” was a junior project manager. After the masters he became digital project manager. His salary went from €30k to €34k “Y” went from being a Web marketing assistant to a Web marketing manager. Her salary increased from €30k to €40k “Z” was a junior sales and marketing manager earning €30K p.a. He became Business developer with a salary of €35-40K. On top of our younger students, other profiles include more senior exec students (14 in 2017-18) among whom digital entrepreneurs (3 in 2016-17 1 in 2017-18), brand and Web directors (2 in 2016-17) and managers/directors moving to higher digital positions, some of them (2 in 2016-17, 5 in 2017-2018) having used the MS Digital Business Strategy to create their new position within their existing business Some of our students are also moving to consulting positions within digital consultancies seeking to hire new profiles with digital background as there is strong demand in the market for that kind of profiles and engagements 25/03/2019 All rights reserved - © 2015-2020 - GEM 39 Please be aware that these are only examples and that salary negotiations can vary greatly from one person to the next for the same position and similar profiles depending on e-reputation and personal negotiation skills and/or industry and location