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Brand sentiment on social media

In social media, marketers have to monitor consumer perception about his brand

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Brand sentiment on social media

  2. 2. If you want to buy a plasma TV, a mobile phone or a refrigerator, what would you do? If you want to buy a your childs milk,school or vitamins, what would you do? If you want to plan a vacation out of town or overseas, where do you to look forhotel and airfare information? Today many people would answer all the questions above by answering “by searching forinformation on the internet or social media”. Some of them will ask questions or seek reference from their friends on twitterand facebook, while and others will ask in discussion forums and read various relevant blogs. But almost everyone willinstantly "google" their way to find the information.In the midst of the invasion of a wide range of products and information disclosure, customers have the flexibility to choosecarefully before making a purchase. Currently, it is not enough for them to just see the ads on TV, newspapers and bilboardto make a decision prior to purchasing goods and services; they prefer believing the sharing of experiences andrecommendations from friends and relatives to believing advertisings from companies. We are in such era in which thepower to convey messages are not in the hands of company anymore, but shifts to the hands of customers.Therefore, a customers’ disappointed voice or messages (having a negative tone) about our brand in social media can leadto cancellation of potential customers in purchasing our products. Moreover, should the disappointment is left alone by thecompany. Vice versa, a customers’ satisfied voice or messages (having a positive tone) about our brand will encouragepotential customers to purchase our products. Companies must address these conditions wisely and intelligently. They mustbegin to be actively involved in the conversation among customers. There are several steps that must be performed by thecompany to be able to begin to be actively involved, namely:
  3. 3. ListeningThis stage is the foundation of all brands’ activities in social media. The very rapid development of social media today causes brand’s to losecontrol of communications to customers. But on the other hand social media gives incredible blessing to the brand, which is the ability to be ableto always listen to the voice of customers (customer insight). With this capability brand can run all its activities in accordance to the needs andexpectations of customers.In the digital era, of course, we require "digital ears" to listen to customers‘ conversations. It is impossible to listen to it manually, all theconversations on more than 40 million Facebook accounts, 7 million twitter accounts, 6 million blogs and hundreds of online forums and variousother digital medias. MediaWave is the first platform in Indonesia that can be the "digital ears" for the brand to always listen to the conversationsof customers in the digital media 24/7. Every time customers in Indonesia tweets, update their Facebook status, make a discussion on forums orwrite on blogs, the MediaWave platform will capture them. Similarly, the online news updates and images uploading on the web as well as videoson Youtube. With MediaWave, no customer voice is missed and you will get customer insight at all times, in real time.
  4. 4. Sentiment AnalysisMany measurements made in social media are based solely on quantitative aspects, for example, the number of mentions, the number of fans,the number of followers, etc. Various quantitative parameters are important, but we also need to know the meaning of customer conversations insocial media. By knowing the meaning of the customer conversation we can measure customer perceptions of our brand. We can maintain ourbrand presence in the digital realm by always keeping the customers perception. We must ensure that the tone of the conversations customersare more positive than negative.MediaWave have a method for automatically determining the parameters in providing an assessment of the tone of conversation in social mediacustomers. All conversations are given meanings, whether positive, negative or neutral. And can be monitored online in real time by the brand. Bydoing this, brand can always monitor its reputation in social media. Brand can detect early event of an unfavorable issue, before it develops inviral, spreading on social media. So in an era of social media, it is the brand’s task to ensure that the number of positive sentiment is greater thanthe negative sentiment because customer conversations in social media will become a reference for other customers.
  5. 5. Communication and InteractionOne of the greatest blessings of social media is the ability to communicate directly and in real time to customers. With MediaWave we can findout whos talking and what was discussed, as well as the meaning of the conversation. So that brand can respond to everyone appropriately andpersonally.Brand can not communicate with everyone using the same language. The response to the positive tone of course differs from the response to thenegative tone. The response to the question will differ from the response to a complaint or protest. And in an era of social media customers needquick and personal response from the brand. They will be disappointed to find their complaints responded the next day. On the other hand, adisappointed customer can be turned into a satisfied customer should his complaint be immediately responded and resolved by the brand.
  6. 6. By doing these three steps, your company is ready tocompete in the era of social media. Customers willbe happy to use your product, because they realizethat their needs are always heard and taken asconsiderations. And in the end they will be happy togive you a good recommendation about yourcompany to their friends and relatives. mediawave Thank you