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The 5 sins Shaklee distributors make when building online

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The 5 sins Shaklee distributors make when building online

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  2. 2. 3 Here’s what you’ll learn in this critically important webinar. The most important thing you must be doing in order to sponsor and grow your team using the internet Why you don’t want to send a business prospect to your Shaklee Personal Website too soon The number 1 biggest mistake people make when trying to build online that will torpedo your business efforts if you don’t correct it The main piece missing in every online system we’ve seen that you must have to succeed The process flow that successful builders are using that most don’t know about. You’ll also discover the exact system hundreds of successful Shaklee Distributors are now using to find and sponsor Distributors online.
  3. 3. I finally got so sick and tired of seeing my Shaklee friends stumbling around in the online jungle, ENOUGH ALREADY! seeing little or no success that I realized I had to help.
  4. 4. Who is Coach Jode? 6 You may wonder why listen to me? I’m not seen in any Shaklee videos nor am I a big name in the Shaklee world.
  5. 5. I made several sputtering attempts however it wasn’t until 2004 that I finally decided…
  6. 6. I quit my job as a Manager in Courtenay BC Canada and moved to San Diego California to help my brother with his new home. 18
  7. 7. In repayment he’d provide the seed money so I could advertise and get my Shaklee business off the ground. 19
  8. 8.  No friends left  No Job  Tight budget  No Car I was Living in brother’s spare bedroom 20
  9. 9. However it was nothing in comparison to what I’d learn in the years from 2005 to now. 32
  10. 10. He signed up for every newsletter and printed everything he could study. This has turned out to be the saving grace for our family’s organization and it might also save yours. 35
  11. 11. Things used to be relatively simple. In order to stay current: You need to have an online presence 36 You need a system Need to know what to study and what to avoid.
  12. 12. Many Distributors either give up trying to use the internet or… They convert into an affiliate marketers selling eBooks and courses they’ve usually never used themselves to build their Shaklee business. 45
  13. 13. Being able to work the business full time has allowed me to make studying the internet and how it can help a Shaklee Distributor, a full time effort.
  14. 14. I’ve been able to hire a team of Web Developers and Graphic Designers, IT and Support Staff who help me research, develop and test tools to help us grow.
  15. 15. I want to share what I’ve learned with you, before you get caught in someone’s marketing maze.
  16. 16. Prospect sees opportunity presentation Prospect fills their contact info into online form You get their contact info
  17. 17. This is why Shaklee’s PWS is not a good place to send a prospect.
  18. 18. There are too many choices and not a clear path that directs them to give you their contact details in exchange for something of value. 64
  19. 19. I also said you’d want a ‘highly targeted’ site.
  20. 20. tloads of people who had no interest in Health and Wellness as a home business, and would reject us on the phone. We could have filtered these people out if our site would have told them up front what our market was.
  21. 21. It’s key to remember that a lead capture site is designed to filter, so you end up with qualified prospects. You don’t want to have to call people and pitch them to join you. You want the system to sort them out, so they say no to your site, not to you.
  22. 22. One of the things we loved the most when we saw the first lead capture site was that it reduced rejection.
  23. 23. This to us was like a gift sent from heaven!
  24. 24. The 2nd sin
  25. 25. We see Shaklee Distributors and Network Marketers in general doing, is trying to automate the entire process and being unwilling to slow down and build a relationship.
  26. 26. “You see your prospects are now bombarded with options. And you’re just another bit of noise trying to get their attention.”
  27. 27. You can’t automate building relationships. I still hear “just set it and forget it”.
  28. 28. You have to be able to talk to people!
  29. 29. People often say this is a numbers game, and they’re right.
  30. 30. But we don’t have the luxury of working with big numbers.
  31. 31. For one, most people have small budgets so they can’t afford to buy thousands of leads.
  32. 32. Learn to be a Farmer not a Miner! Now this is where most people in our business also miss the boat. They don’t want to take time with people.
  33. 33. They want to be miners not farmers. Miners expect a yes now or NEXT… They don’t want to nurture and develop a relationship. They want to sell the big start up package and move on to the next recruit. If you do this, you’re working big company style without the big company resources.
  34. 34. The 3rd sin
  35. 35. Many Shaklee Distributors make the mistake of committing, when building online, is not taking their prospects offline as soon as possible.
  36. 36. “You want to meet people Online, and take them Offline as soon as possible.”
  37. 37. The 4th sin
  38. 38. The 4th major sin Shaklee distributors make when building online is they don’t want to add any fuel to their engine. Meaning they refuse to use paid advertising. They see the internet and social media as a way to get free advertising. If they do, it’s not consistent or they complain about spending money.
  39. 39. We’re not Network Trainers, or Seminar Attenders. We’re Network Marketers. We’re the marketing arm for the supplier, which in this case is Shaklee. Always remember our number 1 job is to MARKET!
  40. 40. ”You can be pretty weak at most parts of the business, but you’ll have success if you’re fantastic at promoting and marketing your business.”
  41. 41. One of the major benefits of using paid ads is that your ads work when you’re not. You can be at home relaxing with the family and your little ad soldiers are out there working on your behalf.
  42. 42. Now how to advertise is a book on its own and is way beyond the scope of this report, however it’s something we cover in great detail in the training section of our 3 step sponsoring system.
  43. 43. The 5th sin
  44. 44. The 5th sin when trying to build online is not using a simple, step by step closed loop sponsoring system.
  45. 45. If you or your new builders ask, what do I do next, and you don’t have an answer you’re in trouble. This is the main piece we found that was and still is missing from every other system we’ve looked at.
  46. 46. One of the reasons we created our own online 3 step sponsoring system, was because we couldn't find anyone who was offering a complete closed loop system with a built in sales funnel. There was loads of great info on the internet and books and audios, however no one offered a 'Start here and finish there' complete closed loop system.
  47. 47. They won't know when they should purchase their starter order, and worst of all, they won't know how to copy what you just did. Many people feel that if they just pile on enough information, eventually their candidates will say yes to them. That's fine and dandy, however how does the new builder copy that?
  48. 48. “If what you did to enroll your candidate isn't written down, then it's not a system. It's just random activity.”
  49. 49. So what does 'Closed loop sponsoring system' mean?
  50. 50. Closed loop means that at the end of the process it starts all over again. There's a track for them to follow.
  51. 51. An open sponsoring system is where the people just have a bunch of information and there is no particular way the info is to be shown.
  52. 52. That would be like school starting at whatever grade your child felt like starting at. Your prospect wants to be told exactly what to do next so they can just get going.
  53. 53. And you want to ensure your team is able to do this, 20 levels deep without a hitch while you’re on a beach in Jamaica drinking out of the coconut.
  54. 54. To recap: The 1st major sin when trying to use the internet is not making use of a highly targeted lead capture website. The 2nd sin is trying to automate the entire process and being unwilling to develop relationships. The 3rd sin is not getting your prospects offline as quickly as possible. The 4th sin is not using any sort of paid ads to promote. The 5th sin that almost all Distributors we know struggle with, is that they don’t have, or use a simple step by step, closed loop sponsoring system.
  55. 55. The ticket to avoiding these mistakes is to use a simple step by step sponsoring system.
  56. 56. Introducing Your Freedom Project
  57. 57. Here’s how Your Freedom Project will help you avoid making the 5 common mistakes: - It offers a highly targeted lead capture site - Allows you to build relationships - Designed to get your prospects offline - Teaches you how to advertise - Offers a closed loop sponsoring system
  58. 58. With Your Freedom Project you’ll do the most effective activities in Network Marketing: Setting appointments and giving live presentations
  59. 59. With Your Freedom Project you’ll Always know what to do next!
  60. 60. With Your Freedom Project you’ll be able to solve one of the most important challenges: Learning how to create sales without having to specialize in Direct sales
  61. 61. Remember, 95% of your prospects hate to sell. So how do you attract them into the business if you can’t show them how to create sales without selling?
  62. 62. With Your Freedom Project you’ll be able to answer these 3 key questions: Where do I go to find people to talk to? What do I do with the people I find? How do I do it?
  63. 63. With Your Freedom Project you’ll be able to Reduce rejection, increase duplication and do it from the comfort of home
  64. 64. You’ll be able to build faster and grow an incredibly solid organization because you’ll have a far more educated and connected team that knows how to sponsor and teach!
  65. 65. you may want to take a free 30 day trial of the system we created to solve these same challenges for us. Take the Free Trial Here