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Εσύ, τα Social Media και η επιχείρηση σου! | You, Social Media and your business!

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My presentation for a free one-hour workshop held during the 3rd Social Media World Conference (26 July 2014, Athens, Greece).

This presentation is part of the complete 3-hour workshop under same title, with target audience entrepreneurs and SMB owners who want to run their basic social media marketing by themselves.

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Εσύ, τα Social Media και η επιχείρηση σου! | You, Social Media and your business!

  1. 1. You,  Social  Media  and  your  business   Yannis P. Triantafyllou, marketing director, TO ATOMO ytriantafyllou@toatomo.info
  2. 2. Page § 2 I  am  Yannis  P.  Triantafyllou,  but  who  am  I  ?   A seasoned marketing director, he held management roles for 20+ years with technology groups (IT, graphic arts, digital printing) in Greece and Europe. He has been introduced to marketing through mathematics (his studies) and written communication (his hobby, then his job). Since his university years he worked as journalist and editor for trade journals and publications and as of 1994 he specialises in writing, editing and engineering of marketing text (and content in general) for business use. It’s since 1998 that he also started public speaking and business presenting as well as moderating thematic discussions during conferences, exhibitions and corporate events. At 2000 he expanded in digital marketing and it is since 2006 that he is involved with social media, blogging and community management. At 2008 he launched his own marketing office, ΤΟ ΑΤΟªΟ (www.toatomo.info), offering inbound marketing, content engineering Î·È business development services to greek and international firms.
  3. 3. We  Do  Marketing   inbound  marketing,     content  engineering,     business  development  
  4. 4. Page § 4 …round the world, across all industries
  5. 5. Page § 5 We  follow  the  customer  experience  journey…   …and ease it with marketing content and actions
  6. 6. Page § 6Page § 6§ 6§ We  build  Online  Business  Communities  
  7. 7. Page § 7 Community  =  Value  
  8. 8. Doing  Business  means  having  a   Business  Plan  and  SMART  goals  y-2-y   …specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely…
  9. 9. Marketing  is  on  Making  Relationships   NOT  on  performing  SALES!  
  10. 10. Social  Media  are  part  of  Marketing,   better  say  a  Marketing  TOOL   …increase awareness, attract more visitors online/ offline, listen to customers voice, manage our reputation, build trust, influence sales…
  11. 11. keep  any  customer  information     at  your  web  site,  CRM,  hard  disk…     not  on  a  Social  Media  page!   …you wouldn’t store your laptop at my office…
  12. 12. All  effort  has  been  made  to  ensure     that  what  we’ll  say  today  can  be     performed  by  average  professionals,     and  not  just  marketing  gurus   …anyway, kids don’t try this at home..
  13. 13. The  15-Minute  Social  Media  Audit   Everyone  Can  Do   STEP  -  1  
  14. 14. Page § 14 Social  media  audits  matter  for  everyone  [1]   ² Locate  and  document  all  your  social  media  profiles,  official  and  unofficial   ²  You can consider some of the following questions to determine the necessity of certain profiles. ²  “Why are we using this social account?”, “Why do we want to use it?”, “What are our goals for this social media platform?”, “Are our target markets using it?” ² Check  for  completion  of  all  details  and  consistency  in  imagery  and  message   ²  Start  by  checking  to  see  that  all  your  social  profiles  have  been  completely  filled  out.     ²  Then  check  to  see  that  your  branding  is  consistent  across  your  social  accounts.   ²  Take  decisions:  is  it  best  to  have  a  different  feel  on  different  social  network?     ² Follow  up  on  your  goals  and  compare  performance  today  to  1  and  2  years  ago   ²  There  are  some  common  metrics  you  can  measure:   ²  Your  followers  and  fans.   ²  Your  posting  frequency.  Any  correlation  to  how  often  you  post  and  how  your  audience  grows?   ²  Engagement.  How  many  conversations  you  have  on  a  weekly  basis?  How  many  direct   messages,  retweets,  likes,  +1s,  and  reshares?.  
  15. 15. Page § 15 Social  media  audits  matter  for  everyone  [2]   ² Examine  those  who  do  it  well  (niche  influencers  and  brands)   ²  Locate  their  social  accounts.  Generally,  you  will  want  to  know  the  following:   ²  Branding:  How  does  their  overall  look  promote  the  brand?  Can  visitors  get  an  accurate  sense  of   their  personality  or  culture?  How  have  they  chosen  to  use  images  in  header  and  avatar?   ²  Popularity:  How  many  followers/likes  does  the  page  have?   ²  Frequency:  How  often  do  they  post?  What  do  they  do  on  weekends?   ²  Engagement:  Number  of  people  talking  about  the  brand  compared  to  number  of  fans?   ²  Types  of  posts:  What  topics  do  they  frequently  discuss?  What  types  of  posts  do  they  use:   photos,  questions,  videos,  chats,  text?  What  is  engagement  like  for  each  of  these  post  types?   ² Make  an  action  plan  for  improvements  and  goals  [knowing  is  half  the  battle]   ²  Here’s  a  handful  of  measurable  goals  you  can  set:   ²  Follower/Fan  Growth,  Increased  engagement,  Content  by  type  performance,  etc    
  16. 16. Creating  a  Successful  Strategic  Plan   STEP  -  2  
  17. 17. Page § 17 “ A  strategic  plan  sets  the  course  for  business   ² Consider  Jack  Welch's  six  rules  for  strategic  planning:   ²  Control  your  destiny,  or  someone  else  will.   ²  Face  reality  as  it  is,  not  as  you  wish  it  were.   ²  Be  candid  with  everyone.   ²  Don't  manage,  lead.   ²  Change  before  you  have  to.   ²  If  you  don't  have  a  competitive  advantage,  don't  compete.   Jack Welch (born 1935) was chairman and CEO of General Electric between 1981 and 2001. During his tenure at GE, the company's value rose 4000%. (Wikipedia)
  18. 18. Page § 18 Use  social  media  as  a  distribution  channel   Page § 18§ 18§
  19. 19. Page § 19 Global  Trend:  shift  to  personalised  marketing   Marketing 2012++!
  20. 20. Choosing  your  Marketing  Weaponry   STEP  -  3  
  21. 21. Page § 21 It’s  your  decision,  not  mine…  How  far  can  you  go?  
  22. 22. Page § 22 Whatever  you  do,  do  it  like  a  pro!  
  23. 23. Page § 23 Whatever  you  do,  do  it  like  a  pro!   Page § 23§ 23§
  24. 24. Page § 24 Whatever  you  do,  do  it  like  a  pro!  
  25. 25. The  art  of  the  Perfect  Post   STEP  -  4  
  26. 26. Page § 26 Segment  the  services,  to  create  content  that  works   ² Facebook:  Use  this  platform  to  interact  with  people  you  know  or  know  you   ² Twitter:  Use  this  network  to  broadcast  perceptions,  new  ideas  and  reactions   ² Google+:  The  perfect  place  to  explore  your  passions  and  connect  with  people   you  may  not  know  who  share  the  same  interests   ² Pinterest:  It’s  all  about  pinning  things  that  reflect  your  interests  and  are   expressive  of  you   ² LinkedIn:  This  platform  is  best  suited  for  marketing  yourself  and  your  abilities   ² YouTube:  present  video  content  you  make,  giving  explanations,  sharing   expertise  or  just  entertaining.  (Remember:  Google  search  loves  YT  videos!!)   ² Foursquare:  if  you’re  a  store,  restaurant,  bar  or  travel/tourism  business,  share   details  about  you  and  monitor  customer  feedback,  reviews  and  concerns.   ² Instagram:  Share  visual  content,  including  short  videos  (<  15  sec)  into  your   customers’  zone-out  time.  
  27. 27. Page § 27 Plan  your  content  ahead  to  match  your  audience…  
  28. 28. Page § 28 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…  
  29. 29. Page § 29 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…   Page § 29§ 29§
  30. 30. Page § 30 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…   120chr max sentence Short links - not often
  31. 31. Page § 31 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…   …and don’t forget to dimension it correctly!
  32. 32. Page § 32 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…  
  33. 33. Page § 33 Things  to  have  in  mind  when  posting…  
  34. 34. The  art  of  Conversation   STEP  -  5  
  35. 35. Page § 35 “the  Virtual  Handshake”       ² Online  relations  follow  real  life!  Privacy  concern  also!   ² Always  welcome!  Always  thank!  They  are  people  not  profiles!   ² Ask  permissions  to  use  other  people  data!  This  includes  tagging  to  promos!   ² Individually  decide  if  it  is  appropriate  to  initiate  a  connection!   ² Personalise  your  contact!  Address  on  a  personal  message/tone!   ² Do  not  chase!  Do  not  spam!  Do  not  abuse  other  people’s  area!   ² it’s  OK  to  decline  or  ignore!  You  choose,  not  them!   ² Listen,  collaborate,  participate,  respond!   ² Stay  positive  or  stay  silent!   ² Don’t  be  afraid  to  re-use  your  content  once  you  re-write  it!   ² Restrain  yourself:  85%  good  content,  15%  self  promotion!  
  36. 36. Page § 36 Community  Management  &  Engagement  Rules  
  37. 37. Page § 37 Policies  must  be  kept  simple  to  be  understood  by  all  
  38. 38. Advertise  &  Promote  to  Drive  Action     STEP  -  6  
  39. 39. Page § 40 Advertise  to  get  page  likes  or  just  be  seen…  
  40. 40. Page § 41 You  need  a  paid  advertising  plan  and  a  budget…   Page § 41§ 41§
  41. 41. Page § 42 Social  advertising  directly  targets  users  not  sites..  
  42. 42. Page § 43 More  and  more  social  platforms  open  to  ads…  
  43. 43. Page § 44 Bulid  your  look  for  multiplatform  &  multimonitor…  
  44. 44. Page § 45 Promote  your  products  to  engage  fans…   ² Attrack  more  page  fans…     ² Reward  them  with  special  promotions…   ² Invite  them  to  engage  online…   ² Invite  them  in-store…   ² Show  them  love,  make  them  buy…    
  45. 45. Measure  &  Feedback   STEP  -  7  
  46. 46. Page § 47 Marketing  can  and  should  be  measured…  
  47. 47. /toatomoconsulting /in/yannistriantafyllou @toatomo   /ytriantafyllou Digital  Marketing   Content  Engineering   Business  Development   www.toatomo.info   ytriantafyllou@toatomo.info