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Yissum May 2012

Yissum Presentation short 2012

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Yissum May 2012

  1. 1. Yissum’s MissionTo promote the transfer of Hebrew University technologyfor the benefit of society, while maximizing returns tosupport research, education and scientific excellenceYissum = Hebrew for ‘application’
  2. 2. The Technology Transfer Process Yissum protects the IP and commercializes it HUJI researchers The Industry discover new partner paysResearch Money invention & Yissum for submit the license to disclosure use its IP Yissum pays royalties to the researchers and HUJI
  3. 3. A Heritage of Excellence 43% of Israel’s biotechnology 30% of all Israeli >1/3 of PhD research academic scientific students in Israel research 23,000 students 1,000 researchers (staff members) 1,600 Post-Graduate students in biotechnology5 affiliated hospitals 6 Campuses 3,500 Research >100 Research projects centers Over 400 Researchers in applied sciences
  4. 4. Areas of Expertise Pharmacology and Agriculture Medicine Brain Research Engineering and Computer Science Nanoscience and Cleantech Advanced Materials Education Veterinary
  5. 5. 48 Years of Transferring Technologies 7,736 patents 2,212 inventions 566 licenses 74 spin-offs Products based on Hebrew University technologies &commercialized by Yissum generate over $2 billion in annual sales
  6. 6. Israel Tech Transfer Organization Yissum 40% Yeda 21% Yissum’s innovations Yissum - reflect 40% of the total a leading number of projects member of the available for licensing ITTN * by Israeli technology Technion transfer companies. 13% Bar Ilan 5% Ben Ramot TLV Gurion 8% Carmel Medical Mor Hadasit 1% 4% Center 2% 5% 1%* By number of available technologies
  7. 7. Intellectual Property Materials & 2011 Snapshot Chemistry Agriculture, 150 new inventions 20% Food & Nutrition, 154 new patent Cleantech applications 14% 54 new patents granted Micro & Opto Electronics A variety of 5% Intellectual Property at HU new Computer Yissum owns all IP inventions Science & developed at HU Engeneering Researchers receive 11% 40-60% of revenues Life Science & Biotechnology 50%
  8. 8. Projects Available for Licensing 2012 Materials & Agriculture, Nanotechnology Food & 15% Nutrition, Cleantech 13% Applied physics 4% Over 400 Computer technologies Science & Engeneering Life Science & 13% Biotechnology 53% Education 1% Homeland Security 1%
  9. 9. Yissum’s Biotech Product Pipeline: Phase I Phase II Phase IIIVekacia ® (Novagali)Cyclokat ® (Novagali)Ladostigil, (Avraham)BC819 (Biocancell)Anti Angiogenic (Tiltan)MRX4 (Morria)MRX6 (Morria)Acc. Levodopa (Intec)Acc. Zalepon (Intec)LABR-312 ( Biorest)CatioProst ® (Novagali)BL7040 (Bioline Rx)AB103 (Atox Bio)PRX105 (Protalix)Apocell (Enlivex)CCS/C (Nasvax)EPOdure (Medgenics)Protexia (Pharmathene)Acc. Baclofen (Intec)Cortiject ® (Novagali)MM-002 (Moebius)
  10. 10. 74 Spin-Off Companies Created Since 1964
  11. 11. Global Reach
  12. 12. Success Stories - Exelon Exelon® For Treatment of Symptoms Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Prof. Marta Weinstock-Rosin Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2010 sales over $1 Billion
  13. 13. Success Stories - Doxil DOXIL® - Doxorubicin HCI liposome injection Alza’s Lead Product for Oncology Prof. Yechezkel Barenholz Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Prof. Alberto Gabizon Hadassah University Hospital Jerusalem 2010 sales over $500 million
  14. 14. Success Stories - Tomatoes Long Shelf Life Tomatoes The world’s most popular cocktail hybrids for year round greenhouse production Prof. Nachum Kedar Prof. Haim Rabinowich Department of Field Crops, Vegetables and Genetics: Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences The Hebrew University Rehovot Campus
  15. 15. Success Stories - Peppers Hybrid Peppers Breeding of Blocky type pepper hybrids for growing under mild winter conditions. Market leader in Spain, Israel & Mexico In collaboration with Zeraim Gedera (Fully owned by Syngenta) Dr. Yonatan Elkind Department of Field Crops, Vegetables and Genetics: Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences The Hebrew University Rehovot Campus
  16. 16. Success Stories - Mobileye Mobileye Advanced vision based driver assistance system for accident prevention Prof. Amnon Shashua Computer Science & Engineering, Faculty of Science The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2010 Valuation of $740 million (Investment by Goldman Sachs & others)
  17. 17. Products on the MarketThe innovative cationic Periochip - slow drugemulsion for the treatment release for periodentitisof dry eye symptoms Prof. Michael Friedman &Prof. Simon Benita Prof. Doron Steinberg BioresorbableSupra-Vir - Acyclovir cream for Adhesion BarrierHSV topical treatment reduces the severity Moisturizing of post-operativeProf. Elka Touitou Eye Drops cardiac adhesions Prof. Shabtay Dikstein Prof. Daniel Cohn