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Activity report to Friends of Maribyrnong Valley

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Predominantly Stony Creek–related, drawing heavily on longer Diversions presentation two nights earlier to Friends of Stony Creek.

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Activity report to Friends of Maribyrnong Valley

  1. 1. Updates for FMV & WoW: mostly Stony Tony Smith 3 July 2019
  2. 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lauLPMDoP8Y is part of a submission from the Anti-Toxic Waste Alliance to the 2019 Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Recycling and Waste Management. https://www.facebook.com/AntiToxicWasteAlliance/
  3. 3. St. Albans East Drain runs beneath staggered series of omitted blocks and path south from Eisner Street
  4. 4. The southern blocks are more staggered so there is no back fence connection, the creek continuing of the line of the kink in Ivanhoe Ave. Larger Biggs Street Reserve at right on map and pictured next is rare higher spot beyond which water flows to the Maribyrnong.
  5. 5. Laurel Street East St. Albans
  6. 6. Private crossing Sunshine North
  7. 7. Urban Hydrology out of Sight Stony Creek diversions right via Anderson Road left via Kororoit Street
  8. 8. Recent demolition beyond playground across park from Stony Creek house
  9. 9. Recent excavation reveals Stony Creek flowing diagonally in parallel pipes
  10. 10. Storm water outlet from Orion townhouse estate directly into Stony Creek
  11. 11. Ruby Way Maidstone
  12. 12. VicTrack Planting & Tile Change Braybrook Grasslands
  13. 13. Community Catchment Crawl
  14. 14. Sara Grove Tottenham
  15. 15. With MFB remaining Incident Controller, a community meeting was called for that first evening at Footscray Town Hall Already committed to nearby session with Uncle Jack Charles and the Moondani Balluk mob covering (mis)appropriation of Indigenous Intellectual Property by occupiers/colonisers Smoke plume dominated view from Tottenham Station Always was, Always will be Aboriginal Land (and Water)
  16. 16. Cruickshank Park Somerville Road Yarraville evening after fire
  17. 17. Looking East from Williamstown Road West Gate Golf Course Francis Street Drain Confluence
  18. 18. May planting look at fire flood damage and pay closer attention to creek itself
  19. 19. June planting returned attention to top side views and brought out the media for an interview
  20. 20. Yarra Act 2017 Environmental Justice Australia Action Plan re other rivers Waterways of the West Ministerial Advisory Committee Traditional Owners Rivers of the West Melbourne Water Healthy Waterways Strategy Refresh Catchment Collaborations Moonee Ponds Creek behest of City of Melbourne Maribyrnong pilot City of Moonee Valley Chain of Ponds City of Moreland Stony Creek Fire Recovery phase City West Water Greening the West Upper Stony Creek project Critically endangered ecotype Victorian Volcanic Plains Basalt quarries used for landfill A few of the interested parties