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Construction Project Management.

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The presentation is considered as a case study for construction project management . This case study is conducted on the Mall of Arabia in Egypt. It's illustrated general background for the management strategy in the constructed project through its initial, planning, implementing and finishing out the project procedure.

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Construction Project Management.

  1. 1. Case study LOGO Construction Project Management
  2. 2. LOGO
  4. 4. LOGO
  5. 5. Scope Project location •At North : Juhayna square •At South: Lawyers club •At East: 26th July Street(El _MEHWAR) •At West: Gamal Abdel Nasser Street – Road width 33m. LOGO
  6. 6. LOGO Scope KIKA GEANT Milestone 1 MALL Milestone 2 LAND SCAPE
  7. 7. Scope The project consists of: • The retail skeleton(MALL) area is 82,000m2 • The Geant Hypermarket area is 13,000m2 and consists of (basement ,ground and pitched inclined roof) • The Kika store is area 6600m2 and consists of (Ground, first, second floor and pitched inclined roof. • Walkway roads and parking LOGO
  8. 8. LOGO Scope  Client: Fawaz Abd El Azeez AL – Hokair  Architect Engineering (CONSULTANT) Engineering Construction Group (ECG)  General Contractor: ORASCOM Construction industry ( OCI ) HASSAN ALAAM Son’s. (HAS) EL –ZAMIL soudi Arabia  Project Manger: Eng. Mamdouh Samir Sabry  Construction Engineering: Eng.Maher Munir •Types Of Bid : Direct Order •Tender Award Fees: 1,140,000,000 LE
  9. 9. LOGO Contract
  10. 10. Contract LOGO Contract : The contract agreement, the memorandum of understanding (MOU), the letter of tender, the conditions, the specifications, the drawings, the schedules, the bill of quantities Contract Features  MOU’’ is entered into September 19, 2007 to September 19, 2011 Between :  FAWAZ ABDULAZIZ AL-HOKAIR company represented by Mr.Kamel B.Alqalam And :  THE JOINT VENTURE  OCI represented by Mr. Osama Bishai  HAS represented by Mr. Magdy Allam
  11. 11. Contract LOGO  Compensation for the Works shall be based on Re-Measurement basis according to the priced BOQ The client will pay an advance payment of 25% The client will provide a payment security in the form of a letter of guarantee is 5% total price The reference between client and contractor (FIDIC LAW) All communication & any agreements made between the client / engineer and (JV Leader) shall be binding for both JV parties
  12. 12. LOGO OBS
  13. 13. Organization Breakdown Structure ( OBS) Contractor OBS Project manager Construction manager Construction engineering Supervisor labors LOGO `
  14. 14. Organization Breakdown Structure ( OBS) Owner Fawaz Abdel Aziz AL-Hokair Consultant ECG(engineering consultant group) contractor *OCI/ HAS * EL-Zamil Orascom construction industry Hassan Allam son's (J.V) Joint venture LOGO
  15. 15. Mobilization Construction defense. Cleaning the site location From all obstacles. -Surveying technician LOGO
  16. 16. LOGO Mobilization Account the quantities of excavation and backfill. Providing the site with workshops. Metal works workshop(cutting and forming)
  17. 17. Mobilization -workshop(welding) Carpentry workshop Mechanic workshop (equipments maintenance & repair LOGO
  18. 18. Construction Method Statement Execution Works Path LOGO
  19. 19. Construction Method Statement LOGO
  20. 20. Construction Method Statement  Methods of execution  EXCAVATION works :  determine the certain level of excavation by surveyor  Level of excavation 3m  If the Sand is good then it will store in the site  If sand is not good (replacement at 1.5 m) LOGO
  21. 21. Construction Method Statement The plain footing we can do formwork according to dimensions of each footing And the thickness of concrete is 30 cm Reinforcement Footing Woods that used on these footing called (Counter Melamine) in accordance with the reinforcement footing dimensions LOGO
  22. 22. Construction Method Statement Steel works The steel be install to covering (top and bottom The installation of steel Determined the level and number and it’s direction of the column according to the drawing LOGO
  23. 23. Construction Method Statement Brick works Clean the ground Then take the block work and fill of mortar The Plaster works The wall is sprayed with water and then work LOGO
  24. 24. Construction Method Statement Ceramics works The sand is will cleaned and don’t contain stranger particles the labors equalization the sand on the ground, after that they watering the sand. make the axis by the surveyor and leveling the tiles The suspended ceiling works Install the beam on the steel then install the ( etash ) and install the sheet after that install the gypsum LOGO
  25. 25. Construction Method Statement Marble installation work Be installed at the entrances of the gates, according to entrance There are Black Granite and French red marble 60*36 Each entrance has different color The installation of air conditioners: Silicon to prevent the diversion of the air and then after it has been collected we put them on its place depending on the composition of paintings and shop drawings LOGO
  26. 26. LOGO Alternatives Precast Wall
  27. 27. LOGO Alternatives Masonry work (20*20*40) m3 Precast wall (6*3.3*0.2) m3 Total block/day=((27*8)*6)*1.05=1360blocks Total panel/day =6panels Cost of total block=1360*2=2720 L.E/day Cost of total panel =1200*6=7200L.E/day Cost of labors=220*3=660L.E/day Cost of labors=500 L.E/day Cost of mortar=400L.E/day Cost of equipments=600L.E/day Cost of forklift=250+100=350L.E/day Total cost=5490 L.E/day Total cost=8300L.E/day
  28. 28. LOGO Alternatives Difference phases Resources needed 4 Labors + Precast Works 1 Supervisor + 2 Welder +1Grader Rate of production Easy construction Day (8.00am to 5.00pm) equal to 6 panels/day Cost/unit EASY VERY RISK HARD LESS RISK 8300L.E/ day 5490 L.E/day 3crews Masonary Works Crew=(1supervisor+2 assistance) RISK Day (8.00am to 5.00pm) Nearly 1620 blocks /day
  29. 29. LOGO Alternatives B E A-2 A-3 A-E B-1 B-3 E-1 C C-2 C-E D Criteria of evaluation: D B A C A-B Relative weight method E-2 A. COST B. Rate of production Row Normalized weight weight Criteria COST (A) C. RISK Rate of production D. Easy of construction RISK(C) E. Resources needed Resources needed (B) Easy of construction(D) Total (E) 5 4 2 0 3 35.7% 28.6% 14.3% 0% 21.4% 14 100%
  30. 30. LOGO Alternatives Construction system Criteria of evaluation COST (A) (B) Easy of RISK(C) Resources construction(D) Rate of production needed Precast Works 1 4 4 4 2 Masonary Works 4 2 2 3 4 Normalized weight Criteria Alternatives Precast wall Masonry works Rate of production Score Rank Score 35.7% 28.6% COST (A) Rank 1 35.7 4 142.8 4 114.4 2 57.2 14.3% 0% 4 57.2 2 28.6 4 0 3 0 21.4% 2 42.8 4 85.6 (B) RISK(C) Easy of construction(D) Resources needed Total (E) 100% 250.1 314.2 (E)
  31. 31. LOGO Work Break Down Structure (WBS) Mall Of Arabia preConstruction construction Milestone (1) Start up Geant Hypermarket Mobilization Kika store Engineering for project Part (M19,M20,M21) Close Out Milestone (2) Procurement for project Engineering for Milestone 1&2 Part (M16,M17,M18) Procurement for Milestone 1&2 Part (M13,M14,M15)
  32. 32. LOGO Work Break Down Structure (WBS) Geant Hypermarket Substructure works Basement Columns work St.Structure works Architectural & wet trades works Ground Beams works & Distribution Earth Substations Fire Fighting system Earth Foundation insulation works Boards works insulation work FeederFoundation work Finishing works Finishing works (E/M) works Infrastructure External Facades works External wooden works (E/M) Mechanical works Electrical Slab works works Slab on grade Power system Lighting Slab onsystem Column Sewage Network Beams Slab works on Storm system grade work system works works grade CCTV Slabs system Retaining Water supply works works wall system
  33. 33. LOGO Work Break Down Structure (WBS) Geant Hypermarket Substructure works St.Structure works Finishing works Internal infrastructure Irrigation nets for internal landscape Agricultural works for internal landscape (E/M) works External infrastructure Pavement works for internal landscape Roads works Infrastructure Hard landscape applications
  34. 34. LOGO Coding system Example: Excavation of Geant Project Construction Milestone1 Geant Substructure works Basement ACTIVITY Earth work EXCAVATION E P C O 0 1 G E S B B S E X W Finishing works of part (m13,m14,m15) Project Construction Milestone1 Part(M13, M14,M15) ACTIVITY Finishing works Finishing Works F P C O 0 1 1 4 F I 0 0 0 W 0 Insulation of kika Project Construction Milestone1 Kika Store Substructure works ACTIVITY Ground Insulation I P C O 0 1 k S S B G R 0 0 N
  35. 35. LOGO Activity list 0175 0176 0177 0178 0179 0180 0181 0182 0183 Part (M19,M20,M21) Substructure works Earth work Backfilling Excavation Foundation Plain concrete Form work pouring Reinforced concrete Form work Rebar fixing Steel work anchor Pouring insulation 0184 insulation
  36. 36. LOGO Activity list Code No Activity Name Depend On Relationship Lag 0175 Backfilling insulation FS ------ 0176 Excavation ------ 0177 Form work(P.C) Excavation FS ------ 0178 pouring(P.C) Form work(P.C) FS ------ 0179 Form work(R.C) pouring(P.C) FS 1 SS,FF ------ ------ 0180 Rebar fixing Form work(R.C) 0181 Steel work Rebar fixing SS,FF 1,1 0182 anchor Steel work SS,FF ------ 0183 Pouring(R.C) anchor FS ------ Pouring(R.C) FS ------ 0184 Insulation
  37. 37. LOGO lag1 Start Excavation Formwork P.C Pouring P.C 1 Formwork R.C Rebar Fixing Steel Work lag1 Anchor Pouring R.C Insulation Back filling
  38. 38. LOGO Resources Labors Type Of Crew Bitumen Roll crew Carpentry crew (R.C foundation) Masonry crew Ceramic crew Steel crew (slabs) Plaster crew Pouring crew (columns) Type Of Crew Carpentry crew (R.C foundation) Pouring crew (slabs) Resource Code Contents of crew Cost/Day CARR 1 Carpenter 1 Assistant 90 60 150 POUS 1 leader 1 Vibrator 2 Leveling 2 pump 120 60 2*50 2*40 360 Rate of Crew Cost/Unit 12 m3/day 12.5 L.E/ M3 250 m3/day 1.44 L.E/M3
  39. 39. LOGO Resources Materials Type Of material 12-3-2010 Cement Fine Aggregates Type Of material Unit Resource code Cement Ton CEM Reinforced Steel Ton REIS Cost/Unit Sand Ready concrete mix (250 Kg/M3) (for P.C) L..E Ready concrete mix (400 Kg/M3) (for R.C ) Reinforced Steel Water 4500 L.E
  40. 40. LOGO Resources EQUIPMENTS Type of equipment Tower Cranes Loaders Truck Mixer BULLDOZERS Type of equipment Resources code Rate of equipment Cost / day Cost / unit Generators Excavator EXC 250M³/Day 1000 5 LE/M³ Truck Mixer COM 100M³/Day 200 20LE/M³ Compactors Compressors Trucks Excavator
  42. 42. LOGO Time analysis How to calculate original duration Description Excavation Backfilling Form work Pouring for Plain concrete Quantity Unite Geant Hypermarket 25000 m³ 18000 m³ Plain concrete 311 m3 3345 m3 Rate O.D 750 450 33 40 12 26 250 14 Excavation For Geant: 3 excavator 2loader 4truck 3*250=750 2*400=800 4*200= Rate=750 m3/day Duration=Quantity/ Rate =25000/ = day
  43. 43. Time analysis LOGO
  44. 44. Schedule Scheduling/Leveling Report - 16-Jul-10 - pm.exe =============================================== Default Project..................................................P-2 Projects: P-2............................................................Mall of Arabia Statistics: ----------# Projects.......................................................1 # Activities.....................................................1350 # Not Started....................................................1350 # In Progress....................................................0 # Completed......................................................0 # Relationships..................................................2894 # Activities with Constraint.....................................0 Scheduling/Leveling Results: ---------------------------# Projects Scheduled/Leveled.....................................1 # Activities Scheduled/Leveled...................................1350 # Relationships with other projects..............................0 Data Date........................................................10-Jun-10 Earliest Early Start Date........................................10-Jun-10 Latest Early Finish Date.........................................21-Nov-14 Critical Activities..............................................129 LOGO
  46. 46. LOGO Cost analysis No. of equipment Rate of equipment Cost / day 3 excavator 750 M3/day 1000 L.E 2 loader 750 M3/day 650 L.E 4 truck 750 M3/day 450 L.E Equipment Duration = Quantity / Rate = 25000 / 750 = 33 days Total Direct cost =duration *(total cost of equipment) = 33*(3*1000+2*650+4*450) = 201300 L.E Direct cost = Total cost / Quantity = 201300/25000 = 8.052 L.E /m3
  47. 47. LOGO Cost analysis  Pouring for foundation Quantity=1175m3 No Equipment Rate Cost / day 1 1 3 pump Vibrator truck 250 250 250 1500 200 450 Rate =250 m3/day Duration= 1175/250=5day Equipment cost =duration *(total cost of equipment) =5*(1*1500+1*200+3*450) =15250 L.E
  48. 48. LOGO Cost analysis no 1 Labor Pouring crew Cost/day 260 Labor cost =duration *(total cost of labor) =5*(1*260) = 1300 L.E Material concrete 250 kgm³ Cost/m3 480 L.E Material cost = cost of material for 1m3 * quantity = 480*1175= 564000 L.E Total Direct cost= Equip. cost + labor cost + Material cost = 15250 + 1300+564000 = 580550 L.E Direct cost /m3= total Direct cost/ quantity = 580550/1175 = 494 L.E/M3
  49. 49. LOGO Cost analysis Summary Sheet Items Items description 1 Earth work 2 3 O.D Labor cost Material cost m3 761 100200 0 3626000 0 3726200 m3 157 64210 15988900 170800 0 16223910 m3 1323 481930 60445845 394050 0 61321825 Quantity Unit 450626 Plain concrete 18944.87 Reinforced concrete 69860.281 Equipment cost subcontractor Direct cost 4 Installation 8628 no. 618 1075320 38826000 1081500 0 40982820 5 Precast wall ---- Job ---- ---- ---- ---- 30762760 30762760 6 ---- Job ---- ---- ---- ---- 221004621 221004621 7 (E/M) works Finishing works ---- Job ---- ---- ---- ---- 356624571 356624571 8 Infrastructure ---- job ---- ---- ---- ---- 116372586 116372586
  50. 50. LOGO Cost analysis Recap sheet Items Items description Quantity Unit Earth work Plain concrete Reinforced concrete Labor cost Material cost Equipment cost subcontractor Direct cost total price unit price m3 1089.5 1116.7 no. Installation m3 m3 18944 10.52 6043 Precast wall ­­­­ Job ­­­­ ­­­­ ­­­­ (E/M) works ­­­­ Job ­­­­ ­­­­ ­­­­ Finishing works ­­­­ Job ­­­­ ­­­­ ­­­­ Infrastructure ­­­­ job ­­­­ ­­­­ ­­­­ Total direct cost Factor = Total bid price / Total Direct cost = / = 1.272209401 Over head 12% Taxes 2.75% Mark up 10% Bond 0.5% Total bid price
  51. 51. LOGO Cost analysis Bid Form Items Items description Quantity Unit Total price Unit price 450626 m3 4740506.668 10.52 1 Earth work 2 Plain concrete 18944.87 m3 20640210.81 1089.5 3 Reinforced concrete 69860.281 m3 78014201.58 1116.7 4 Installation 8628 no. 52138728.86 6043 5 Precast wall ---- Job 39136672.45 6 (E/M) works ---- Job 314415321 7 Finishing works ---- Job 486952296.2 8 Infrastructure ---- job 181301462.5
  52. 52. Primavera (master plan) LOGO
  53. 53. LOGO Cash Flow Month Jun-10 Jul-10 Aug-10 Oct-14 Nov-14 D.C. 509806 1427179 3052689 500479 76327 Cashout= D.C + over head Cumulative Cashout 586684.7448 586684.7448 1642397.593 2229082.338 3513034.501 5742116.839 575951.2332 974691889.5 87837.1116 974779726.6 Price= cashout + markup 648579.9854 1815670.539 3883659.641 636714.0883 97103.92687 1077618988 Price-25% downpayment 486434.989 1361752.904 2912744.731 477535.5662 72827.94516 808214241 ( (Price-25%)-5% Retention) 462113.2396 1293665.259 2767107.494 453658.7879 69186.5479 269404746.9 269404746.9 462113.2396 269866860.2 1293665.259 271160525.4 610288.677 1036685430 453658.7879 1037139089 Net Cashflow= C.C.I - C.C.O 268818062.2 267637777.9 265418408.6 61993540.89 62359362.57 Cash in= 25% total price Cumulative Cash in Total
  54. 54. Down payment Apr-15 Feb-15 Dec-14 Oct-14 Aug-14 Jun-14 Apr-14 Feb-14 Dec-13 Oct-13 Aug-13 Jun-13 Apr-13 Feb-13 Dec-12 Oct-12 Aug-12 Jun-12 Apr-12 Feb-12 Dec-11 Oct-11 Aug-11 Jun-11 Apr-11 1E+09 Feb-11 Dec-10 Oct-10 Aug-10 Jun-10 Cash Flow LOGO 1.2E+09 1.2E+09 Cumulative Cash in Cumulative Cashout 1E+09 Retention 80000000 80000000 60000000 60000000 40000000 40000000 20000000 20000000 0 0
  55. 55. LOGO Cash Flow Net Cashflow= c.c.i - c.c.o Net Cashflow= c.c.i - c.c.o 30000000 25000000 20000000 15000000 10000000 50000000 0 Jan-10 Aug-10 Feb-11 Sep-11 Apr-12 Oct-12 May-13 Nov-13 Jun-14 Dec-14 Jul-15 Jan-16
  56. 56. LOGO Safety …
  57. 57. LOGO Safety Objective Overseeing the orientation and education The objective of the safety plan is to minimize personnel injury and accidents on the project. The Safety plan will be Implemented Through Taking disciplinary action, where necessary Monitoring safety performance Refusing the indifference of any employee toward safety Establishing continuing awareness Providing employees with necessary protective equipment Identification of potential safety hazards Promptly responding to any proposed recommendatio n
  58. 58. LOGO Safety Safety Organization Chart Project manager Safety officer Construction manager Site supervision Supervisors foremen Safety technicians Medical workers
  61. 61. Safety Safety reports LOGO
  62. 62. Safety LOGO
  63. 63. Safety WEEKLY MEETING LOGO
  64. 64. LOGO Update Month Jun-07 Jul-07 Aug-07 Sep-07 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Jun-10 BCWS 586684.7 2229082 5742117 12075349 8.26E+08 8.45E+08 8.63E+08 880376144 BCWP 220006.8 835905.9 2153294 4528256 3.1E+08 3.17E+08 3.24E+08 331425107 0.3764585 548951037
  65. 65. LOGO Update Data Date 1-6-2010 1.2E+09 1E+09 BCWS= 880376144 L.E. 80000000 SV= 548951037 L.E. 60000000 BCWS BCWP BCWP= 331425107 L.E. 40000000 20000000 0 Oct-06 Apr-07 Nov-07 Jun-08 Dec-08 Jul-09 Jan-10 Aug-10 Feb-11 Sep-11 Apr-12
  66. 66. LOGO Update Data Date 1-6-2010 1.2E+09 1E+09 80000000 60000000 BCWS BCWP 40000000 20000000 0 Oct-06 Apr-07 Nov-07 Jun-08 Dec-08 Jul-09 Jan-10 Aug-10 Feb-11 Sep-11 Apr-12 Expected Finish date 1-1-2013
  67. 67. LOGO
  68. 68. LOGO Quality Management Qu a l i t y • ma n a g e me n t pl a n Qu a l i t y • c o nt r ol it is specified plan for specified project defined by the owner or the consultant includes the requirement and objectives of quality. •I n s p e c t i o n it is considered as a producing instrument and it is the set of operational techniques and activities that are used to fulfill requirements of quality. Construction and installation activities will be inspected by quality control representatives in according with quality control procedures and it has four phases initial, follow up, approval and final inspection it is considered as a management tool and it is the set of planned and systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirement of quality •Q u a l i t y a s s ur a nc e
  69. 69. Quality Management  The difference between QC&QA: Quality control : Quality assurance : is based on detection of defects &taking corrective actions to eliminate them. is based on taking preventive actions to prevent defects from occurrence. LOGO
  70. 70. LOGO Quality Management QUALITY CONTROL SYSTEM Quality control before Execution A Quality control During Execution B Quality control after Execution Quality control before procuring C D
  71. 71. Quality Management LOGO Te s t i ng a nd t e s t pl a nni ng Be f o r e e x e c u t i o n 1.C e m e n t . •Cement should be tested initially once for each source and subsequently once every two months. •Cement should be protected from moisture. •Long storage is to be avoided (if used after 3 months of storage cement should be retested. 2.Wa t e r . 3.S t e e l r e i n f o r c e me n t .
  72. 72. Quality Management Te s t i ng a nd t e s t pl a nni ng During execution Fresh Concrete tests (according to Egyptian code) This test is performed during the progress of work in the field to check the consistency of concrete. LOGO
  73. 73. LOGO Quality Management Te s t i ng a nd t e s t pl a nni ng Du r i n g e x e c ut i on Sol i d c onc r e t e t e s t (a c c o r d i n g t o t h e Egy pt i a n c ode ) T h e s a mp l e s s h o u l d b e (p r e p a r e d ) f r o m t h e s i t he pr e s e nc e of t he r e s pons i bl e qua l i t y e ngi ne e r . The r e s pons i bl e e ng s pr e s e nt a t t he de pa r t l a b i n da y s of t e s t t h a f t e r 7 a n d 28 d a y s f r o pr e pa r a t i on da y . t a k e n t e i n houl d be m e n t 's a t m
  74. 74. LOGO Quality Management Quality Management plan Requirement , responsibility during project life phases Project phase Requirement Feasibility Studies To focus &Define Quality target Design Specify Quality Planning Quality Assurance Construction Quality Control Delivery Verify of Quality Responsibility The Owner The Designer The Owner The Contractor The Owner
  75. 75. LOGO
  76. 76. LOGO Quality Management # Check must be produced to be sure for: Check list of excavation Location ……………….. Proposed date …………………….. N. Requirements Approval date ………………… O Confirmed by (Contractor Cons.) Engineer Sign Date Confirmed by (Owner Cons.) Engineer Sign Review the excavation drawing & boundaries Check on the method 2 of excavation Check on the 3 excavation depth Check on the 4 underground water Check on the stability 5 of side slopes The entire above item has been checked by the (Contractor Cons.) Date 1 The (Owner Cons.) engineer can make final inspection. (Contractor Cons.) Confirmed by: Sign: Date: engineer. (Owner Cons.) Confirmed by: Sign: Date: Remark s
  77. 77. Quality Management Camera’s Location on Site : LOGO
  78. 78. Quality Management Submittal sheet LOGO
  79. 79. Quality Management Inspection request LOGO
  80. 80. LOGO Risk Management
  81. 81. LOGO Risk management Definition of Risk Cost risk Is an event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or a negative effect on a project objectives. Risk Index = Probability x Impact The Most Common Project Risk Risks associated Risk has three primary components: oAn event. oprobability of occurrence of that event. oImpact of that event. Schedule risk Legal risks Performance risk Governance risk Market risks Operational risk Strategic risks
  82. 82. LOGO Risk management Risk Response Planning: Avoidance. •Risk response planning focuses on the high-risk items evaluated in the qualitative and/or quantitative risk analysis. Transference Risk Response Planning • It identifies and assigns parties to take responsibility for each risk response. Mitigation. Acceptance
  83. 83. LOGO Risk management Risk Management Process The objectives of Project Risk Management are to increase the probability and impact of positive events, and decrease the probability and impact of negative events to the project. Risk Identification Risk Identification Risk Monitoring Risk Monitoring Controlled Risk Estimation Risk Estimation Risk Analysis Risk Environment Risk Response Risk Response Risk Evaluation Risk Evaluation Risk Management Life Cycle
  84. 84. LOGO Risk management Risk Analysis Techniques Qualitative Quantitative Risk probability and Impact Probability analysis Decision Tree Probability / Impact Risk Matrix Sensitivity analysis Descriptive analysis Simulation Analysis
  85. 85. LOGO Risk management Initial Risk Priorities : A simple matrix is used to combine the like hood and consequence ratings to generate initial priorities for the risk. Like hood Insignificant E Minor D Moderate C Major B Catastrophic A Almost certain A Medium Medium High High Extreme Likely B Medium Medium Medium High Extreme Possible C Low Medium Medium High High Unlikely D Low Low Medium Medium High Rare E Low Low Medium Medium Medium
  86. 86. LOGO Risk management RISK LIST Risk Serial Number 1 Risk Description Consequency Likelihood Risk Priorities Changing in Laws B D 2 Time A A 3 Cost A C 4 Quality B C Medium Extreme High High 5 Diseases D D 6 Public Opinion D D 7 External Impact D D 8 General Strike C C 9 Major Fires B D 10 Changing in Government Policy B C Low Low Low Medium Medium High
  88. 88. Claims LOGO
  89. 89. Claims The claim is happened during the changing or the modification in any of the project items which required by the owner or the contractor has not been agreed in the contract previously and that affects on the project’s time and cost. LOGO
  90. 90. LOGO Claims STATEMENT OF CLAIM we have six claims
  91. 91. LOGO Claims No Claims Type Description 1 From Contractor to owner Approval Cost and time 2 Approval Cost (kika) From Contractor to owner Refused -------------- (Geant) From Contractor to owner 4 From Owner to contractor Approval Cost and time 5 From Contractor to owner Approval time 6 From Contractor to owner Refused -------------- 3
  92. 92. Claims From client to contractor LOGO
  93. 93. LOGO
  94. 94. Communications Management LOGO Communications Management Process  Is a method by which formal messages are identified, created, reviewed and communicated within a project.  Clear, accurate and timely communication is critical to the success of any project as miscommunication can result in increased project risked
  95. 95. Communications Management LOGO Project Communication Model Who ... Communicator owner what Says In what way Message Claims Medium Report Feedback … with what effect To whom Receiver Project manager
  96. 96. Communications Management LOGO
  97. 97. Communications Management Communication Reports LOGO
  98. 98. Communications Management Communication Report LOGO
  99. 99. LOGO